How to clear cache on Honor 8X [Fix app crashes, low performance bugs]

These days, the Android smartphones are more frequent to become overloaded with the cache files and data. The reason behind such conditions is quite understandable, the applications installed on our phone. The cache files are generated by the apps present within the phone and over time, this cache data may affect your phone negatively. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to clear app cache on Honor 8X smartphone for better performance, troubleshoot different problems like app crashes, freezes, unusual reboots, and similar ones.

There two things that you can do; either you can clear cache linked to the applications individually or clear the entire cache data at once. You can perform of these actions applicable that your condition. If you find that issues and problems are linked to certain applications, you can clear the associated cache data. Or else, if that’s not the case and problems occur randomly throughout the phone, you better try to clear all the cache data at once. While it ensures that bugs and issues are fixed, it would also free some good amount of internal storage on your phone.

Basically, the cache files are used to improve the user experience. As we open an application, it fetches some important data/files through the Internet. That happens usually with social media applications and similar ones that use Internet service. These files are temporary in nature. And after a certain time frame, they turn into junk ones. And over time, the cache memory becomes so huge that it affects the overall performance and stability of the phone. The symptoms are quite common that you can observe on your mobile. App crashes, sluggish behavior, freeze, uncertain errors and similar ones.

So, if you’re facing any of these problems, you should clear the cache data on your Honor 8X smartphone. This will improve the performance and fix most of the bugs. The Android OS works systematically that it uses different partitions to store different files. To store cache files and data, it has a separate partition. Thus, while we clear the cache memory on this phone, that won’t hurt any of your files and applications. Clearing cache is completely safe. However, it will wipe the game’s progress and login details associated with applications.

If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, your phone might be facing such problems. Applications like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc, can create heaps of cache files within a week. In our test, we found that Reddit had accumulated about 400MB cache files in just two weeks. And there’s more from the rest of the social media apps. So, we highly recommend you to keep a tab on these applications and frequently clear their cache files. That will help you maintain a sustained performance of this phone. For better performance, must-see our list of →tips and tricks to speed up performance on Honor 8X smartphone. Now, we shall start with our tutorial.

Clear cache on Honor 8X

How to clear app cache on Honor 8X

  1. Open the Settings.
  2. Tap on the Apps -> Apps list.
  3. Now, tap on the App that you want to clear its cache (Facebook, Instagram, etc.,).
  4. Tap on Storage.
  5. Now, tap on Clear Cache.
  6. You can repeat these steps for other applications.

This is almost like resetting the applications to calibrate them. Thereafter, they should run normally and not throw further errors.

That’s how you can clear the cache files associated with the applications individually. This is helpful when you know that only certain applications are causing problems. It helps to fix most of the app-related bugs like app crashes, freezes, and unknown errors.

If still that application behaves abnormally, we would recommend you to uninstall that application and install the latest version from the Google Play store. Or else, you might contact the developer of that application. There might be some problems within that application.

That completes the first part. Through the above steps, you clear the cache files of apps individually. For users who are facing lots of issues on their phone and problems are not linked to certain applications, should try to clear the entire cache files.

Wipe Cache Partition Honor 8X

How to Wipe Cache partition on Honor 8X

This action ensures that each and every bit of the cache memory is wiped thoroughly. This removes all the cache files associated with the applications and games. You should know that it won’t wipe the phone’s settings.

Because Android OS uses different partitions for storage purpose, wipe the cache partition won’t delete any of your data present in your phone. Wiping the cache partition on Honor 8X will free a good amount of internal storage that you can use for different things. And importantly, it will help in calibrating the performance and stability of the phone.

Over time, lots of clutter and expired files gather within the phone’s memory. That eventually affects the normal functioning of the phone. Which creates many bugs and issues resulting in app crashes, slugging nature and similar bugs. In conclusion, users should get rid of this cache data at least once in 2-4 months.

Now, just follow the below steps to wipe the cache partition on Honor 8X smartphone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now boot into the recovery mode using this tutorial.
  3. Now, tap on Wipe Cache partition and perform this action.
  4. Exit the recovery mode.

Now allow your phone to reboot. You might feel that for the first boot up, it is taking some time. There’s nothing to worry. It should bring the home soon.

That’s it. You’ve successfully wiped the cache partition on your phone. That should fix most of the bugs and issues related to normal functioning, and performance.

It ends our tutorial that helps to delete cache on Honor 8X smartphone. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. If you stuck anywhere or facing any issue with this phone, do let us know. We would love to hear from you. Do share this tutorial with your friends and family. And stay connected with us.

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