Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Overheating Issues [Troubleshooting Guide]

Samsung Galaxy S6 is one of the most successful smartphone ever built by Samsung and was with the new concept of Edge screen. It was a groundbreaker of Samsung users after S5, as S5 really disappointed Samsung Fans because of less innovation as compared to S4. Still, there are many users who are completely satisfied with this smartphone. However, like any other smartphone, it might suffer from some common issues. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to troubleshoot quick battery draining and overheating issues on Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

If you’ve been facing performance related issues, these troubleshooting solutions should help you in that as well. It has been a long time since this smartphone was launched. So it is quite normal to observe such problems. Before you switch over to another smartphone, we would recommend you to follow the solutions that we have mentioned within this guide. These should help you reduce down quick battery drain and overheating problems on the Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone.

But like any other feature, the users of Galaxy S6 also complains about the Battery draining issues and Overheating issue if the phone and for that, we have made a detailed guide given below. Through this guide, we will discuss troubleshooting solutions to fix battery drain and overheating issues on this smartphone. First, we would start with some basic solutions and then move towards some advanced solutions. The advanced solution might wipe your phone’s internal memory as well. Therefore, you should back up your phone before you apply these solutions.

Basically, quick battery drain and overheating issues happen due to some applications. There are chances that the recent application that you’ve installed causing this problem. If you suspect this, we would recommend you uninstall that application to see if that works. There are many applications that keep running the background while consuming both; Internet and battery power. That results in the quick discharge of the battery. You should monitor your phone closely to observe applications and problems that you’re facing. The following solutions should help you in removing these problems.

Solution 1: Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Overheating Issues: Basic Troubleshooting

  1. Check for the unnecessary apps that are installed in your phone and remove them from your phone. Get rid of all the apps that you haven’t used for a while and make sure that you have enough space free.
  2. Now go through your Gallery and delete all the unnecessary pictures and videos to clean the internal space from your device.
  3. Now recheck if at least 1 GB of your internal space is free because on some occasions the OS can make use of the internal storage. To clean more memory Go to Settings >> Apps and delete the apps that you don’t use anymore.
  4. Make sure that you have the latest available software running on your phone. To check for updates Go to Settings >> About Phone >> System Update, and see if it shows any pending update. Download and install the update and don’t worry because updating won’t affect your data loss.

Solution 2: Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Overheating Issues: Clear Cache Partition to fix.

Clearing cache is the most general solution of almost any problem you face on your Smartphone. Similarly, when you face Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Overheating Issues you should erase cache to free more space. Even if you don’t face any issue you should always clear your cache once in a while to keep your phone clean.

The Android OS works systematically and uses different partitions to store different files. For cache data, there’s separate cache partition. Thus, if we get rid of this cache data, that won’t hamper any other file, app or data. Basically, these cache files are accumulated by the applications available on the phone. Each time we open an application, it tends to accumulate some cache files.

These cache files turn into junk over time and become problematic for the Android OS. Therefore, one should frequently clean up our phone and get rid of this cache files. Most importantly, social media applications tend to accumulate most of these files. So, check these applications frequently. This will help you maintain performance and stability on Galaxy S6 smartphone.

Follow the steps below to Clear Cache of your Galaxy S6 / Galaxy S6 edge

  1. Turn off your Galaxy S6 to start the process.
  2. Press and Hold the Volume Up + Home + Power Button until it vibrates to turn it on in the Recovery Mode.
  3. Highlight the Wipe Cache Partition option by navigating Up/down with the Volume Up/Down button and select by pressing the Power button.
  4. Wait For some time so that the cache wipes, the time will depend on how much cache you have stored. Assure that the phone doesn’t restart or turns off while in wiping cache process, and wait for it to be finished.

This will wipe the entire cache files on your phone. While we perform this action, there’s nothing to worry about the data and files stored within the smartphone.

It only clears the cache files associated with the applications, games, and services. This should fix most of the bugs including slow performance, sluggish interface, quick battery discharge, and overheating problems.

Also, it will clear some good amount of internal storage on your phone. Now, if you figure that the above solution doesn’t work on your phone, just try the following one. Performing a factory reset is the most effective thing you can do to your phone.

Solution 3: Fix Galaxy S6 Battery Draining and Overheating Issues: Factory Reset your phone:

If none of the above issues helped you solve your issue then Factory Reset Galaxy S6 to solve the issue. It is also advised to Factory Reset your device every once in a while to clean it from the junk. Factory resetting your phone will make your phone like it was when you got it brand new. Factory reset is also a general solution that solves most of the Software issues you face on your smartphone.

Before you proceed, you must know that this action wipes the entire phone. Everything that is stored within this smartphone is deleted during the factory reset. Therefore, we recommend you to back up your phone before proceed further. For that purpose, you can follow our guide: how to backup Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

Thereafter, you can proceed further perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S6 smartphone to troubleshoot battery drain and overheating issues.

Go to Setting >>  Backup and reset >> Factory data Reset.

Make sure that your phone is backed up before using Factory Resetting it because it will remove all the data and application from your device.

If the issues are resolved then start enjoying your Galaxy S6 in a better state. If battery issue isn’t solved yet then Calibrate your battery by discharging it completely at first. Then charge it fully without using it or turning it on. That should fix most of the problems on your phone.

That ends our tutorial here that explains how to remove quick battery discharge and overheating issues on this smartphone. If the issue isn’t solved yet its time to take your phone to a repair shop and get it fixed through a professional. Or if you’re facing some specific problems on your phone, do let us know through the comment section below. We would love to hear from you.

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