Fix Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL that’s stuck at boot logo [Troubleshoot booting issues]

This problem can happen for the very first time when we open the box and pull this phone out. And even when we update it with the official OTA firmware updates. If that can happen so randomly, you should do some preparation to deal with such issues. And that won’t take your much to settle such problems. In this tutorial, we’ll help you fix Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL that is stuck on the boot logo/screen and booting beyond that screen. We’ve got you covered through multiple solutions to these problems.

And most probably, one of these should help you troubleshoot your phone and make it work again. There could be two reasons that ground such problems on your phone. Either the problem is caused by the hardware failure or somehow that Android OS has malfunctioned. Till the time, the problem is linked to the Android firmware, we can sort it easily. And if that’s that case, means if the problem seems to be connected with the hardware part, you better seek help from the officials. For that thing, only they would be able to help you.

For Android OS related problems, we should be able to fix it. While we fix the booting issues on Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL smartphones, you must know that we might need to erase the data on your phone. We will perform some resets to make your work again. And during that, data that are being stored within the phone will be deleted. If you’ve got any chance to save it, you better back up your phone. Otherwise, once we perform this any of these solutions, we cannot revert them. Files and data present on your phone would be deleted. You must understand this risk and only then proceed further.

We would try to troubleshoot these two smartphones with some basic solutions. Thereafter, we would apply some advanced actions that require your full attention and they wipe your phone as well. First of all, you better seek out the reason behind this problem. Means, what you had you done before this phone got bricked and stuck on to the boot screen. If you are able to figure out that part, it will be easier for you to quickly fix this boot stuck problem on your Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL smartphone.

Most of the time users stuck to such problems after they apply an update. That update could be either official or manual. Irrespective of that, users are prone to face such problem during the different update and customization actions. For example, users are most often to face boot stuck and boot loop problems after they flash some sort of a custom firmware. In such cases, a factory reset/hard reset is required to solve such problems During this tutorial, we’ll first try to resolve this problem without performing this reset. Now, try the following solutions to fix booting related problems on your Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL smartphones.

1. Troubleshoot/Fix Google Pixel 3/ 3 XL that’s stuck at boot screen using the Safe Mode

If you’ve recently installed some applications or downloaded files and after that you fell into such problems, there are chances that these applications or files are resisting your phone boot up properly. These days, Google is doing very hard to work to remove such apps from Google Play store and still be many such applications that inject malware and viruses within our phone. And they somehow affect the Android OS and it gets malfunctioned.

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In such conditions, we can Safe Mode to troubleshoot such problems. Basically, the Safe mode is no different than a maintenance mode. While we boot into this mode, all third-party apps and services remain inactive. And if your device is able to boot into this mode successfully, that means, some of these apps, services or files are causing your phone to malfunction. So, you just need to wipe off these files/apps from your phone when you’re in Safe mode.

The following instructions shall take you through this procedure:

  1. Turn off your phone first.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power key.
  3. Once the Logo appears, release the Power Key and suddenly press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Keep this Volume Down button pressed until the booting process is completed.
  5. Now, your phone should reach the ‘Safe Mode’.

Once your device is booted up, you’ll see the Safe Mode text on the bottom left or right of the display screen. And if your phone is successfully booted into this mode, that means some recent apps/files are resisting your phone to boot up and work normally.

And if that doesn’t boot up, you should move to our next recommendation.

2. Wipe cache partition on Pixel 3 and 3 XL to troubleshoot booting issues

If this issue has occurred suddenly after doing nothing new to your phone, there are little chances that the cache data and files might be the culprits. In general, the cache files are generated by the applications that we have on our phone. Each time we open an application, it creates some cache files that help apps to perform well and maintain better user-experience.

These files keep on gathering and over time, they become huge enough to affect the usual working of the Android firmware. And if you’re out luck, that might end up your phone stuck at the boot screen or bring-forth some similar issues. So, while we troubleshoot Pixel phone that is going through the booting problems, we must this solution. This could be helpful to fix this problem.

The following instructions are set to help you wipe cache partition on your Google Pixel smartphones:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode using this guide.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe cache partition’ and perform this action.
  4. Once this action is performed, exit the recovery mode.

There’s something important about this action. While we clear the cache partition on this phone, it won’t delete any of your files and apps. The Android OS uses different partitions to store files. It has a cache partition specifically to store cache files and data. Therefore, wiping that partition has no impact on other partitions and your files remain safe.

Thereafter, allow your phone to boot. If cache files were causing the problem, the phone boot beyond the boot screen and bring from the Android UI. And if that doesn’t work, then, there is no option left except resetting this phone.

3. Factory reset Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL to remove bugs and problems

Factory reset, which also know as the hard reset is oftenly used by Android users to calibrate performance, stability and clear off everything stored within the device. This helps most of the time to resolve boot stuck, boot loops and similar problems. So, while you choose this perform this action, it would ensure that your phone works after this action. Or else, you would need to re-install the firmware on your phone if this doesn’t work.

Before you proceed to this action, you must think twice. This action wipes the internal memory of the phone. That means, everything that is stored within the phone will be deleted and there isn’t a way to revert this action. You can consider this action a last solution, and if it failed to cure your phone, you would need to downgrade your phone to its official firmware.

That process will re-install the firmware on your phone, that will remove each and every aspect of the Android OS on your phone. If you wish to reinstall the fimrware on your phone, just follow this official Google guide →here.

To factory reset your Google Pixel phone, the following instructions are enough:

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the Power Key.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode.
  3. Under the recovery mode, tap on ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.
  4. Perform this action and give your confirmation.
  5. After that, exit the recovery mode.

Once you have performed this factory reset on your phone, it will reboot and bring up the setup page. There, enter your Google account details to get started and configure your phone. This reset should resolve the boot stuck and boot loop problems with your phone.

And if you find that even perform a factory reset doesn’t work, you better re-install the firmware on your phone. We have already specified the guide link above.

The conclusion

So, that ends our general guide that helps to troubleshoot Google Pixel 3 and 3 XL that’s stuck on the boot screen and not booting further. These are available methods that you can implement right away on your phone to fix these problems. If you still have this problem or facing any other, do let us know through your comment below. We would do our best to help you with some appropriate recommendation. You’re most welcome to make comments and share your thoughts.

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