How To Disable /Uninstall Widgets In Windows 11

Practical for some, annoying for others, the Widgets of Windows 11 divide. You are part of those who want to get rid of them, here is how to disable them or uninstall them completely.

In the computer world, widget comes from the words “window” and “gadget”. Widgets are graphical and interactive interfaces that generally provide the latest data in a chosen field: weather, news, latest social network posts, etc.

With Windows 11, Microsoft offers Widgets, a new application that allows you to access widgets and add new ones in order to have access to information that may be useful.

Although at first sight interesting and useful, widgets can be a nuisance. Especially since a Widgets icon is displayed in the taskbar by default. For those who like to navigate between dozens of windows, even the smallest space in this bar becomes crucial.

Do you want to remove and get rid of the Widgets icon that you don’t need? Or would you rather remove the Widgets from Windows 11 altogether?

We’ll first explain how to disable Widgets in Windows 11 and then how to re-enable them if you change your mind. Finally, we’ll look at how to uninstall and permanently remove Widgets from Windows 11.

Disable / Enablee Widgets in Windows 11

Disabling Widgets in Windows 11

Since Windows 11, Microsoft’s Widgets have become embedded in the operating system.

Follow these two quick and easy instructions to disable Windows 11 Widgets:

  1. Right-click on the Widgets icon.
  2. Click Hide Taskbar.
Disabling Widgets in Windows 11

Must see:

Enable Windows 11 Widgets

Widgets are disabled, but you’d like to quickly check the weather or the latest news shared by Microsoft?

Follow these instructions to turn back the clock and enable Windows 11 Widgets:

  1. Right-click on the taskbar.
  2. Click Taskbar Settings.
  3. Enable Widgets.
Enable Windows 11 Widgets

Uninstall Widgets in Windows 11

Disabling Widgets may not be enough for you. This is because by only disabling Widgets, the “Windows Widgets” and “Widgets.exe” processes are still running in the background:

No worries: it is possible to uninstall and permanently remove Widgets from Windows 11 using PowerShell and Windows Package Manager.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. First, install winget (Windows Package Manager).
  2. You will need the Windows Terminal. Right-click on the Start menu and then click on Windows Terminal (Administrator). Enable User Account Control.
  3. In the Windows Terminal window, enter the following command:

winget uninstall “MicrosoftWindows.Client.WebExperience_cw5n1h2txyewy”

 Uninstall Widgets in Windows 11
  1. Then type Y and press enter.

The uninstallation of the Windows 11 Widgets has been successfully completed.

Note: the Widgets icon may still be present in the taskbar. Right-click on it and click on Hide Taskbar.

Congratulations: you have removed and uninstalled Windows 11 Widgets!

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