[Solved] Overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 [2018]

Nowadays, our smartphones are blessed with multiple processing units to ensure that we get blissful experience using the phone. Thus, it is obvious to observe overheating and similar problems. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to fix to overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone through different troubleshooting solutions. This smartphone has been updated in many aspects compared to previous models. It is more powerful and feature-rich device capable of entertaining you throughout the day. That increases chances to notice different bugs and heating problems, though. These solutions should help you fix these problems on your phone.

Out of the box, the Galaxy A7 now runs on the Android 8 Oreo operating system. That ensures that you have the latest features and updated abilities on your phone. Heating problems are quite often to occur. These issues are generally related to hardware, operating system and usually caused by applications. Nowadays, smartphones are loaded with tons of features including fast charging ( this phone doesn’t have this feature yet it charges slightly faster). That usually smartphone to heat while charging process. Therefore, before we troubleshoot Galaxy A7 heating problems, you better figure that actual situation when gets heated.

If you’re able to figure out that, you can easily troubleshoot such problems on your phone. Most of the time, users encounter such issues while playing games, watching movies and charging the phone. If your condition is related to any of these, you better ignore this problem. It is natural to observe heating signs in such conditions. If you find that your Galaxy A7 gets heated unknowingly and unnaturally, then keep reading this tutorial. During this tutorial, we will discuss some basic and advanced troubleshooting solutions to fix the overheating problem on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone.

This guide can be used on all Galaxy A7 models  (new and old) and other Samsung’s smartphones. If you find the same symptoms on any other smartphone, implement these troubleshooting fixes. Most of the time, such problems are temporary and vanished after we reboot or force reboot our phone. So, before you perform any advanced or basic fix, we recommend you to restart/turn ON-OFF the phone. If the problems are temporary, they should get removed after the restart. Or else, you better move to apply the next solution on the phone.

Moreover, if you’re facing any other problem on your phone, then you must visit our troubleshooting common problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 tutorial. And if you don’t find an appropriate solution, you’re most welcome to contact us through comments. Write us with your exact problem that you’re facing and we’ll get to you with a proper solution to that problem. The following troubleshooting solutions should help you fix overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. You just need to follow the exact steps that we mention.

Troubleshoot overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 by force restart/reboot

  1. Press and hold the Power button for 10-15 seconds.
  2. That will restart your phone/soft reset your phone.
  3. As soon as the phone turns ON, thoroughly observe your phone.

That’s the most recommended solution that you should apply. Most of the time, such problems are removed after we reboot our phone. These problems might have been raised due to some clutter or garbage data in Runtime memory.

Thus, restarting the device would give it a fresh start. You observe your phone thoroughly to figure out if the heating problem is still there or not. If you find that overheating problem is still linked to your Galaxy A7, just move further to our recommendation.

You must know that if you go further and apply these solutions, you might have to format your phone as well. Therefore, we recommend you backup your phone. Otherwise, once any of these actions are performed, there’s no way to revert it.

In that regards, you can follow our guide; how to backup Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Use this tutorial to backup stuff including photos, videos, messages, contacts, and documents. Or else, you could use backup applications for this purpose.

Troubleshooting heating problem on Galaxy A7 using the ‘Safe Mode’

The Android OS has many troubleshooting facilities inbuilt and the Safe Mode is among them. This mode disables all the third-party applications, services, and custom configuration. Thus, you can thoroughly observe the phone if any third-party app/services or configuration is causing your phone to heat up.

If you have recently installed some application or made the same changes to system settings, that might have been causing your phone to overheat. Thus, once you get into the Safe Mode, everything becomes to its default. Therefore, you can easily figure out if the phone heats up while you’re in Safe Mode. If it doesn’t, that means, one or more apps or configuration are causing problems on your phone.

In that case, we suggest you disable or uninstall recent applications and revert the recent settings you’ve done to your phone. The following instructions will take your phone into the Safe Mode:

  1. Turn ON your phone or it should be in ON condition.
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button.
  3. That should bring further booting options.
  4. Now, tap and hold the Power OFF icon for a few seconds.
  5. That will bring you the option to boot into the Safe Mode, just tap on it.

