Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy J6+ Common Problems & Fixes

With some minor hardware updates, the Galaxy J6+ mobile phone appears to be a more attractive and pocket-friendly smartphone. Initially, this smartphone has been plugged with Android 8.1 Oreo and we can expect an Android 9.0 update soon. In this guide, we detail some troubleshoot solutions for common problems that could happen on Samsung Galaxy J6+ and you can easily fix them. Through this troubleshooting guide, we help you fix some small problems to big ones. If you’re new to this phone or this OS, you would need such manual.

Though Android operating system is stable enough, still it is quite acceptable to face problems and issues over time. And it doesn’t even if you’re holding a flagship killer mobile phone like Samsung Galaxy Note 9. Most of the time, problems and issues occur due to unwanted files and expired data. The Android phones tend to accumulate heaps of cache data (through apps) and after a certain time, they become trash and expired ones. And eventually, they impact the overall performance, stability and usual working of the smartphone.

During this guide, we discuss some common problems that you could experience on your Samsung Galaxy J6+ mobile phone. Since it runs on the Android OS, it becomes easier to troubleshoot most of the problems on this phone. The Android phones come blessed with multiples tools and modes that help to fix most of the Android problems. In the case of big problems, one can easily downgrade this smartphone to its native operating system. And that won’t take your much time. Whether you’re facing some low-performance bugs or issues related to a certain feature (Network, SIM, connectivity, etc.,) we’ve got you covered through this troubleshooting guide.

To troubleshoot most of the issues related to Android firmware, you don’t need to use any kind of third-party utilities and tools. There are multiple modes and tools available within the Android OS. With just a few settings and troubleshooting, you can easily remedy most of the problems on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus smartphone. There’s no need to be a technology geek to fix problems and issues on your phone. The steps that we mention within this guide are simple and easy to apply. Most importantly, all the steps that we mention here are completely safe and won’t hamper the warranty of your phone in any way.

However, you might need to format or erase data on your phone to cure problems. That simply means that files and data stored within your phone might get erased during a troubleshooting step. Therefore, we highly recommend you to back up your phone in the first place. Or else, you might not able to obtain the deleted and wiped-off files. For that purpose, either you can use backup and restore application or just follow this guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy smartphones. In this guide, we have detailed each and every step that you required to backup all files on your phone to some safer place.

Now, we shall get started with our troubleshooting solutions for different problems that you might face while using the Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone. And if you don’t find an appropriate solution to your problem, must contact us through the comment section available at the bottom. While writing to us, do ensure that you provide enough insights about the problems you’re facing, so we can help with correct solutions.

Troubleshoot Most Common Samsung Galaxy J6+ Problems and Fixes

1. WiFi doesn’t connect to a specific network on Samsung Galaxy J6+

We’ve seen many Android users encountered this problem. And if you’re facing this problem on your Galaxy J6+, then you’re not the only one. This problem usually happens while the user try to connect this phone to a particular network but phone denies that.

It can throw different errors like ‘unable to connect’, ‘connection failed’, ‘network authentication failed’ and it goes on. If you’re sure that the problem is somewhere hooked within your phone, you just need to try the following recommendations. We are pretty sure that one of these should help you fix this WiFi connectivity problem on your Galaxy J6+.

  1. First of all, you must ensure that the WiFi network you’re trying to connect is working fine. Many times, users are failed to observe that problem is linked to that WiFi source. Therefore, you should thoroughly check that router.
  2. To be sure that only you’re the one facing this problem, just try to connect any other phone to that network. If that connects successfully, the upcoming solutions you need to apply on your phone.
  3. Restart your phone. Though this action doesn’t look that big, still just restarting helps to fix many problems on Android phones. Just restart your phone and try connecting your phone again to that WiFi network.
  4. Make sure that you have the correct (updated) password or login details of that WiFi Network. Sometimes it happens that WiFi Network password or login details are changed and the user remains unaware of that. Confirm if there’s any change made to this network.
  5. Next, open the WiFi Settings> Tap on the Network that you’re connected -> Tap on ‘Forget’. Now, reconnect to that WiFi network. This should help you connect that network successfully.
  6. Further, if none of the above doesn’t work, just tap on Settings-> Backup and reset-> Reset Network Settings-> Perform this action. This will reset the entire Network settings on this phone.

Thereafter, you should be able to connect your phone to the WiFi Network successfully. Apart from that, there are possibilities that the problem or bug is somewhat linked to the WiFi router. So, ensure to check the WiFi Network thoroughly.

