How to Fix Google Play Store Error 194 [Solved]

Have you ever experienced Google Play Store error 194 while downloading any app from the play store? A lot of Android users are facing this problem, and if you haven’t yet encountered this error you may already have the latest version of Google Play Store. Well for those of you who are facing this error here you’ll get to know about the possible reasons behind this error and methods to get rid of this annoying Google Play store Error 194 and fix it permanently.

Play Store error 194 prevents you from downloading or updating any application on your Android Device. So if you are facing this issue then, believe me, I know how annoying this error can be. During this guide, we’ll discuss different troubleshooting solutions to Fix this Google Play store Error 194 that appears while downloading apps. Before we do that, let us take a quick look at the possible reasons behind this error. There may be many reasons behind this error, but the most common are mentioned below.

Why Play Store Error 194 happens?

Play Store Cache: Sometimes the Google play store cache can mess around with the installation of new apps through Play store. The app caches of previous installs can cause some problems which can hinder the installation or updating apps through Play Store hence we can face this Play Store error 194 while installing new apps or updating the already installed one.

Google Account Issues: Play Store error 194 can also occur when there’s something up with your Google account. Most of the time this is a temporary problem and can be easily fixed by logging out from your google account and login back. But if the problem seems permanent (which is very rare) then you have to create a new one or have to use another account to eradicate this issue.

Google Play Store Data Issue: Google Play Store continuously saves data to keep track of the apps installed by the user, searches performed via Google Play Store and many other things. At some rare occasions, this data can get corrupted hence leaving us with the Play Store error 194.

Recent Update of Google Play Store: Though Updates are supposed to make an app better sometimes a new update of Google Play Store can conflict with the previously saved cache and data. This conflict usually results in the Play Store Error 194 or other similar errors.

Your Network Connection: You can also get this error if you do not have a working network connection while downloading or updating an app through the play store. Usually, this error appears when there is a sudden drop in connection while downloading or updating apps through the play store.

We are done with the reasons, so here’s how you can fix this issue.

Fix Play Store Error 194 by following these methods

1. Clear Google Play Store Cache

Since Google Play Store Cache and corrupted data can cause this issue, hence whenever you encounter this issue you should clear cache and data of Google Play Store. You can do this navigating to –

Settings>Apps>Google Play Store>Clear Cache and data

Also clear caches and data of Google Play Store and Google Play Framework.

2. Change/Remove Google Account

As stated above this error can be associated with your Google Account, so try removing or changing your google account. You can do this by navigating to Settings > Accounts and then tap on Google Account and remove it. Restart your phone and then add your account again. If the error is still there then remove your account again and try adding different account after the restart.

3. Uninstall all Google Play Updates

Removing recent Google play updates may fix this annoying play store error 194, as we already stated above that sometimes new updates can conflict with the previously saved data and cache. To uninstall all updates of Google Play store navigate to Settings > Apps > Google Play Store and tap on the “uninstall all updates button.

That’s it you should now be able to download apps from play store without this annoying error.

But if for some reason all above method fails, and you are an advanced Android user there is one more thing you can do.

4. Method [For Advanced Users only (require rooted device)]:

As mentioned this last fix require you to have a rooted device. Considering you as an advanced Android user I can safely assume that you have a rooted device with CWM (ClockWork Mod) recovery or TWRP recovery installed. If that’s the case then reboot your device in recovery mode and Wipe Cache and also “Wipe Dalvik or ART Cache. This method works well for me. (I haven’t tried any other method)

Note: (for normal users): We won’t advise you to root and install CWM or TWRP recovery on your device just to get rid of this Play Store error 194. If none of the above-mentioned methods didn’t work for you, this can be the temporary issue from the Google Side.

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If you encounter any problem or just want to leave your humble opinion, remember there’s a comment section below. We would provide further recommendations to fix this Google Play store Error 194 that appears while we try to download an application. If you’re facing this problem specific to one or more applications, there are chances that problem might be related to that app. In that case, you can report that issue on the Google Play store or contact the app developer.

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