How to remove bloatware/ unwanted apps from Windows 11

Bloatware is unnecessary software pre-installed in Windows that can use an excessive amount of system resources and slow down your computer. Windows 11 is not spared and many bloatware are installed by force by Microsoft or by the manufacturer of your computer. Want to get rid of it? ThisIsWin11 is here to help you! In this guide, we’ll help you remove unnecessary apps, bloatware apps or pre-installed apps from Windows 11 operating system.

ThisIsWin11 is the new open-source program developed by builtbybel (Bloatbox and Privatezilla) that will quickly become indispensable for you after the installation of Windows 11: it allows you to quickly configure the new OS from Microsoft, but also to remove pre-installed Windows applications.

These applications are sometimes considered cumbersome and annoying. Bloatware takes up space on your disk, but also visually on your screen. In addition, they suck up system resources and sometimes create security breaches on your computer.

How do I remove them? Often it is impossible to uninstall them. Learn how to install and use ThisIsWin11 to remove bloatware from Windows 11!

How to remove bloatware /unnecessary apps from Windows 11 with ThisIsWin11

The main option of ThisIsWin11 that interests us the most here is the one allowing to manage the applications installed on your computer under Windows 11. Follow this quick and efficient tutorial to learn how to remove bloatware on Windows 11:

  1. Download ThisIsWin11.
  2. Unzip the ZIP archive containing ThisIsWin11.
  3. Open the ThisIsWin11 folder.
  4. Right click on ThisIsWin11.exe and select Run as administrator. Finally, enable User Account Control (UAC).
  5. Click on Apps in the menu on the left.
  6. A list of applications installed on your computer will appear. To remove an application, select it and click on Add selected.
How to remove bloatware /unnecessary apps from Windows 11 with ThisIsWin11
Select the apps that you think are unimportant!

Here is a list of pre-installed applications that you can safely uninstall (if you have no use for them):

























Warning: unless you know exactly what you are doing, do not delete an application that you have not clearly identified or you will lose some Windows 11 functionality! The safest thing to do is to target the applications listed above.

  1. A list is created on the right of the window. Click Empty Recycle Bin to remove the selected bloatware.
  2. Confirm their removal by clicking Yes.
  3. ThisIsWin11 then tells you that the applications have been deleted.
That's it! Unwanted/Bloatware apps have been removed from Windows 11!
That’s it! Unwanted/Bloatware apps have been removed from Windows 11!

Congratulations: you now know how to remove bloatware from Windows 11 with ThisIsWin11! 

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Reinstalling Windows 11 built-in applications with ThisIsWin11

ThisIsWin11 offers another handy option, especially if you’ve made a small mistake, such as deleting applications that are finally useful.

Follow this tutorial to learn how to reinstall pre-installed Windows 11 applications with ThisIsWin11:

  1. After opening the ThisIsWin11 application in administrator mode, click { } Automate in the list on the left. Then appears a list of automatic tasks:
    • Install applications
    • Reinstall all built-in applications
    • Delete default applications
    • Delete OneDrive
    • Update applications in the Store
    • Ultimate Performance Mode
    • Disable services
    • Remove telemetry from third-party applications
    • Clean Windows
Reinstalling Windows 11 built-in applications
Select the apps that you want to re-instal!
  1. Select Reinstall all built-in apps and click Apply selected.
  2. Then confirm the reinstallation by pressing Yes.
  3. Don’t worry about the red lines. When the installations are complete, the command prompt will reappear. You can then close the window.

Congratulations: you now know how to use ThisIsWin11 and reinstall the preinstalled applications of Windows 11!

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