How to Increase Audio Volume on Samsung Galaxy J7

The Samsung Galaxy J7 has been one of the most popular smartphones that Samsung has launched. There have been different variants with upgrades. Although this smartphone is pretty-well loaded with features and specs, you might be wondering if the audio volume could be better. You might encounter situations where you examine the low volume of certain media files. That could be a video playing on YouTube, MP3 song or some sort of media files. In this tutorial, we will help you to fix such low volume issues on Samsung Galaxy J7 and increase volume output as per our requirements. This tutorial only helps to improve volume related to media (through apps, songs, music player, video player, etc,.).

It happens many times that we struggle to listen to a song/video file having a low-volume output. Means, even if we maximize the volume of our phone, the output doesn’t go up. Such issues happen because of these media files. However, you can easily fix these low-volume issues on Samsung Galaxy J7. And for that, you don’t have to root your phone. Neither you have to do something big. This process is very simple. Just like the other Galaxy devices, the Galaxy J7’s speaker has an Ok-Ok performance. In such regards, I appreciate OnePlus for their awesome work. Basically, the device doesn’t cause such problems most of the time. The low volume output is also associated with media files.

Sometimes it happens that media files output such a low output that we can listen to them through earphones. That’s surely a big problem. That media file can be a song, video, or a video game you’re playing on your phone. Until the thing is related to audio-volume, it can be sorted easily. If you’re looking to increase call volume, then you should search for other tutorials. In this tutorial, we will help you to increase the speaker volume of the Galaxy J7, for better volume output. In order to make it work, we will use a dedicated application. The name of the application is Speaker Boost and it does the job awesomely.

The Speaker Boost application is available on the Google Play store for free. It works with smartphones running on Android 4.4 or up. Out of the box, this application doesn’t require any kind of special access to work. Simply, this application doesn’t require the root access. Whether you’re playing videos on YouTube, songs on a music player, playing games or similar ones, this application works with them. It boosts the existing volume to higher levels. Just for example, on YouTube, we get many videos having very low-volume outputs. It becomes very hard to listen to them. In such cases, this application does wonders.

This application will increase the audio volume on Samsung Galaxy J7. No matter whether the audio is coming from songs, videos, apps or games, it can multiply it. However, you shouldn’t use this application all the time. That can damage the physical speaker or disturb its normal working. While we use this application, it displays a warning message, and we should obey it. This application has certain features to enhance the user experience while using it.

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How to use Speaker Boost app on Samsung Galaxy J7

In order to use the Speaker Boost applications, you need a device running on Android 4.4 or upper version. Since Galaxy J7 works the upper version, you can use this application. This application is available on the Google Play store for free. It doesn’t even include the advertisement.

The user interface is very easy to understand and use. For customization, you get some options. These options help to personalize the output volume thoroughly. That makes this application even more helpful. The Speaker Boost application is designed to amplify the speaker volume (for music, videos, apps, and games). It doesn’t work on call volume.

This application is very easy to use. You can download this application from the Google Play store from →here.

Speaker Boost App for Samsung Galaxy J7

The application is very light-weight. It is just about a few MBs.

Once you have installed this application, you can launch it. Open the Speaker Boost application from the Apps list.

This will open a window like below:

Speaker Boost Screen Shot

The user interface is so simple that it offers direct settings to manage volumes.

On this screen, you two options — Vol and Boost. The Vol stands for the existing volume level. Which set using the Volume up/down buttons.

The Boost option shows the amount of boost given to an existing volume.

As per our tests and app recommendations, it is suggested to stay at 40% boost at the maximum. Above the percentage, it can break things.

Probably, it will destroy the output quality and secondly, it can damage your phone’s speaker as well.

As you move the Boost bar left or right, you’ll notice the change in volume instantly. With the requirements, you can set the Volume Boost.

Make sure that you don’t surpass the limits. It can harm the physical speaker of the phone.

Speaker Boost Settings

For some enhancements, you’ve access to the settings panel. You can access the Settings by tapping on the Settings icon present on the app screen.

As you open the Settings menu, you’ll see the following screen:

Speaker Boost SettingsUse these settings to manage the Speaker boost for better output. Make sure to check Non-uniform boost option. That helps in keeping risks low.

Also, make use of the option — Maximum allowed boost. Through this, you can set a maximum boost limit. That will avoid the risk of overwhelming output.

So, it ends our tutorial here. Now, you should be able to use the Speaker Boost app to increase the volume of your Samsung Galaxy J7 anytime you want. Enjoy your favorite music, and videos with the proper volume level. Make sure to leave your valuable comments. We’ll be glad to hear from you.


  1. You are right boost works greatbut shouldnt samsung give us an option on our to do this without loading another app.

    1. Yes, that application works! The reason that Samsung or any other manufacturer won’t include this option on the phone is that it could hurt the speaker physically!

  2. How to fix and be careful about speaker phone apps or ones that boost base. I’ve gotten blown speakers before so careful. My mom got a J7 Crown and wasn’t loud enough to hear calls/notifications/, or people talking. She left it to me since I know how to figure things out. I couldn’t find anything about getting speaker to work. So then I figured I’d check Developer Options which is disabled by default, so would never show for people that don’t know what they are doing. Go to Settings, then all the way down to “About Phone”, in there check out each section till you find “Build”, sometimes it is right there, other times in a category. Find it and double tap 10 to 12 times, it should tell you how many more taps to go. Once tapped required number of times, developer options is now listed in settings on main settings screen. Find and enable “Disable Absolute Volume”. Now you can go loud, but you do not want a blown speaker, so keep most things at 50% to 75%.

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