2. Bluetooth headsets (or any other device) won’t pair on Galaxy J6+ troubleshooting steps

While connecting to our personal headsets or similar device, you might find yourself stuck. Such issues are more likely happen to those who frequently use or switch different Bluetooth devices. Personally, I face this problem many times connect my Dodocool headphones to my OnePlus 5 smartphone.

Still, I couldn’t find a specific reason behind that. To troubleshoot that, I usually restart both the devices and it works. Therefore, our first recommendation would be the same. The following solutions should help you tackle this problem on your Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone.

  1. Reboot both the device. If you’re connecting your headphones to your phone and it couldn’t happen so, just reboot both the devices and then try to connect them again. It works most of the time.
  2. If the above solution doesn’t work, open the Bluetooth Settings -> Tap on the headphones and then tap on Forget. Then, reform the connection and this time, it should work.
  3. For Android Oreo and above users, there’s a certain feature that appears over the Notification panel that allows users to switch between headphones and phone’s speakers. So, even if your phone is connected and you still couldn’t listen to the music, there are greater chances that phone’s speaker has been selected for the output. Check the notification panel.
  4. At last, we recommend you to reset the Network Settings. This will remove all the pre-formed connection and clutter causing connectivity problems. Just open Backup and reset -> Tap on Network Settings -> and tap on reset.

These solutions are sufficient enough to tackle such connectivity problems linked to Bluetooth devices. Also, it is recommended that you thoroughly check the Bluetooth headset. That might defective as well.

3. Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy J6+ display screen goes black and doesn’t boot up

You’ve just opened the box and figure that the display screen of the phone goes black and nothing happens further. There are lot of chances that this problem is no ordinary one. Possibly there could be two reasons; either the one or more hardware parts have been malfunctioned or the Android OS itself has crashed for some reasons.

Till the time, problem is linked to Android firmware, we can resolve it. This usually happens because of the clutter and junk files. Therefore, getting ride of this data should resolve the problem on this phone. Now, lets troubleshoot these problems on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus smartphone.

  1. Remove recent application using the Safe Mode. Though Google is taking down vicious apps from the Google Play store, still there are many that can harm your phone. If you’ve recently installed some apps and after that, suddenly your phone turns to trash, they might be causing the problems. Using the safe mode, you can remove them. The following instructions should help you:
    1. Then, press and hold the Power key.
    2. Once the Samsung Logo appears, release the Power Key and suddenly press and hold the Volume Down button.
    3. Keep this Volume Down button pressed until the booting process is completed.
    4. Thereby, your phone should enter into the ‘Safe Mode’.
    5. If this mode boots up successfully, that means some applications are preventing your phone boot normally.
    6. Now, open the Settings -> Apps – Apps List and remove all the applications that you’ve installed recently
    7. Now, reboot your phone.
  2. In case your device doesn’t show up the Safe Mode, you should try to clear its cache memory. That will remove clutter and junk files that might be causing this problem. For that purpose, follow our tutorial: how to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone.
  3. Lastly, you can try to format your phone completely. Remember, this will wipe your phone thoroughly, everything that is stored within the phone is deleted. Most importantly, this works most of the time. Just follow our tutorial: how to hard reset Samsung Galaxy J6 using the recovery mode.

That’s all you can try to revive your phone that goes black. In the worse case, you can re-install the firmware using the Odin tool. That ensures that every part of the Android firmware is replaced with new files. The process is quite simple, you just need to gather firmware files of your phone and flash them using the Odin tool.

4. Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy J6+ that’s stuck on the boot screen (boot loops) after an update

This problem is quite to one that we have just discussed above. While searching over Internet forums, we have seen many Samsung users who have reported this issue. This problem doesn’t limited on certain smartphones, it could happen to any Samsung phone. We find users stuck with multiple issues like boot stuck, boot loops, unstable interface, lags and similar ones.

And probably, you can get into this trouble while updating your phone manually (custom firmware and updates) or right after you process an OTA update. Therefore, you should the correct solutions to cure these boot stuck / loops problems on your Samsung Galaxy J6+ phone.

  1. The very first recommendation is to wipe the cache partition on your phone. It is usual to expect bugs and issues after an update. During an update process, the old cache files or system files might get corrupted. Therefore one should get rid of that cache data. Just boot into the recovery mode and perform ‘wipe cache partition’ action.
  2. Further, you can factory reset your phone. After an update (official or manual), this is the most recommended step that users should take. This wipes all the old files and turns the device into a factory fresh piece. Again, use the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ action.
  3. If you find that nothing works, which usually happens in case of custom firmware, you better re-install the official firmware on your phone. That will remove all the affected files and settings on your phone. To install an official firmware on your phone, follow our guide: how to install official firmware on Samsung Galaxy J6 smartphone.

