10 Superlative Open Source IoT Platforms

An acronym IoT usually refers to the ‘ Internet OF Things ‘and this concept has most recently revolutionized the entire technological world. It has been often visualized that with the advent in technology, there is hardly any field left where IoT has not established its sound place, then be it security areas, health monitoring, business inventory, home security and many more.

This article precisely deals with 10 superlative open source IoT Platforms that has developed an incumbent place in today’s world. Let’s have an outlook on all these incredible and open source platforms at large. Discussed below in detail are the 10 superlative open sources and freeware IoT Platforms:

List of Best Open Source IoT Platforms

1. IoT Toolkit:

This is one of the most amazing open source project available that is precisely used for developing a multi-functional highly protocol based IoT Gateways along with Service Gateways that tend to offer quite an astounding horizontal co-ordination between cloud services as well as multi-functional different protocols at large.

2. ThingSpeak:

This is another one open source and freeware data platform for the IoT. Some of its prominent features comprise of Data Processing, Data Visualizations, Geo-location Data Support, Real- Time Data Collection, Device Status Messages and many more.

3. Webinos:

Webinos is precisely a short for the Secure WebOS Application Environment and is usually categorized as a computation based platform that significantly aids in developing enormous software based modules or components that don’t rely on or we can say that is quite independent of the OS or Computer’s hardware at large.

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Its main aim is to allow all the developers to write –down enormous applications that can significantly execute on any device precisely including he Smartphones, IoT Devices and many more.

Best Open Source IoT Platforms

4. Arduino:

Arduino is basically an open source hardware and software platforms, this open source software includes an integrated framework that allows the sound development of an IDE, that enables you to write-up code in an Arduino language.


This amazing open source tool usually offers an integrated framework for the sound and proper development of the IoT Projects, thus further merging the Business Intelligence with the Cloud Integration. This superlative step combines both the web technologies along with hardware into one unique framework.

Some of this amazing feature comprises well of Real-time Remote Control, analysis in a sound friendly GUI, Cloud Logic, Triggers, and various data gathering tools in the most considerate manner.

6. SiteWhere:

SiteWhere is one of those superlative open source IoT platforms that enable you to develop a scalable IoT based applications and thus commendably enhances its speed to meet out the varying product at large. This particular open source and freeware IoT Platform merges up well with the Clouder, Twilio, Apache Solr, HBase, MongoDB, Hortonworks and many more.

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Not only this another incredible feature of the SiteWhere Platform is that it can be executed well on any of the cloud-computing environment.

7. Thingsboard:

This is also one of the most popular Open source IoT platform that aims at the precise data accumulation, it’s processing, and visualization along with Device Management in an incredible manner. Not only this, Things board IoT platform usually enables the connectivity of innumerable devices along with its network by means of some standardized protocols, namely, HTTP, CoAP and MQTT.

Furthermost it tends to offer sound support to both the on-premises deployments a well as cloud computing. Alongside, it also offers its users with the fault-tolerance, high performance, and scalability features by aiming which you will never lose your confidential data at large.

8. Kaa IoT Platform:

This is another most commendable IoT platform available that ends to offer you with end-to-end and scalable IoT framework offered usually for the cloud-connected IoT networks. This platform comprises of REST- which is a server-based functionality, data management and analytics that are usually available in the form of a cluster of huge interconnected nodes, well-coordinated by Apache Zookeeper.

Not only this, but Kaa’s Software development kit supports innumerable languages like C, C++, JAVA alongside handling the client-side encryption, data marshaling, communications, persistence and much more in a significant manner.

9. PlatformIO:

This particular IoT platform is a Python-based platform that comprises of a sound Integrated Development Environment, a web-enabled Library Manager, a project generator and is usually aimed for accessing data from ARM Mbed End-points and microcontroller based Arduino.

10. OpenHAB:

Among all this particular Open source IoT framework can run well on ay device that has a sound capability of handling Java Virtual Machine. More precisely to say, OpenHAB usually comes with varying web-enabled User interfaces that are commendably supported well by the Linux hack boards.

Technically speaking, in this particular IoT platform, the modular stack integrates all the components in the form of items and then tends to offer you with scripts, rules, and various inference engines that have a sound capability to store the states of devices and restoring it from the point from where it was last used.

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