10 Must-have applications for Xiaomi Mi 10T

If you just got hold of a Xiaomi Mi 10T, we suggest some applications so you can get the most out of it. We have selected different utilities and customization tools that will allow you to fully enjoy your new device. To get more out of your Xiaomi Mi 10T, we have this list of best applications, useful ones that facilitate different abilities, features, and options to make this smartphone more useful and of course, for more fun.

List of best applications for Xiaomi Mi 10T


Having a new wallpaper every day will make you have the feeling that your device is in constant renewal. Nothing better than the official Google application to enjoy a varied collection of wallpapers.

The company assures that it adds new images on a regular basis and that many of them are exclusive, as is the case with aerial views of Google Earth. Bring the excellent 6.7-inch screen of your new Xiaomi to life.


Mobile photography is already the preferred option for most users. The Xiaomi Mi 10T has some good attributes in this regard and allows you to take shots of up to 108 MP. If you want to edit your photos like a pro, you can use Polarr.

Thanks to this app, you can modify the tonality, remove the background, add filters, and make other types of adjustments quickly and easily. Sign up for photo editing with this magnificent image processor.


Not everything is fun. Your new terminal can help you be more productive. Nothing better than Microsoft’s office suite to open, edit, and share your favorite documents.

This app gathers Word, Excel, and PowerPoint along with Windows 10 sticky notes in one place. If the time has come to work, it is best to do it with the right tools.


There are many weather applications, but few as beautiful as the ones that Yahoo offers for free. Obviously, it allows you to check the weather situation anywhere in the world with graphs, data of interest, such as the probability of rain, weekly predictions, and much more.

Yahoo Weather also takes care of notifying you when the weather gets worse and offers you several widgets to make quick inquiries from the home screen. To all this bouquet of functions is added a beautiful interface based on the photographs of Flickr users.


For those who drive regularly, there are two primary ways to waste time: getting stuck in a traffic jam or getting lost along the way. None of this will happen to you if you take advantage of the large screen of your Xiaomi Mi 10T and its compatibility with GPS, BDS, GLONASS, and GALILEO to use it as your new browser.

What application can help you fulfill this mission? Of course, Waze, which allows you to avoid traffic jams, follow the fastest route and find any point of interest. Waze feeds on the information provided by its extensive community of users to warn you of various dangers, such as the presence of objects in the road, vehicles stopped on the shoulder or accidents.


If you want an advanced browser to check the news, watch your social networks, or read your favorite blog, Opera is the solution. Its benefits are numerous: it blocks advertising by default, prevents you from being tracked, and allows you to synchronize all your data with the desktop browser.

It also has a totally free and unlimited VPN connection. This last detail is important if you want to browse in a truly private way. Do you think the time has come to give up Chrome? So, of course, Opera is your browser.


Fall in love with email again with this interesting client. Archive, delete or postpone each of the emails that arrive in your inbox with just one gesture.

Use any account, regardless of the provider, schedule your shipments, create reminders, and filter notifications. But above all, focus on what matters most with your smart inbox. Spark includes a dark mode that adapts to system preferences.


We’ve already told you about Pluto TV before. This new concept of content on-demand allows you to be already available in Spain. With it, you have the possibility to enjoy a multitude of programs, series, and movies without registering or paying a single euro. If you are wondering where the trick is, the answer is very simple.

Pluto TV is financed by advertising. In any case, there is no better compliment for Netflix or Prime Video and, in addition, you can make the most of the generous almost 7-inch panel of the Xiaomi Mi 10T.


Teleworking and distance learning is here to stay. Your new terminal has a 5000 milliamp battery that will allow you to enjoy long video calls with Zoom. This video conferencing application has become a benchmark during the current health crisis. You can use it for individual and group calls, with a maximum of 1000 participants using a paid account.

Likewise, it allows advanced management of the interlocutors, through the creation of small rooms, the recording in the cloud of any meeting, and the personalization of our environment with funds.


Organization tools are very important. Even applied to personal life, they can become a great ally to avoid any task for something. Todoist is a reference in this field and its functions will allow you to organize yourself better.

If you want your new Xiaomi to notify you of everything, just register in Todoist, create your personalized lists, add tasks, reminders, and even upload files. Note that although some features are paid, Todoist is fully functional using a free account and does not include advertising.

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