How to install Android 9.0 Pie on Honor 6X

An Android 9.0 Pie based custom ROMs are rolling out for different devices. Surprisingly, Honor 6X has received this firmware very earlier. We should give a big thanks to developers who bring such stuff on XDA forum. If you’re looking to update your phone, then this ROM would be the ideal one to start. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to update your Honor 6X to Android 9.0 Pie operating system using the Android Open Source Project 9.0 Pie custom ROM. While this firmware brings the latest Android version, it also brings different improvements and opportunities to improve the usefulness of our smartphone.

As per the Google’s prediction about the Android 9.0, this update should bring better performance and battery life. You can expect huge improvements in these two aspects and a few other. Therefore, you can expect better performance and battery life on your Honor 6X afterward installing this custom ROM. Currently, this ROM is in beta stage and there are some minor bugs you could afford. As per the developer’s information, currently, the Hotspot isn’t working. And it has some very minor issues. If you can deal with that, you can update your phone straight away. Otherwise, this ROM works perfectly on this phone and lets you enjoy the goodness of Android 9.0 Pie operating system on Honor 6X.

Having a custom ROM has many benefits. While it ensures that you have the latest Android version on Honor 6X, it allows improving performance and productivity. They extend the customizability and stability. Additionally, users get some advanced features and applications that we generally won’t find on the stock firmware. However, if you choose to flash a stock firmware on your phone, it’s liable to void the warranty of your phone.

This custom ROM has no relation with Huawei or Google any manner. It has been created and provided by third-party developers and putting this ROM is against the terms and condition of the manufacturer.

Install Android 9.0 Pie on Honor 6X

It is like performing a custom operation. You manufacturer would deny servicing this smartphone under warranty terms. In order to restore the warranty, you gotta flash the stock firmware on your phone. In that way, you’ll be able to restore the warranty and comply with other warranty terms. Flashing a custom firmware will restore your phone completely. That process removes all the custom aspects and operations and replaces them with official stock aspects. Since we are performing a custom action, there are chances that could end up messing up things. Your phone’s memory could be corrupted or something like that could happen.

Therefore, we highly recommend you to backup all of your stuff before you get into the real action. Currently, there are many applications that help to backup things offline or you sync your files with online backup services. That will reduce the chances of your losing things. Because we are replacing the stock firmware with a custom ROM, it goes through formatting your phone. Thus, you must back up all the important stuff present on your phone. That will make this process safer for you. If you don’t backup things now, there is no way to recover them once we flash this firmware.

Another thing that you require is custom recovery. In order to be able to flash this custom ROM on, your Honor 6X and update it to Android 9 firmware, you need a TWRP recovery. The recovery menu has many limitations that prevent it from install custom firmware and other third-party applications. Thus, it becomes important to have TWRP recovery installed on phone first. If you’ve not installed a TWRP recovery, then you must install it and then proceed to further. With that recovery menu, it is not possible to flash any custom ROM on this smartphone. Now, read all the prerequisites we mention below before you go any further.


  • This custom ROM has been developed specifically for Honor 6X and doesn’t mean to be applied on any other smartphone. That can harm your phone and make things bitter. You must verify the model number of your phone to confirm this.
  • This process is not associated with the manufacturer or Google in any way, therefore the device’s warranty is going to void. You must think about it and only then proceed further.
  • We highly recommend you to back up all the important stuff before stepping ahead. Once performance, we cannot reverse it. There wouldn’t be any way to recover the lost files. So, must backup all of your important files.
  • To be able to flash this custom ROM on your, you need a TWRP recovery. Without this recovery, you cannot flash this ROM successfully. Thus, you must install the TWRP recovery first and only then proceed further.
  • Charge your phone to a good extent. Anything below 40% is certainly not recommended. Charge your phone so it should stay ON while installing this ROM.

Make sure to read all the prerequisites that we mention above thoroughly and complete them. Now, we can proceed further and update your Honor 6X to latest Android 9 Pie operating system.

How to install Android 9 Pie ROM on Honor 6X

  1. Download the Android 9 Pie based custom ROM for Honor 6X from here ( on your phone. Make sure to download the latest build.
  2. Now, turn OFF your phone.
  3. Get your phone into the recovery mode — Press and hold Volume Up and Power buttons until your phone vibrates. Then release the buttons. Now, you should enter into the recovery mode.
  4. Under the recovery mode, tap on ‘Install’ and load the downloaded the ROM file.
  5. Now, install the package using on-screen instructions.
  6. Once you’ve done with the installation, tap on ‘Wipe’ to perform a hard reset and perform this action.
  7. Now, exit the recovery mode by tapping on the Reboot system now or Reboot button.

Your phone will reboot and bring forth the Android 9 setup screens. Enter your Google account details and customize the available options.

That’s it, you’ve successfully updated your Honor 6X to latest Android 9 Pie firmware using this custom ROM. Now, enjoy the best of the latest Android software and new features on your phone.

That ends our tutorial here and we hope that our readers would take benefits of this ROM and update their phone. Stay connected with us for more useful content and tutorials.

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