How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+

If you’re looking to customize or smartly manage your Android phone, then you must certain yourself the recovery mode. Especially, when it comes to troubleshooting an Android phone, this mode plays an important role. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to boot/enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone. Through this tutorial, you should be able to use mode and understand its important features. The recovery mode has may important options that help to perform some cleaning and optimization actions.

If you’re not aware of this mode, we should elaborate some important information about it first. The recovery mode is almost like a maintenance mode that runs independently. It allows users to update the firmware, optimize firmware, and modify it. Thus, if you ever wish to put custom firmware or update your phone manually, you would need to enter into this mode. Since this mode runs independent of Android firmware, you must know the correct steps to reach this mode.

During this tutorial, we’ll learn some different methods to enter Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus smartphone into the recovery mode. Apart from the traditional one, that includes the hardware keys, there are more methods that could use. If you find that you’re unable to use the hardware keys for some reasons, you can try the rest of the methods. Sometimes it happens that look for different methods to access this mode.

Possibly, you might have damaged the hardware key or somehow it has malfunctioned. Whatever be the reason, you can still reach the recovery mode without using the hardware keys. However, there are some cautions that you must know. Though getting into the recovery mode won’t hurt your phone in any manner or its warranty, still you shouldn’t use this mode unknowingly. This mode powerful enough to erase everything stored within the phone instantly, and there’s no way to undo that. You should enter this mode only when you need it really.

Almost all Android smartphones are blessed with this mode. Therefore, getting into it and using won’t void the warranty on your phone. However, be careful while putting custom firmware or third-party modes on your phone through this mode, that surely voids the warranty terms and conditions. For better usability and access, a custom recovery like TWRP is required. You can install this recovery image to get extended recovery options. No matter, whether you’re using a custom recovery or the stock one, the steps remain the same to get into it.

Now, we shall get started with the tutorial. The following steps will help you get into the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus smartphone.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ using hardware keys

  1. Power OFF your phone.
  2. Now, press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons for a few seconds.
  3. As the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release these buttons.
  4. Next, you should see a Warning screen, just press the Volume Up button to confirm.
  5. You should enter into the recovery mode.

That’s it, you’ve successfully entered the recovery mode on your Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone through hardware keys. This smartphone comes with a stock recovery image that has sufficient options. The recovery mode on this smartphone looks like this:

Entered recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6 Plus

It has some important features that you should know. Below we have explained the options available in this mode. So, you can easily start using this mode.

  • Reboot system now – Tap on this option to exit the recovery mode any time you want.
  • Reboot to bootloader – Another mode provided in Android phones. This mode allows users to install official updates and firmware. This mode is needed while using Odin or Samsung Smart Switch tool to update the firmware on Samsung smartphones.
  • Apply update from SD card – Use this option to flash custom firmware and official OTA updates. Also, you can flash third-party modes with this option.
  • Wipe data/factory reset – When it comes to performing a hard reset/factory reset, this option is used. You can format your phone using this option without using the Android Interface.
  • Wipe Cache partition – To clear off the junk, cached data, and expired files from your phone. Use this option to clear the entire cache data from your phone instantly.

Must see:

This information is good enough to get started with the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone. Now, we should proceed to our next method.

Enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ using ADB commands

Through Google ADB command prompt tool, we can switch to different modes on Android phones. And that happens without using the hardware keys. We’ve seen many users seeking this way. If you ever encounter such problems, you can use this method to enter into this mode.

However, before we can get started with this method, there are some prerequisites that you must complete. You must fulfill the following requirements.

  1. You need a Windows/Mac powered computer or laptop.
  2. You must install the Samsung USB Drivers on your computer. That will ensure that your phone is recognized by the computer. You can download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here.
  3. For connection purpose, you need an original USB cable of your phone.

Now, you’re ready to go further and access the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ using the ADB commands.

  1. First, download the minimal package of ADB tool from →here. Unzip the package to obtain Run Me.bat file and double tap it. That opens the command prompts like this:Recovery Mode Galaxy J6 Plus using ADB Commands
  2. Use the USB cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  3. Type the following command to verify that your phone is connected successfully:
    • adb devices
  4. Now, type the following command to enter into the recovery mode.
    • adb reboot recovery
  5. Thereby, your phone should enter into the recovery mode.

That’s it, you’ve successfully entered into the recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone through ADB commands.

Through this tool, one can easily switch to different modes like Bootloader, Fastboot, Recovery mode, etc., And importantly, users don’t have to use the hardware keys.

That ends our tutorial here that explains different methods to enter recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy J6+ smartphone. We have also detailed the important options available within this mode.

We hope that our readers would find this helpful. Please share your thoughts and views about this tutorial. If you’re facing any problem on your phone, you can contact us through the below comment section. We would love to hear from you and solve problems related to this smartphone.

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