7 Best Linux Games [2020]

Ever since Valve publicized support for Steam on Linux in the year 2012, the Linux gaming library on Linux has been rising with more and more popularity. We gather some of the best Linux games available, free and paid, that you can play in your free time.

This has directed to a library of 4000+ titles and still growing. While this is still an inadequate amount if we associate it to the Windows library.

So, here we are listing the best Linux Games, the topmost Linux games you should be playing in your free time. Even though most of these games are reinforced only on the Ubuntu platform, there are Linux games that can be made to run on other platforms.

List of Best Linux Games For 2020:

Marooners - One of best Linux Games

1. Marooners

Marooners is an entertaining party game that you can play with your multiple or group of friends as a cool game to play this year. You can select to play a local game, or with a combination and in support of 2-6 players.

Pick a character, and you will be dropped into a random minigame with your groups, or random outsiders online, reliant on your prime choice. You will be arbitrarily swapping back and forth within the manifold of the game, which offers fun factor.

The game is effortless to start with and play due to the modest regulator scheme of just guiding with the buttons for movement, so it is not to worry if your colleagues or friends are not dedicated gamers.

Availability: Steam ($9.99)

Super Time Force Ultra

2. Super Time Force Ultra

It is an action-packed platform filled with dinosaurs, robots, explosions, bullets, and time travel.

This unworldly successor to the classic Contra games is full of fun, pace and provides a range of sixteen diverse characters that comprise men, women, dinosaur, dolphin, and a turd.

The quality pixel graphics presents an exclusive mechanic to the characteristic genre, the time travel. The fantastic game lets you rewind the time, and involves the actions with your past.

The exceptional interactions involve switching of characters, by going back in time and finally destroy all the enemies in the game. Please try this game once, you will enjoy and have fun.

Availability: Steam ($14.99), GOG [DRM-free]

RIVE Linux Game


Blasts, chaos, and devastation. This is what RIVE all about. There is a decent storyline to this game, but it can be overlooked.

The rudimentary evidence of this quick-paced twin-stick shooting game is to shoot your opponent’s till they die or explode. It is a single-player game and has complete controller support.

The game appears modernized, more colorful like Metal Slug, excluding only the control. There are tactical elements other than senselessly firing all your opponents. Exceedingly recommended for fans of typical shooting games.

Availability: Steam ($1.49)

Hue is a puzzle game for Linux

4. Hue

Hue is a puzzle game that is one of the best Linux games full of adventures to play. It offers an exclusive gameplay mechanic, you have the control to alter the background color.

Each time you change the color, all the elements of that color vanish and you can move the elements.

The puzzles in-game are built on color switching. Dodging hindrances, evading lethal traps, dragging levers, and hiking through the walls are completely based on the switching of the precise color at the accurate time.

The puzzles are simple and moderately stimulating. The game does toss curveballs; however, they don’t much frustrate the players. In the end, it is a fun-filled and colorful game experience.

Availability: Steam ($14.99)

Role-Playing / Simulation

Stardew Valley

5. Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley is a farming emulator, the free Linux game with a spiritual heir to the typical Harvest Moon franchise that the fans at all times require, but never customary.

You receive your grandfather’s overgrown farm in the game Stardew Valley and must live off the land to make it a flourishing home using hand me down tools.

You get to enlarge your farmhouse, rise the animals around, do fishing, craft machines, mine, and do much more.

You also need to socialize with inhabitants, earn cash, and entice a partner to get wedded. The game is full of fun and interest.

The game also involves monsters, loot, and uncovered secrecies. If all this resonance stimulating to you, try Stardew Valley once.

Availability: GOG [DRM-free]; Steam ($14.99)

best linux game Darkest Dungeon

6. Darkest Dungeon

Darkest Dungeon is a stimulating game with dark, gothic visuals and structures with a combat flavor.

You must prime your team of heroes with varied fighting elegances and modules such as the Bounty Hunter, Crusader, Man-at-Arms, Occultist, Grave Robber, and much more contrary to appalling enemies, death, sickness, and the ever intruding dark.

Each class has its own exclusive fighting style and assistance, filling diverse roles in the combat. The heroes can get imposed by multiple diseases, some being more spiteful than the others, and perhaps fatal.

The game grades are high on the effort level due to the multipart combat bravura and perpetual death. You can mislay all your game growth due to one mistake, which can be annoying.

Explore this game only if you are ready to take a threatening encounter.

Availability: GOG [DRM-free]; Steam ($8.99)

Cockroach Simulator

7. Cockroach Simulator

Humans and the Cockroaches are always at odd terms, and it is the time for a great war between them. That’s the evidence of this multiplayer free Linux recreation game.

The plot is silly but interesting – while playing the role of cockroach, you need to make the life of humans completely worst, or play as humans wrapping all the cockroach’s you find. It is a totally fun game.

Like a cockroach, you require to team up with other cockroaches and evade getting slaughtered by humans. The eventual goal is to lay eggs away from the human reach, making them hatch.

As humans, you need to destroy the cockroaches. Squashing all of them, cutting them using a knife, spray on them, or completely burn them using a flamethrower.

You ensure that the eggs do not hatch, and if they require to destroy all the young ones.

You need to keep in mind that the game is stringently multiplayer, and it is desirable that you have your colleagues or friends with whom you can play this game.

Availability: Steam ($0.99)

We find you relished these 7 cool Linux Games. Try them once and you will surely enjoy. Also, leave your thoughts regarding these games in the comment section below.

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