One of these should help you fix your dead phone. And if you figure that nothing has worked, you can reach out to the nearest service center. The problem might be related to the hardware. If that’s the case, you should seek some technical help.

5. Fix App crashes and freezes on Samsung Galaxy J6+

Whether it’s a camera application or game, app crashes/freezes can happen to any application. There can be different reasons that a certain app/game is behaving abnormally. While we use our phone for a long time, it is normal to observe app crashes and freezes.

These issues occur most of the time because of the cached data. Each time we open application/game, it accumulates/fetches some temporary data/files. These files/data turn into trash over time and eventually affects the performance of an application/game. If you’re facing app crashes/freezes on your Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone, the following troubleshooting solutions should help:

  1. Force restart your phone. If you’re facing this problem for the first time, you better try force restart your phone. Just press and hold the Power button until your phone turns off.
  2. Next, you can try clear cache and data associated with an application/game. Just open Settings->Apps -> Apps list-> Tap on the Application/game->Tap on Storage->Tap on CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA. This will reset the application that is crashing and freezing.
  3. You can uninstall that application/game. Then, install the updated version directly from the Google Play store. This method works most of the time.
  4. If yet that doesn’t work, there are chances that some application (applications) are resisting this app work normally. To check that, just boot into the ‘Safe Mode’ and observe this application. If that works normally, that means a third-party app or service is causing that problem. Just try to uninstall third-party apps from your phone.
  5. Additionally, you can factory reset your phone if you figure that this problem occurs throughout the phone. Just use the recovery mode or just Settings panel to factory reset your phone.

After performing these solutions, you should observe that app crashes and freezes have been fixed on your phone. If not, just let us know with your comments. Write to us with detailed information about the problems you’re facing. We would love to help you further.

6. Troubleshoot Low performance and stability bugs on Galaxy J6+

Almost, all smartphone users suffer from this problem over time. It is natural to face such problems on smartphones. And it is common among users who use their smartphones for a long time. Over time, our smartphones become overloaded with junk and unwanted files.

Thus, users must clean their smartphone frequently to avoid performance and stability related bugs and problems. Also, most of the cache data and files are accumulated by the social media applications. Such apps can create heaps of cache files within just a few days. Here are some recommendations to speed up performance on Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone:

  1. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, you should start by cleaning your phone. Clear it’s cache memory first. Just enter into the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe cache partition’.
  2. Also, you can perform a factory reset to thoroughly clean your phone. This will wipe all the cache data, files and third-party applications. In simple words, it will restore the original performance of the phone.
  3. Further, for better performance, we recommend you to disable most of the unwanted/unused (A.K.A bloatware) applications from your phone. While working on Galaxy Note 9, we figure that disabling bloatware would free about 1.5 GB RAM. That’s surely good enough to boost overall performance.
  4. Also, you can use the Developer Options to cut off some animations to speed up the overall performance of this phone. Also, there are many other tricks that you can apply using the Developer Options. Here’s the resource that you need for that; Best Developer Options tips and tricks.

And there are a few more things that you could do to overcome low performance and stability issues on your phone. The very first two solutions should calibrate both the things on your phone. And further tips will help you squeeze out some perform juice from this phone.

7. Fix overheating and quick battery drain (poor battery performance) problems on Galaxy J6+

If we go into some details, we find that quick battery drain is somehow directly related to overheating problems. Therefore, if we fix the unusual overheating issues on our phone, this should positively impact the overall batter life on our phone.

Till the time, there’s no issue regarding the hardware, the overheating is normally caused by the applications and settings. There are many applications that use extensive amount battery power and processing resources to run (like games, and social media apps). Here are some recommendations to resolve quick battery drain and overheating problems on this phone:

  1. If your phone becomes heating while your playing games or using certain applications, then there’s nothing to worry. Those apps or games might need a higher amount of processing power to serve their purposes. You can use them without worrying too much.
  2. Also, while charging, most of the smartphones are tend to become heated. In that case, we recommend you not to use your phone while charges up. That is necessary for safety purpose.
  3. Further, if you find your phone becomes heated abnormally while using a certain application or game, it recommended that you clear the cache files associated with that app or game.
  4. You must observe the social media apps on your phone. There are many apps like Facebook, Reddit, Instagram, etc., that keep running in the background consuming Internet, battery life and power resources. For better performance and battery life, we recommend you to use their lite versions.
  5. Further to get detailed insights about which apps or games are consuming most of your battery life and overheating your phone, use the Developer Options. Just -> enable Developer Options on your phone and follow the below steps:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Open Developer Options.
    3. Now, tap on Running Services.
    4. Observe application (the unnecessary/unwanted ones).
    5. Disable or uninstall those applications.
  6. If nothing works, perform a factory reset on your phone. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, there might be heaps of garbage data have gathered causing these problems on your phone.

