Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t boot/stuck at logo screen

Most of the firmware related problems are fixed easily on Android phones. The user just needs to troubleshoot their phone with the basic solutions to cure these problems. While browsing different technology forums, we find that many users were facing boot stuck, boot loops, frozen screen, etc., issues on their phone. Therefore, it becomes important for us to write this guide. In this tutorial, we’ll fix Samsung Galaxy S8 that won’t boot up/stuck at the boot logo or has become unresponsive somehow. You should able to fix such problems using these solutions.

Till the time problem is linked to the Android software, it can be cured. That’s what makes Android OS so special and good. During this guide, we will discuss some generic solutions to fix stuck at boot logo, infinite boot loops, and similar problems. However, in the case of hardware damage, or any kind of physical interaction, you better take this device to the service center. That would the correct step to do. Otherwise, just keep reading this tutorial to learn different solutions to troubleshoot stuck and frozen Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

You just make sure to adapt these solutions as they are mentioned. That helps you make your phone work again. First of all, you better figure the actual cause of the problem. Means, what leads you to this problem. You might have ended up messing up things while installing a custom firmware, recovery, mod or just trying kind of application. Or sometimes, Android OS malfunctions due to wrong configuration and corrupt files. In order to figure that actual cause of these problems, we have different solutions to troubleshoot your phone. We would try to make things right for you using the very basic steps.

While we troubleshoot your Samsung Galaxy S8 that doesn’t boot up after the logo, we might need to format your phone or re-install the whole firmware (happens rarely). Therefore, you must know that all of your data will be deleted from your phone. If you have any chance to back up your Samsung phone, you should do it. Once these actions are performed, we cannot go back and revert them. Thus, you must understand this fact. Further, applying any of these solutions won’t hurt your phone in any manner. All these solutions are officially supported by Samsung.

You can implement these solutions to troubleshoot other smartphones from Samsung. We will use the inbuilt troubleshooting tools and modes to fix these problems on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone. The Android OS has different modes that run independently like Recovery Mode and Safe Mode. We will use these two modes to recover your phone from boot stuck and boot loop problems. You just need to apply the exact steps that we mention in this tutorial.

There’s nothing to worry so much. If nothing seems to work, you can easily re-install the firmware. That would take down all the problems and make your phone work again. Without more fuss and disturbance, we should start troubleshooting your frozen or stuck Samsung Galaxy S8. If your phone won’t boot after Samsung Logo, then following troubleshooting solutions should help you fix these problems.

Use Safe Mode to troubleshoot unresponsive/boot screen stuck Galaxy S8 – remove toxic apps/configuration

Did you end up this condition after installing an app or customizing your phone with some custom configuration? If that’s the case, this method worth your phone. Most of the Android phones come with the ‘Safe Mode’, a maintenance related mode. While we get into this mode, it disables all kinds of third-party applications and configuration. It runs only system applications with the default setting. If your phone is able to boot into this mode, then you’re lucky enough to repair your phone easily.

While this mode is up, all third-party apps remain turned OFF. That means, if any of them resisting your phone from boot up, you can locate it and remove it permanently. Moreover, you can reset the system settings to default. Nowadays, there are countless numbers of applications on the Google Play store and other resources. That increases the risk of toxic apps, malware, and virus being injected within our phone.

If you’ve recently installed some applications or changed some system settings, you should remove them. There are greater possibilities that it would solve these existing problems on your Samsung Galaxy S8 and after that, it should boot normally.

  1. Turn off your phone first.
  2. Then, press and hold the Power key.
  3. Once the Samsung Logo appears, release the Power Key and suddenly press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Keep this Volume Down button pressed until the booting process is completed.
  5. Now, your phone should reach to the ‘Safe Mode’.

The Safe Mode looks similar to the general Android UI expect the Safe Mode Logo at the left-bottom. Now, you should move to the Apps section and remove the recent application. You should remove those applications that you think causing these problems with your phone.

If your phone is able to boot into this Mode, that means the problem is related to one or more application or OS malfunctions due to bad configuration. Therefore, you should start by removing third-party apps to see if your phone boots up normally:

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Open Apps > Apps list.
  3. Now, tap on the app that think might be causing the problem.
  4. Then, tap on Uninstall or Disable button.

