How to Play the Mobile Game Raid: Shadow Legends on PC

The games developer Plarium has been behind a host of exciting browser and mobile titles in the past few years, from Vikings: War of Clans to Throne: Kingdom at War. However, one of their more recent hits is Raid: Shadow Legends, which has proven to be a major success among a number of gamers.

The title is predominantly regarded as a mobile game, but did you know it can be easily played on PC or Mac too? Here we outline everything you need to know about Raid: Shadow Legends, as well as the simple steps you can take to bring it to your laptop or desktop system today.

What is Raid: Shadow Legends?

Raid: Shadow Legends is a game featuring a story campaign and PvP gameplay, the title offers a huge amount of adventure and action. It takes you into the land of Teleria, an exciting and vivid environment that is under the control of the Dark Lord Siroth. In the game, you answer the call to liberate the realm and have the chance to create a team of champions who will take on the evil which lurks around every corner.

Why should I try it on PC?

The PC version features the same gameplay as the mobile title available on iOS and Android, but the team behind it has upgraded its look by adding HD textures to all aspects. There are also new animations, as well as customizable graphics settings and other features such as the ability to create custom hotkeys for repetitive actions.

Furthermore, it is totally cross-platform too – so you can effortlessly switch between mobile and PC and play however you want.

How to play Raid: Shadow Legends on PC

Step 1 – Download Plarium Play

You can experience Raid for PC on Plarium Play, which is a free official application developed by Plarium for downloading and playing their games online.

Head to the Plarium or Raid: Shadow Legends website to download and install the system onto the machine that you’re planning to use.

Step 2 – Install Raid: Shadow Legends

Once Plarium Play is set up on your PC or Mac, you then have to head into it to install Raid: Shadow Legends.

Step 3 – Create a Plarium ID

Next, you need to create a Plarium ID in order to get started with playing Raid: Shadow Legends.

Alternatively, if you’re already a mobile player you can use your existing Plarium ID to sign in and you will be able to begin your game from where you left off.

Step 4 – Get gaming!

Following that, it is simply a case of settling down to enjoy an exciting session of fast-paced action on your PC or Mac.

Try Raid: Shadow Legends today

Mobile gaming has evolved massively in recent years and that is exemplified by the fact that 2.4 billion people across the world are expected to try such games in 2019 alone. Raid: Shadow Legends is a great example of the complex gameplay which is now available on smartphone and tablet.

Furthermore, it is also a perfect fit for playing on PC and we hope you have hours of fun enjoying the title on your laptop or desktop machine.

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