How to Increase Media Volume on Galaxy S7 [Fix Low Volume]

If you do listen to music and watch videos frequently, then probably you must have encountered numerous media files having low volume. Even if we listen to these media files using earphones, that doesn’t work sometimes. Most of the time, these issues are linked to the media files like songs, videos, applications, etc., and sometimes our device is failing to output enough volume. During this guide, we’ll help you to fix low volume issues on Samsung Galaxy S7 and increase the sound volume to the extent you can listen to it through the phone’s speaker and earphones, both.

The Samsung Galaxy S7 has pretty output sound, good enough that you can enjoy while you’re in the group. It happens while watching videos on YouTube or offline or listening to music files, we could not enjoy them. Due to the low Volume problem, we cannot listen to them clearly and really such situations annoy us pretty bad. This issue is limited to certain audio or video, it could be the application or game, that outputs low sound volume while we use them.

Thus, there should be some sorts of troubleshooting to resolve them. Of course, we have different troubleshooting. Firstly, through this tutorial, we’ll deal with the low volume issues linked to media files, apps, games, and similar ones. This guide doesn’t help to improve the Call Volume on this phone. If you’re looking for that, you must Google that thing again. Even if you find that there are chances that you might require root your phone.

The method we mention here to improve sound volume on Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t require root or any kind of prerequisites. Will fix the Galaxy S7 media volume too low issues with the help of an application; Speaker Boost.

The Speaker Boost Application

This application is available at the Google Play store at zero cost. Being a free application, it doesn’t display advertising either. That makes it more useful and worthy. This application has been designed to interpolate low volume issues related to media files and applications. The Speaker Boost application improves the amplifies the overall volume of the device (excluding Call Volume).

No matter if you’re watching videos on YouTube, a website, listening to the music files present on your phone (locally) or through apps like Spotify, Google Music, or just playing games on your phone. This app improves volume on both speaker and earphones. It allows users to extend the volume to a higher value. We have personally utilized this application and it works amazingly. Just improve the volume to 20-30% is good enough.

It boosts the overall volume based on your selection percentage. However, you must know some important fact about this app. Since it works on amplification phenomena, you should know overusing this app could hurt the speakers physically. You could end up damaging the phone’s speaker and earphones.

Must see:

Therefore, you should never go beyond 30% hike. Otherwise, it could break things apart. You should use this application precisely. Now, we should proceed further and use this app on Galaxy S7 to improve media and apps volume.

How to boost Media Volume on Samsung Galaxy S7

Just install the Speaker Boost application on your phone. You can easily find this application in the Google Play store. This app is completely free and doesn’t pop up any sorts of advertisements.

Just head onto the Google Play store search for the Speaker Boost:

Speaker Boost app for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

This app works with most of the smartphones running on Android 4.1 and above. This app doesn’t require any kind of permission or prerequisites. As soon as you install this app and open it, you can use it this app to amplify the volume of media files, app, browsers, and similar things.

You can download this application using this link →Google Play store. Also, check out this list to figure out some best apps for this smartphone.

Install this application, so we can get started. As soon as you open this app on your phone, it opens a pop-up screen that has several options. The popup screen looks like this:

Speaker Boost App Screen Options on Galaxy S7

This window gives you directly options to control the device’s volume and volume boost you can apply over it:

  • Vol: This is the actual volume of your device. That you control using the Volume UP/Down buttons.
  • Boost: This is the boost amount that you can apply to the actual volume of the phone.

Important note: You should never go beyond 30% boost. Even this app recommends to not go beyond 40%, however, the 30% hike is more than enough.

Going beyond this value can hurt your phone’s speaker and damage it. So, you boost Volume very carefully. Until you use this app carefully, there’s nothing to worry.

So, use the Boost bar to improve the volume of the media and app volume on your Samsung Galaxy S7 and listen to your favorite music easily.

Further, this app serves some Setting options you can use. Just tap on the Settings icon, and it will bring you further settings options.

speaker boost settings

Use these settings as per your requirements. We recommend you to use ‘Maximum allowed boost’ option. Using this option, you can fix the maximum boost that can be applied.

That will prevent you from accidental increments in the boost volume. That will keep the speakers safe. You can fix this volume at 30%. That would be good enough.

Once you open this app and configure the boost volume, then it works in the background. It gives boost all media files and apps that you open while it is running in the background. Also, you can access it notification panel.

That’s how one can use the Speaker boost application to improve media and app sound on any Android smartphone. You just need to make sure that you use this app carefully and not go beyond 30% volume boost. If you do gaming then you know that you can play God of War PSP games on your phone using the PPSSPP Emulator, just check the below resources:

So, here our tutorial on how to boost volume on Samsung Galaxy S7 ends here. We hope that our readers would find it helpful. If you do, share your comments and thoughts below. We would love to hear from you and put that feedback in our tutorials.

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