Follow the same steps to get rid of other third-party application. Now, you should reboot your phone to see if it works or not. Additionally, we suggest you reset the Settings on your phone. That won’t hurt any of your files or data. It will just turn system settings to the default configuration.

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Look for Backup and Reset.
  3. Tap on Reset menu.
  4. And then, tap on Reset Settings only and perform this action.
  5. After that, reboot your phone.

That’s how you can reset the settings on your Samsung Galaxy S8. Now, restart your phone and, probably, it should boot beyond the logo and work normally. If that doesn’t work, there’s nothing worry as we have more methods to try and rule different possibilities to fix these boot stuck and boot loop problems on your phone.

Wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy S8 to fix boot stuck and boot loops

While we perform a custom operating like putting a custom firmware or updating firmware manually, we usually face these two problems; boot stuck and infinite boot loops. And that happens because of expired cache files/data that turn to corrupt files during these custom operations. That eventually resist the phone from boot up and run normally.

If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, you might have observed that the performance has been declining and there multiple issues happen usually. That happens because of the cached data and files. Basically, each time we open an application, it accumulates some amount of cache files. These files generally expire after some time. Over time, these cache files create heaps of garbage and that starts impacting the overall performance of the phone.

Therefore, it is better to get rid of these cache files frequently. That will sustain performance and stability on the phone. Most probably, wiping the cache partition, means all cache files should remove all the clutter that has been gathered so far. Remember, this process won’t wipe your phone’s internal memory. It doesn’t delete any of your apps or files. It just removes the cache files associated with the applications. Just follow the below instructions to wipe cache partition on your Samsung Galaxy S8 phone.

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the power key.
  2. Now, enter into the recovery mode using the following steps:
    1. Press and hold Volume Up, Bixy and Power buttons at once.
    2. Release all the buttons once the Samsung Logo appears on the screen.
    3. You should enter into the Recovery mode.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select “Wipe Cache Partition” and perform this action.
  4. Once this action is completed, exit this recovery mode.

Allow your phone to boot up and now, it should boot beyond the logo screen. Wiping cache partition and reset become necessary after an update and flashing the custom firmware. It removes the old expired cached files from the phone. That cleans it thoroughly.

Moving forward, we have more advanced actions that require to wipe the internal memory of the phone. Therefore, you should back up your phone (if possible). You could also perform a factory reset (hard reset) to deep clean your phone.

It is another most recommended that you could take to fix boot stuck and boot loops problems. This method works most of the time. However, it would wipe the internal memory. That includes everything like photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps, games, documents and so on. Over time, it might possible that some files become corrupted that causes Android OS to malfunction.

Performing this factory reset will remove all the third-party apps and other data, including those files which actually causing the problems. For better performance and stability, users should perform this action once within three or four months at least. That calibrates the overall performance and remove most of the bugs and issues that we usually find on Android phones.

We will use the recovery mode to factory reset the Galaxy S8 smartphone. The Recovery mode runs independently and allows users to perform several maintenance/update related tasks. If you’ve been facing a lot of problems on your phone, you better reset your phone. Just follow the below steps to perform this action on your phone:

  1. Power OFF your phone using the power button.
  2. Now, get into the Recovery Mode on your Note 9 (steps are mentioned above).
  3. Under the recovery mode, select “Wipe data/factory reset” action.
  4. Perform this action.
  5. Exit the recovery mode after this process.

That’s it. Now, let your phone boot up. For the very first boot up, it might take several minutes. That is completely normal and it usually happens. After a few minutes, your phone should boot up normally and take you to the setup screen. Moreover, you could flash the stock firmware on your phone to restore the official firmware.

There, fill up your Google account information to customize and set up your phone. That’s it, you’ve successfully fixed these problematic issues on your phone. If you still find that nothing has worked for you, describe your problem in the comment section. If possible, try to share the exact problem that you’re facing.

That ends our tutorial on how to fix the boot logo stuck, boot loops and frozen screen issues on the Samsung Galaxy S8. We hope that users would find these troubleshooting solutions helpful. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views on this tutorial. We are open for your comments and question.

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