Now, you’re in Safe Mode. This is mode look similar to our normal Android UI. However, in this mode, all third-party apps/services and configuration remain unused.

Now, observe your phone thoroughly for an hour, if that doesn’t heat up, that means, one or more apps causing your phone to overheat. Just open the Apps-> Apps list, tap on the recent apps you’ve installed, and uninstall or disable them.

Also, you can revert system configuration that you’ve changed recently. After you do that, you should be able to notice that the overheating problem has been fixed on your Galaxy A7.

If you do observe overheating problems during the Safe Mode, just jump to our next recommendation.

Clear Galaxy A7 cache memory to fix common issues like heating and lags

We often notice that our smartphone becomes slow over the time and bring forth different problems. This usually happens because of the cache memory. Basically, it keeps on growing and over the time it becomes so massive that it hurts the overall performance of the phone and causes different problems. The overheating problem could be caused as well.

Therefore you shouldn’t hesitate cleaning your phone. Clearing the cache memory has many positive outcomes. Most important, it calibrates the performance and removes bugs related to stability and working of the Android OS. Along with that, it removes most of the bugs and issues causing your phone to properly.

Therefore, deleting cache memory should help fix heating problems on your Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. Most importantly, while we clear the cache memory, it won’t hurt any of your files or apps. It only removes the cache files/data preset on your phone.

Here’s how you can clear cache on your phone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the Power Key.
  2. Now, reboot your phone into the Recovery Mode.
  3. Under this menu, tap on “wipe cache partition”.
  4. Perform this action using the Power button.
  5. Exit this mode once the process is completed.

That’s it, you’ve successfully cleared the cached data on your phone. After that, your phone will boot up and take you to the home-screen. Now, everything should work fine and there shouldn’t be any problem like heating and low performance.

Perform a factory reset/hard reset on Galaxy A7 to troubleshoot overheating problems

If you nothing works to fix these problems on your phone, then you must hard reset your phone. It fixes almost all problems linked to apps, configuration, and operating system. Remember, performing a hard reset will wipe your phone completely and it removes all the stuff present within the internal memory of the phone.

Therefore, you better save your important files on other devices. Once performed, we cannot revert this action. You might find troubles while recovering those deleted files. We highly recommend you to backup important apps, contacts, videos, photos, and documents. This action thoroughly clears the device that leaves no space for bugs and issues to persist. You can consider this action as the last thing you could do to your phone to overcome the heating problems on your Galaxy A7 phone.

That will remove all third-party apps and cached data/junk files. That will restore the actual performance and stability of your phone. Again, we will use the recovery mode to perform this action.

The following instructions are set to help you hard reset/factory reset this phone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode.
  3. Under the recovery mode, select “Wipe cache/factory reset” and perform this action.
  4. Exit this mode once this action has been performed.

Now, allow your phone to reboot. For the first time, it could take several minutes to boot up. That’s normal to happen. Then, enter your Google account details to start using your phone.

That’s it, you’ve successfully performed the hard reset action on your phone. That should make everything fine and overheating problems should have vanished.

The wrap-up

That ends our tutorial here on how to fix overheating problems on Samsung Galaxy A7 smartphone. You can implement these solutions to different models of this smartphone. If you figure that problem is still existing, then only one thing left to do. You could re-install the official firmware on your phone. That will restore the native firmware on your phone.

That’s how you can easily fix most of the problems on your phone. We hope that our readers would appreciate our efforts. If you find nothing helpful, do let us know the exact problem you’re facing through the comments. We would glad to help you out further. Do share your experience and thoughts in the below comment section.


  1. Hello,
    I have read the tutorial throughly. But mine problem seems a bit different. My newly bought samsung galaxy A7 phone is overheating at the top back side everytime i make a call for short or longer time and when a data connection is on.
    I tried almost all your recommendations like restarting,clearing cache memory and using a safe mode. But none makes a difference.

    1. IF that’s new, I would suggest you to wait for some time and install available updates on your phone.

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