How to clear cache on Poco F1

With the release of Poco F1, Xiaomi has set a new benchmark for an affordable high-end smartphone. It has everything that we usually get on flagship smartphones under just $300 bucks. Just like any other smartphone, the Poco F1 can face multiple problems related to its performance, functioning, and stability. Most of the time, such problems are caused by the cache memory and we should get rid of that excessive cache file causing the problems. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to delete or clear cache on Poco F1 including the cache partition to remove all problematic issues.

Being an Android-powered smartphone makes this smartphone more user-friendly. It packs inbuilt maintenance related tools to counter most of the Android problems and issues. The cache memory causes some serious issues lowering the overall the performance of the phone. Basically, the cache memory is generated each time open an application for run-time tasks. These files are used to improve the user experience, so applications can serve data as fast as possible. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, etc., accumulate a huge amount of cache data. This memory keeps on growing over time and eventually impact the overall performance and stability of the phone.

Therefore, it is important for us to get rid of this excessive memory and avoid trouble. To get rid of the cache memory on the Poco F1 phone, there two ways. Either you can clear the cache memory of individual apps or clear all cache data at once. If you’re facing problems and issues with specific apps, then clearing the cache memory related to them could solve the problem. If you find that your phone is behaving unnaturally, throwing apps crashes, errors and similar ones, try clearing the whole cache at once. That should vanish those problems and errors on the go.

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These are the basic troubleshooting solutions that one should be aware of. If you find that clearing cache has no significance over existing issues, you could go advance and perform a hard reset or re-install its firmware. There are many other solutions to cure different issues and bugs on Android phones. As far as you are concerned with performance and stability related bugs, clearing the cache memory should work. Clearing the cache memory on Poco F1 is almost the same as we do on other smartphones. Even though Poco F1 has customized the Android skin, it won’t make such things harder for you.

During this tutorial, we will also learn to clear the entire cache partition on this phone. That removes all cache files and data related to third-party apps and in-house system applications. That leaves no chance for bugs and issues to still exist. Most importantly, while we perform this action, it won’t hurt the installed application, downloaded stuff and files present in your phone. Your data remains safe and there is no need to worry. This process only removes the cache files, the temporary files created by applications to serve things faster for you.

However, there are chances that you might lose app/game progress for some apps and games. If you’re still concerned about the stuff present on your phone you better back up your phone first. Now, let’s learn the different methods to delete cache on this smartphone

How to clear cache on Poco F1

Method 1. Clear cache of individual apps

If you find that problem/bug is limited to certain application/s, then clearing the cache of that application could remove that bug. Sometimes it happens that we open an application and it gets crashed or throws an error each time.

In such circumstances, doing this can help in fixing these issues. The following instructions are set to perform this action on this phone:

  1. Open the Settings on your phone.
  2. Now, scroll down and tap on Installed Apps and open the App list.
  3. Now, select the app you want to clear its cache memory.
  4. On the next screen, tap on Storage.
  5. Then tap on Clear Cache and perform it.

Repeat this procedure for other applications that you seem to cause/throwing errors. That’s how you can easily clear the cache memory of individual apps.

If you want to wipe all the cache memory at once, the next method shall advise you.

Method 2. Clear cached data

If you find that your phone is behaving abnormally, throwing errors repeatedly and annoying things are happening, then you must try to clear all the cached data. That will remove all the cached files created by installed applications on your phone.

That’s going to free up a good amount of storage space on your phone. If you ever run out of space on your phone the taking cached data off could give you good chunks of memory space. Remember, doing will wipe the game’s progress and login details from applications.

If you agree to these terms, then follow the below instructions to perform this task on your phone:

  1. Open the Settings
  2. Tap on the ‘Storage’ entity.
  3. Now, look for the ‘Cached Data’, tap on it to clear it.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and perform this action.

That’s it, you’ve cleared cache memory related to applications present on your phone. That should have removed all sorts of bugs and problems with your phone.

If that doesn’t happen, then follow the next method.

Method 3. Wipe cache partition on Poco F1

The cache memory produced by the applications is saved onto a separate memory partition, known as the cache partition. While we clear the cache memory through the Settings panel, there are chances that it would not clear the cache memory related to some system applications.

So, for advanced users, clearing the whole cache partition is recommended. That ensures that each byte of cache data is removed from the phone.

To wipe the cache partition, we use the recovery mode and perform this action. The instructions should take you through this procedure:

  1. Power OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode:
    1. Press both Volume Down and Power buttons and hold them together.
    2. Once the boot menu or logo appears, release the buttons.
    3. Now choose the Recovery mode and enter into it.
    4. You should be entered into the recovery mode.
  3. Under the recovery mode, tap on Wipe Cache Partition.
  4. Perform this action by following the on-screen instructions.
  5. Once you are done, exit this mode.

Then, your phone will reboot and take you to the home screen soon. Now, all bugs should have been removed from your phone. You should see that it has free a good amount of internal storage, improved performance, and stability.

That ends our tutorial here on how to clear cache on Poco F1 smartphone. That calibrates the performance and stability, keeps your phone running smoothly all the time. We hope that our readers would find it helpful. If you face any kind of problem do share with us through comments, we’ll reach to you with an appropriate solution.


  1. There is no option of wipe cache partition in recovery mode of poco f1 with MIUI 11. Please provide accurate information.

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