How to clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A8s

It’s worth you to take some time and learn some important aspects regarding this smartphone. And it is essential when you’re using an Android phone for the first time. Clearing cache files and data could help you extensively resolve many Android problems that could bother you. Most importantly, it helps to calibrate performance and stability. You don’t have to worry as we’ve got you covered through this tutorial that explains how to clear app cache data on Samsung Galaxy A8s for better performance, stability and internal storage space.

While performing this action, we have two choices; either to clear cache of individual apps or clear the entire cache partition at once. Choosing one between these two is quite simple. If you find something bad on your phone that is limited to certain apps (or an app), you can clear the related cache files. That should probably remove the bugs and issues. Further, if things are pretty bad all around and problems/issues happen randomly, you can try clearing the entire cache data.

You can consider this action when you find some drastic dips in performance and stability. Over time it is quite acceptable to face such problems and it happens usually because of cache data and clutter that gather while we use our phone. Therefore, for better performance and stability, it is important to keep clutter out of the phone. To sustain smoother user-interface, users should wipe the cache files at least once in three-four months. That keeps the mobile phone runs smoothly all the time and the phone keeps functioning well.

The cache files are produced by the applications that we have on our phone. Most of the time these files are temporary in nature and after some time, they turn to trash. Over time, heaps of cache files are gathered that unfortunately impact different aspects of our phone negatively. Which creates different problems like low performance, freezes, app crashes, freezes and similar. There’s one more thing that you should know. This cache data grab a huge amount of internal storage. Therefore, getting rid of the excessive cache memory on Samsung Galaxy A8s should bring you more storage space.

The social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc., are tend to create most of this unwanted data. For just an example, Facebook application is able to create heaps of cache files in just one or two weeks. In our test, we found it created about 500MB cache data in just two weeks while we used it a few times in a day. So, if you’re more addict to these social apps, you’re more likely to run out storage space and face low performance issues sooner or later.

Through this tutorial, we’ll discuss both; clearing cache of individual apps and wiping the entire cache partition at once. Now, we shall start with first learning how to clear app cache on Samsung Galaxy A8s smartphone:

How to clear app cache on Samsung Galaxy A8s

  1. Open Settings menu.
  2. Now, scroll Down and tap on Apps-> Apps list.
  3. Under the list of apps, tap on the App, to clear its cache.
  4. Then, tap on Storage.
  5. Now, tap on CLEAR CACHE.

Similarly, you can clear the cache of other applications one-by-one. Remember, clearing cache won’t hurt any of the files being stored within the smartphone. It only removes cache files that have been accumulated by the applications. However, it is certain that you will lose the app’s login details and game progress.

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This action is most recommended when a certain application (apps) behaves abnormally. The behavior can be app crashes, freezes, stuck, and unusual working. If you’re facing such problems on your Samsung Galaxy A8s smartphone, then you can implement this solution to cure these problems on your phone. If you find that clearing cache doesn’t wipe the issues, you better factory reset your phone.

For social media lovers, we would recommend them to clear off the associated cache frequently. Performing this action at least once in one or two months would significant enough to keep a smartphone running smoothly all the time. Now moving ahead, we will learn to clear the entire cache partition at once. That is helpful to those who are facing lots of troubles, stability issues, and a substantial dip in the overall performance.

How to wipe cache partition on Samsung Galaxy A8s

For those who’ve been using their smartphones for a long time, this action helps to debloat their smartphone effectively. As time goes by, these cache files and clutter become massive and impact the overall performance and normal functioning negatively. So, clearing these files become important and necessary for the user.

On Android smartphones like Samsung Galaxy A8s, we can wipe the entire cache partition at once. Basically, Android OS keeps different partitions for storing different files. For cache files, there’s a separate cache partition. We can easily wipe this cache partition using the recovery mode. This will remove all cache files on the phone. That removes most of the bugs and issues and most importantly, this action calibrates performance and stability.

Here’s how one can clear cache on Samsung Galaxy A8s using the recovery mode:

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the power button.
  2. Now, enter the recovery mode on Galaxy A8s.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select ‘Wipe cache partition’.
  4. Give your confirmation and perform this action.
  5. Exit the recovery mode once this action is completed.

Right after this action, your phone will restart. Now, observe your phone thoroughly and you should find that your phone is running smoothly. That should’ve fixed the bugs and issues that you were facing before.

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So, these are the different ways to clear off cache files from Samsung Galaxy A8s smartphone. If you’re still facing any kind of problem on this phone or any other, don’t hesitate while contacting us. Use the comment section below to leave your thoughts, problems, and feedback. We would love to hear from you and bring more useful Android tutorials. While writing to us with your problems, please make sure to provide the exact error that you’re facing. So we can help you in better manner.

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