These are the available solutions to fix overheating and quick battery drain problem on this phone. These solutions are applicable for other smartphones as well. You can implement these to overcome overheating related problems and improve battery life.

8. Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy J6+ that becomes unresponsive (freezes)

You are using your phone normally and suddenly it gets freezes for a few seconds or until you restart it. These problems are more likely happen to those who been using their smartphone for a long time. Either there are certain apps that cause your phone to malfunction or some junk files.

We gotta figure out that part first. For that purpose, we will use the Safe Mode to figure if there’s an application (s) causing your phone to freeze randomly. Just follow the below recommendations:

  1. Turn OFF your and boot into the Safe Mode, steps we have already discussed in the above solutions. Once you boot into the Safe Mode, now thoroughly observe your phone. If it doesn’t freeze or stuck, that means some applications are causing the problem. Just uninstall or disable the recent apps that you’ve installed on your phone.
  2. And if the problem persists in the Safe Mode, you can try to clear the device’s cache memory. Just boot into the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe Cache Partition’ action.
  3. Also, a factory reset is highly recommended. This will remove all the third-party apps, related cache data and expired files. Just open the Settings -> Tap on Backup and Reset-> Tap on Factory reset and perform this action.

These are enough solutions to fix freezing problems on Samsung Galaxy J6+ mobile phone. Apart from that, if you’re still hunting a similar solution, write to us. Ensure that you provide enough insights regarding the problem you are facing so we could help you appropiately.

9. Laggy or Sluggish User interface on your Galaxy J6+

Again this problem is somewhat similar to slow performance and instability. Therefore, you can simply apply some cleaning actions like Wipe cache partition and factory reset to aid such issues on this smartphone. Just follow the below recommendations:

  1. First of all, you should figure that if the problem is linked to the launcher applications. Problems occur only while browsing apps, navigating from one screen to another and similar actions. If that’s the case, try to change the theme launcher. There are plenty of good theme launchers for Samsung smartphones.
  2. The next thing that you can try is to clear it’s entire cache data. Sluggish or laggy behavior is a symptom that your phone is overloaded with junk and cached data. Just boot into the recovery mode and perform Wipe cache partition action.
  3. At last, you can perform a factory reset to default everything on your phone. Just reach the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ action. This will hard reset your phone removing everything that is stored on your phone.

This last action will clean your phone thoroughly and it ensures that almost all bugs and issues are wiped off. Therefore, it restores original stock performance and stability.

10. Mobile Signal ( Slow Internet Speed) becomes low on Samsung Galaxy J6+

Being one of the most talked topics about Android smartphones, we simply could not ignore that. There are many problems that can arise related to mobile network and Internet service. Most of the time, the Network signals are based on geographic location and area.

Therefore, before you troubleshoot the phone, you better check the same thing on other smartphones. You should check the signal health and strengths of the same network on other smartphones. If these things are same, that simply means that problem is Network not with your phone.

If you still think that issue is linked to your phone, just follow the below solutions:

  1. Firstly, you should try to remove the SIM card tray, clean it thoroughly and re-insert your phone. That should fix problems caused by the mis-position of the SIM card. That should bring some improvements in the network signals.
  2. Now, you should go further and reset the Network settings on your phone. Open the ‘Settings’ then tap on Reset and perform Reset Network Settings option. That will reset the whole network settings on your phone.
  3. If that has happened after an update process, you better perform a hard reset on your phone. That should fix all the problems on your phone. We have already detailed steps many times in this post. Just look above for this information.

If a factory reset doesn’t work on your phone, you better reach out to the SIM service vendor. There might be some problem with the SIM or the phone’s hardware.

Contact us

These are the common problems and issues that Android users suffer most of the time. These troubleshooting solutions should help Samsung Galaxy J6+ users to fix most of the bugs and issues on their phone.

If you don’t find an appropriate solution for your phone, you better contact us through the comment section preset below. Detail us with the error that you’re facing and would get back to you with suitable solutions. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views on this troubleshooting guide. We would love to hear from you.


