10 Best Apps for Samsung Galaxy J6, J7 and J8

The Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 is becoming very popular these days. Of course, there is a solid reason. This smartphone overture affordable price tag and comparatively offers splendid hardware specifications. In this quick roundup, we’ll share are some of the best apps for Samsung Galaxy J6, J7 and J8 smartphones to get the most out of it. Though this smartphone comes with many pre-installed applications, but you might want to get some extra ones to make better use of this smartphone. And of course, these applications will help you in getting better performance, productivity, and fun from the Galaxy J6, J7, and J8.

This smartphone is capable enough to handle multiple applications at once. Since it is powered by the latest Android Operating system, you can hang around the split-screen feature that allows two applications to run simultaneously on a screen. Moreover, it improves the supportability. That means users can install and use almost applications available on the Google Play store. This should reduce your finding efforts a little bit, we’ve gathered these useful applications.

Based on their ratings and usability, we have created this of apps. We hope that our readers would find this list helpful. For sure, these applications should accelerate the productivity of your phone. There are many productive ways to use our current smartphones.

These applications help us to figure out the real potential of our phone. Without them, our smartphone would be nothing more than a normal phone. So it makes sense to install appropriate applications to use our smartphone effectively. We gather apps from different categories. So, they help you in different ways. Makes you easier to perform your daily tasks. In this list of useful applications for Samsung Galaxy J6, we gather some most productive apps.

These apps are good for personal and professional use. If you’re running a small business, these apps are for you. Let’s begin with our list of applications.

The best apps for Samsung Galaxy J6, J7 and J8

1. Clean Master- Space Cleaner & Antivirus

Clean Master Apps Galaxy J6As the time passes, we observe that our smartphone becomes slower. Mostly it happens because of the clutter that has been gathered over the time. Also, it can cause some major issues like lags, app crashes, and freezing. Therefore, you must maintain your phone and keep it clutter free. That will keep your phone running smoothly all the time. To do that, the Clean Master application helps a lot. This application keeps gathering information clutter data stored in the memory. You can clean it with this application. It helps to remove all the junk files and frees a lot of memory.

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The Clean Master app is capable of doing much more. It has inbuilt RAM cleaner that helps a lot when it comes to playing games or doing a heavy task. This application also serves several features related to security. Using the Private Photo feature, you can lock/hide photographs on your phone. Along with these features, it also acts as an Antivirus. Thus, it becomes more useful. For Samsung users, such application is highly recommended. Most of the Samsung devices suffer from low-performance related issues.

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2. CamScanner

CamScanner – The best document scannerThis is a must-have application for all Samsung Galaxy J6 users. This application boosts the productivity of the phone and helps to use it effectively. The CamScanner helps to keep scanned-like soft copies of documents on Android phones. Yes, you read it right. Scanned-like soft copies. This application works so smartly that it clips-off all the extra area from captured images and makes images look like they were scanned. It uses an inbuilt algorithm to capture images and enhance them. Thus, it outputs better soft copies of documents than any other applications.

The scanned documents can be shared easily. It comes with an inbuilt sharing feature that allows syncing documents to other devices and shares with others. For better usability, it has editing features. These features allow users to add watermarks, put annotations, and edit text. The CamScanner is super easy to use and master. We highly recommend this application to all Samsung Galaxy J6 users. There is much more you can do with this application.

3. Nova Launcher

The Best Launcher App for Samsung Galaxy J6There hundreds of home launchers available on Google Play store. But no one seems to be near Nova Launcher. When it comes to true customization, the Nova Launcher has everything you ever need. Although, Samsung has brought useful changes in their TouchWiz UI, but if you’re looking for alternate then look no further than this one. This application is a powerful launcher that focuses on performance and personalization, both. It has a bunch of customization features that allow users to personalize their smartphone adequately.

Though it provides a bunch of customization features, but it doesn’t impact the performance. Instead, it improves the performance. The recent changes have brought a complete material design that looks very beautiful. Surely, it will make your phone look more beautiful from the inside. The Nova Launcher gives some extra customization controls like animations, layouts, and icons. If you’re looking for an alternate home screen launcher, then this would be an ideal one.

4. Google Tez

A Payment App for Galaxy J6Take your online money transactions to one higher level. We know how Net Banking works and its limitations. What if you can transfer money anytime and instantly to anyone? That would be just amazing. You’ll be amazed to know that a Google Tez application does that same work. The Google Tez application can transfer money from one bank to another in an instant. In just a few seconds, the transaction is completed and the money gets transferred to recipients. No extra time is required. Basically, this application makes use of a UPI link and make the transaction happen instantly.

Thus it saves a lot of time. The Google’s Tez protecting shield encrypts all the transaction. Users can safely transfer money to anyone who is using this application. To engage more users, the Tez’s team serves different offers and coupons. If you frequently do online transactions, then this is a must-have one for you. Overall, this application serves its purpose very well.

