Google Gravity, Anti-Gravity, and More Google Search Tricks

Still using Google to search for information only? If you just got shocked by reading the first sentence then probably you don’t know about other interesting stuff Google search can do. Google never leaves a chance to amaze us and this time the biggest search engine is going to amaze you by showing some Google Easter eggs tricks like Google gravity, Anti-gravity Google, Google underwater and much more.

Not only this you can play games on Google as well, even if you have no internet connection, Google knows it’s difficult to pass time and therefore it has some interesting Google search tricks and an offline Google dinosaur game.

This is an awesome Google experience and you will be able to see Google doing some awesome things that you could have never ever imagined. Google can also fall because of gravitational force just like other physical things on the Earth, it’s called Google Gravity.

Google Gravity Concept

What actually this Google gravity is? This is just to pass some time, all these Google Easter egg tricks like Google gravity, Google anti-gravity, Google underwater, Pacman, mirror, all of these things are for entertainment purpose.

Don’t try to find for information on these Google search tricks because they don’t have the database and these are external projects for entertainment purpose.

Google Gravity and Similar Google Search Tricks

Let’s have a look at all the Google gravity tricks and enjoy all these google search experiments, these Easter eggs are unofficial.

If you want to see the official Google Easter egg trick then you can find it on your Android devices. This Easter egg animation is hidden and you can’t see it on your homepage but you can see that in your android device easily.

To access this easter egg you have to visit “settings”, in the “About phone” section tap on “Android version” multiple times. You will see the easter egg animation on repeated tapping and the animation is different in every android version.

Now enough about Android lets get back to the google gravity tricks which you can access on any device. Here are some of the best Google gravity search tricks.

Google Gravity, Anit-Gravity, and More Google Search Tricks

1. Google Gravity

What’s a better trick to begin with other than the Google Gravity. This is what we have been talking about till now. How you can experience Google gravity – an amazing Google search trick.

You have to visit a page which we will provide at the end of the info, on that page, do nothing and wait, within 1 second all the google stuff like “Google search bar”, “google search button”, “I’m feeling lucky” button and everything else you see on its homepage will start falling down.

It seems like gravity if pulling down google’s page and its items. It looks quite good to see google homepage falling, fo a second you’ll feel like this is not the virtual world but a physical thing.

Visit or

NOTE: We’re again telling you that these are not google’s official project.

Google Anti Gravity

2. Google Anti Gravity

Let’s reverse the effect of gravity and make it gravity-free region. In the previous one, everything was falling because of gravity, now everything will float because there is no gravity. You can call it Google space of google anti-gravity, whatever pleases you.

It will keep floating until you close the page. This is so satisfying.

To experience this google search trick visit or

Must see:

Google Sphere

3. Google Sphere

This is one of our most favorite Google search tricks – Google Sphere. Everything on Google’s homepage revolves around Google’s logo just like earth and other planets revolve around the sun.

One of the best things about this Google gravity trick is that you can control the motion and direction of things revolving and make it steady also with your mouse or touchpad.

To experience this google gravity visit here:

4. Google Underwater

Till now you have taken Google under the effect of gravity, thrown it in space, made it revolve, now let’s take it underwater and see Google swimming with sharks.

Google’s things will keep floating over the water, perhaps its density is lesser than that of water. Considering the size of google’s homepage, it can be true as well.

Visit here to see Google underwater in action.

Searching on these google pages won’t bring any google results.

5. Mirror Google

Do you know every letter/alphabet in the mirror gets reversed and appears strange? This is same going to happen here as well. Google’s logo, it’s buttons, all the text and whatever you type in the search bar will appear reversed.

This might look very confusing to you.

Experience this google gravity trick here:

Google Guitar

6. Google Guitar

What’s up music lovers? Would you want to try playing music on Google’s logo? If yes then try this google easter egg trick.r

Google’s logo will appear like that of a guitar with all the guitar strings, either move your cursor to play those guitar strings or type in alphabets to make it vibrate and give out some sound effects.

It also gives a feature to record whatever you play.

You can check it out here on this page:

Google Terminal

7. Google Terminal

Any tech lover here? You should check this google gravity search trick right now and it may seem awesome to you, however, it doesn’t perform any search, for that, you’ll have to return to the original Google.

The sound it produces may sound appealing and interesting to your ears.

Check it out here at

Do a Barrel Roll

8. Do a Barrel Roll

Now this one is an official Google easter egg trick which you can perform on the official page of Google. Try this on your computer only as it may not show anything on mobile phones.

How to perform this Google easter egg trick? Simple, just visit and type “Do a barrel roll” and you’ll see Google’s homepage revolving on a fixed axis.

Google Zerg Rush

9. Google Zerg Rush

This is a game which you can play online with internet or WiFi. As soon as you visit, type “zerg rush” and you’ll see some zeros (0) falling, you have to kill them by continuous clicking on them, if they reach the bottom, the game is over.

Google Dinosaur

10. Google Dinosaur

All the above Google easter egg tricks are available when you have the internet but what if you don’t have access to the internet? In that situation try this out, this ain’t a google search trick but a google trick only which is there for its users.

Note: This trick is possible only when you are using Google chrome.

How to experience this? Just disconnect from internet, open Chrome and load any page, it won’t load and show an error, press “Spacebar” key and the game will start.

11. Google PacMan Game

Google PacMan Game

Any lover of classic PacMan game here? Wanna play that game in Google’s logo? Try this gravity Google search trick. You can genuinely play the game in google’s logo and the game is awesome.

However, if you like games then why not try out these unblocked games.

Try this trick at

12. Google Snake Game

You probably don’t like Pacman, let’s say you hate Pacman game. Now what? We have got the snake game which is still loved by many.

The background score keeps getting faster as the speed of the snake gets faster. Here you don’t have to run behind one single dot, rather there you will some things like coffee, donuts, firecrackers.

Eating donuts will increase your speed, drinking coffee will make you lazy and eating a firecracker will make you die for a while.

Try this snake game here:


All of the above Google search and Easter egg tricks are quite good for entertainment purposes, however, there are only a few like do a barrel roll which belongs to official Google and rest like Google gravity, Google anti-gravity, Google underwater is good for entertainment purposes.

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