  1. Good day

    I’ve just updated to a Galaxy J6+.
    All media plays loud, but sounds like there is a lot of bass?
    Also, when I listen to a Whatsapp voicenote etc. on loudspeaker, the sound is very soft and I have to listen to it next to my ear?

    Media volume is full?

  2. Good day

    I’ve just upgraded to a Galaxy J6+.
    All media plays loud, but sounds like there is a lot of bass?
    Also, when I listen to a Whatsapp voicenote etc. on loudspeaker, the sound is very soft and I have to listen to it next to my ear?

    Media volume is full?

    1. Hi Andri,

      That problem might be linked to the hardware part, i.e speaker. Try to listen to the same media on another device. If you find your phone faulty, you can reach to Samsung service center.

  3. how to fix “error in application” please help i tried formating, downgrading and flashing older firmware but it is still poping up. i need ur help please.

    1. IT seems that this feature is aligned with high-end devices like Galaxy S series smartphones.

  4. Hi.
    When i try to unlock my Samsung Galaxy J6+ it just goes to a black screen and then back to the lock screen. I’ve tried turning it off, but i can’t since it won’t unlock. Everything on the lock screen seems to be working normally. I get notifications and i can even turn on the flash light and go to the camera. But when i type in my code it just goes to the black screen for a few seconds and then back to the lock screen. Is there anything I can do? Again, I can only access the functions that are available, when the phone is locked. Thank you.

    1. I key in my password to unlock my phone but the screen goes blank and the phone doesn’t unlock. It then goes back to lock screen. Sometimes the power off, restart and emergency comes up and I have tried to power off and restart but again nothing works.Thank you.

  5. My j6 just upgraded to android 9, i notice that my batt monitor is not accurate, it says 97% for a long time even when used on calls and data, then after a long while it will just close due lo batt. It did not inticate the low batt %

    1. Hi Eric,

      This update seems to bring more lots of trouble too Galaxy J6 users. I would suggest you perform a factory reset. That will calibrate all the aspects.

  6. Good day I have a problem with the front camera when I’m on a video call I get a green screen from the camera
    Samsung Galaxy j6+

  7. Hi. I have updated my phone yesterday and after that i get a problem in works fine once i connect but after sometimes wifi is connected but net doesn’t work unless i restart my phone then it connects again..

  8. Hi my problem is that,when i’m typing the Word dissapear. Or it’s erase a letter. Can you help me

  9. Hi, l have updated my j6 lasr week, now having problem, when I’m try to call.any one of my friends or family, unable to make call, whenever I’m dialing the number before connecting call my all calls droped pls help with this and also unable to see on top of network 4g or volte, only H+ pls help

  10. I can’t open the quick panel in my Galaxy J6. Although it is sometimes coming down on it’s own but it’s getting stuck in between which is leading to my phone freezing all of a sudden. How do I fix this issue?

    1. Hi Anuska,

      This problem is usually refer to freezing. To get rid of that, just get into the recovery mode and wipe its cache partition. For that you can follow this guide:

      And ensure to remove extra/unused applications. This will keep your running smooth most of the time.

  11. Before the update was able to sharemy hotspot now it says “limited” how can i fix this

  12. Hi recently the ui update my friend’s have the same phone nd updated but when i go to software they say i have the latest version witch it’s not plz help

  13. Recently purchased this phone. When I start watching a video it stops after a minute or so and the screen goes black.Then I have to restart the video.

  14. The left side of my screen has horizontal black glitchy lines all over it and I haven’t dropped my phone, its also really laggy. when I swipe it takes a while for the first image to disapear.

  15. hi, i am now unable to browse anything while on a video call. before i was able to browse and the video call at the same time.

    now, i have to only do audio call so that i can browse at anything.

    can you please help me with this?

    thank you in advance

  16. Please i love my samsung j6 plus and its a gift from mum but i have this issue of call of duty, it always freezes when ever i play the game. I did all the solution you said but it wount help.
    So please help me fix my call of duty game on my samsung j6plus

    1. Hi Baba,

      Based on its configuration, this device isn’t good to play games like COD. Still, you can try to uninstall most apps to keep free RAM and CPU, restart your phone before you launch this every time, turn down the graphics settings to its lowest and also try to use Game mode.

      There’s isn’t much we can do to this device, still, try that and see if that works.

  17. Hello, my phone has blacked out. All am able to see is Power Off and Restart Icons. If I select either, it goes blank again. What can I do to normalise the phone operation please ?

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