5. Memento Database

Memento DatabaseThis is one of the most innovative applications that I’ve used and reviewed. It can multiply your productivity, can help you locate the defaulters and manage your data properly. Basically, the Memento Database application helps to collect and gather data. It keeps your data in a managed form that helps research the stored data thoroughly. The user can perform analysis on the stored data, perform actions like charting, aggregation, grouping, sorting, and filter entries by any fields. Simply, this application is data oriented.

While you store your data, you can manage it effectively. This application allows users to put data in different form like a list, table, in a calendar, and on the map. Also, users can sync the data with Google sheets anytime they want. Moreover, this application supports cross operating systems. Means, you can access stored data from laptop, mobile, and a tablet. No matter wherever you go, you have hands on your data everywhere. That makes this application a worthy contender in our list of useful applications for Samsung Galaxy J6.

6. Samsung Smart Switch

Samsung Smart SwitchThis application is going to help you a lot. If you’ve just switched to Android or intended to do so, then you can use Samsung Smart Switch app to sync all of your data. Basically, the Smart Switch application helps sync data across different devices. Like if you’re up to creating a backup, then you can use this application. This app will sync/backup all of your data to other devices like laptop/desktop or any other smartphones. That makes the backup process easier for Samsung devices. We know that switching from iPhone to Android phones like Samsung Galaxy’s devices has never been easier. With the Samsung Smart Switch, the toughest part has been reduced to easiest one.

It can backup most of your data, including music files, videos, photos, contacts, and messages. In most of the Samsung devices, this application comes preloaded. Or you can download it from Google play store. This app is available for other devices. But we’ve found it working fruitfully with Samsung devices mostly. If ever wish to backup your Samsung Galaxy J6, then you can simply open this app and do the same.

7. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES Explorer File ManagerWith better file management tools, it becomes easier to manage our phone. The ES File Explorer File Manager has intended to bring down the hassles. You can manage each and every file stored on your phone easily. The ES File Explorer has been designed specifically for better user experience. Though Galaxy J6 comes with pretty good file manager application. However, you might find it not enough, of course, if you would like to have a better one. The ES File Explorer offers a bunch of features to manage files appropriately.

This file manager app categorizes all the files in a good manner. That makes possible to access particular file easily. It has a powerful inbuilt search feature that can help a lot. If you don’t remember the location of the file, just use the search feature. Further, it comes with a powerful file transfer feature that allows one to transfer files at a faster rate. Additionally, it has memory cleaner tool. That will help you keep junk away from your phone. We highly recommend this file manager app over the stock app that comes preinstalled.

8. CM Browser

CM BrowserIf you’re anything serious about online privacy and security, then you should start using this browser right away. This internet browser has almost everything you have on Chrome and others. This browser is focused to provide faster and safe internet browsing experience. The main feature of this browser is that it blocks all the advertisements. That saves a huge amount of internet data and opens pages faster. With its privacy mode, it becomes possible to visit blocked pages anonymously. It won’t capture your searches, pages, and history. You can control these aspects through the settings.

While using this browser for a few days, we have realized one thing about it. Unlink other browsers like Opera, UC Browser, etc., it doesn’t impact the functionality or looks of the website in order to open it faster. We personally use this browser to use the internet on a daily basis. Furthermore, it has a video download feature. Through which you can download the videos easily. It supports a huge number of websites.

Surely, switching to CM Browser will save your internet data package and improve the intern surfing experience.

9. ET Money

ET Money Must Have Apps J6Do you spend money so much? You don’t have to stop it. Instead, keep a track of your spendings to learn about it and improve it. Thus you can save your money while not disturbing this habit. The ET Money application can do that work for you. Basically, this app collects the data regarding your spendings and present them in an insightful way. Through these insights, you can figure the pattern of your spendings, where you spend more or less. Therefore, you can create further plans to improve your spendings and save money.

Basically, this application gathers expense information from related messages. And form a meaningful page with that information. Additionally, the ET Money application serves important information about mutual funds and investment schemes. It helps you select profitable SIPs easily. That means you can use this application to invest your money as well.

10. OfficeSuite : Free Office + PDF Editor

OfficeSuite Free OfficeYou’ll feel incomplete with office applications. If you’re looking for a free alternative to MS Office apps, then an OfficeSuite application is best you can have. This application has all essential features that we get on MS Office application. This app is completely free to use. However, you might see some advertisements while using it. That would not bother you much.

With OfficeSuite, you can create/edit word files, work on excel data and create fascinating presentations. Also, it does support PDF files editing. You can create/edit documents on the go. This is the best alternative to existing Microsoft apps that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy J series smartphone.

That ends our list of must-have apps for Samsung Galaxy J6, J7 and J8 here. We’ll be adding more jams to this list soon. These applications should help you to get the most of your phone. Please share your valuable thoughts on this list in the comment section.


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