Must-Try Open Office Alternatives In 2020

The open-source office software have grown with increasing acceptance in the last few years acting as a workable Microsoft Office alternate. They have proved themselves to be attractive and as a sophisticated free solution.

However, if intelligence’s are to be considered, Open Office, which is now acquired by and known as Apache Open Office, is going to close down sooner or later. 

The software lacks new updates in recent time and though acquisition by Apache looked to have some hopes, any key developments are not seen yet.

Despite the above facts, these solutions are still nice-looking options for creating presentations, doing word processing, for graphics, working on databases and spreadsheets used as open office alternatives.

So, if you are still active on Apache Open Office, here are the best 5 Open Office substitutes you can utilize for your daily operations this year.

Must-Try Open Office Alternatives In 2020:

1. Libre Office

Libre Office is unquestionably one of the top Open Office alternatives as it has decent features, functionalities and added community support.

Libre Office - Best Open Office Alternatives

It’s considered as the best free tool or suite by experts existing in the current open-source market.

The software tool has a better user interface and comprises of comprehensive applications for spreadsheets, word processing, databases, presentations, flowcharts, formula editing, and advanced vector graphics.

The Libre Office software supports multiple doc formats along with ODF (Open Document Format), Microsoft Office files, PDF, and much more.

It supports multiple extensions with different user communities. So, if you really want to work with an Open Office experience, Libre Office is one of the good options to go forward.

Download (Windows, macOS, Linux)

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2. Polaris Office

Polaris Office is well known in the market as one of the good options for Open Office, as it brings on the table multiple functionalities and features being a free option.

Polaris Office is good alternative to Open Office

It works on all platforms except Linux platform, unlike Open Office tools. It works with different file formats which also includes TXT and ODF.

It supports editing, viewing, and converting PDF files. Additionally, it provides seamless access to multiple cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and OneDrive, supporting you to effortlessly save all your required files on cloud.

Real-time collaboration is an excellent functionality of the Polaris Office, which allows you to share documents through email attachment, URL, messaging, then using co-edit features to view real-time changes.

If you require a modernized software as a substitute to a dated Open Office, installing Polaris Office is the best option.

Download (Windows, Android, macOS, iOS)

3. SoftMaker FreeOffice

SoftMaker’s FreeOffice is one better Open Office alternative. It is similar to Apache’s offerings along with having its own exclusive features.

SoftMaker FreeOffice

It provides software for creating presentations, word processing, and spreadsheets.

The tool provides compatibility options with Microsoft Office files, with exclusive loss-free file opening features and functionalities. 

It supports PDF files, creating, editing, tagging, and commenting. It helps in effortlessly converting documents to ePUB files, for creating e-books. It also supports automatic hyphenation and spellcheck features.

While the tool works better than others and is highly compatible, however, it does not allow saving the required files in Microsoft Office file formats. 

While, you can buy a premium version of SoftMaker Office which starts at around $70, which allows saving documents or files in required Microsoft Office’s formats and supports document tabs features, synonym dictionaries, label printing, and macros.

Download (Windows, MAC, Linux)

4. WPS Office

WPS Office is again a great Microsoft Office alternative.

wps office

It supports creating presentations, doing word processing, and working with spreadsheets. Also, supports different Microsoft Office file types and PDFs. 

WPS supports Microsoft Office’s interface and is lightweight, making it a topmost available Open Office alternative in the market.

With basic free office features are accessible for free, the WPS office even has additional premium features that are available online like splitting and merging PDF files, converting PDF files to Word, and exclusion of ads which are a one-time purchase for $49.99 or at $19.99 with an annual subscription.

Download (Windows, Android, Linux, iOS)

5. Neo Office

Neo Office is a good alternative but it is only available on macOS. The tool brings its own set of exclusive features to differ from Libre Office and Open Office.

Neo Office is an alternative to open office for MAC

It supports Microsoft Office documents, Libre Office and Open Office documents. It also brings in inherent Mac features like launch menu, file locking, restore the previous version of documents, text highlighting, grammar checking, and functionalities like floating Mac windows.

It’s accessible in a free “viewer” version, that only supports test NeoViewer and one can’t store or save the documents using it.

However, if you like to have all the comprehensive features, you need to have the updated version from Mac Store at $39.99, which gets forthcoming updates or have the classic Neo Office version at $15 from its online portal.

Download ( only on macOS)

Go For These Open Office Alternatives

While trying these above open-source tools like Apache Open Office, you can also access online office solutions like Office Online, iWork, and Google Docs which work well on all the required platforms. 

We are sure you will not forget the benefits of Open Office once you use them, so try them this time.

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