10 Most Essential Apps For Huawei P30 Lite

Do you have a Huawei P30 Lite and want more apps to install on it? The mobile itself is quite bare and you may want to install some useful apps. We have created a top 10 list for you. EMUI, despite being a large layer of software, there are apps that it has not been able to replace internally and in this selection, we have these best and must-have apps for Huawei P30 Lite.

Since this smartphone is blessed with a fascinating hardware and software configuration, the user experience is pretty good. Just like the other OEMs, Huawei packs their most smartphones with basic applications, so users can use their smartphones right from the very first moment. But to ensure that you have the essential ones, you may need to look out for them.

Therefore, we have this list, there are applications that you could know, and others surely not so much but they will come in handy. For P30 Lite users, we have hand-picked some essential apps to carry out daily tasks and communications. So, here we go with our list.

10 best apps for Huawei P30 Lite

1. WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the king of messaging, there is no app that is as essential on your mobile as this one. Although there are many alternatives if you want to communicate with your friends, family, work colleagues, etc. you would need to use an app like WhatsApp. Not only does it allow you to have the largest number of users to communicate, but you can also make totally free calls and even video calls from it.

The application is the most used and in addition to that, the development laboratories are constantly working on it to continue improving it. Very soon the dark mode will also come to this app and will allow you to save battery if you have an OLED screen.

Must see:

2. Radiogram

Radiogram is a useful app for all users. Most mobiles today do not have FM radio and even if they do, an app that allows you to listen to any station in the world will always be very well received.

With Radiogram you can listen to all the stations in the world totally free and without any type of advertising. We love this application because it is not the typical app loaded with ads but it offers you everything totally free and with a very powerful operation. If you want a quality music player, Radiogram will love you.

3. Twitter

Next on the list is another classic that you might not quite understand. We explain why you should have Twitter. Currently, this is, without a doubt, the best application to find out everything that happens in the world in real-time.

It is becoming more and more powerful and with a large amount of misinformation and fake news that there is, it is worth taking an app like Twitter and monitoring what is happening with a person, place, or thing.

On Twitter, there is high-quality information that comes out all the time instantly. What’s more, you won’t have to follow thousands of people or make friends, on Twitter, everything is public except for private profiles (but those people on Twitter must die). If you want, you can also take the opportunity to follow us on TuExperto’s Twitter.

4. Waze

Next on the list is not Google Maps, the most used GPS, but Waze. Waze is an application that allows you, like Maps, to go from one place to another in any type of vehicle or means of transport without any problem. The best thing about Waze is that it has thousands of alerts in real-time about problems on the route (speed cameras, controls, etc.).

It is an app that many people do not take into account when traveling, but when they try it they realize how well it works and how complete it is. Waze is undoubtedly one of those apps that have long remained in the shadows but with millions of users.

The purchase by Google and the large number of features that Google Maps is inheriting from it mean that Waze is used less and less but today it is still more powerful than Google Maps, no matter how much Google insists on making it disappear.

5. Telegram

And if WhatsApp was mandatory to communicate with your friends, Telegram is mandatory to follow all the bargain channels on the Internet, rumor channels, news channels, etc.

Telegram is also an alternative to WhatsApp to communicate with many people but usually, not everyone is on Telegram. Of course, despite all the above, it is worth registering and opening an account to follow the millions of channels that there are, traffic groups, etc. Telegram is, without a doubt, the king of offers and if you want to save a fortune, you better understand how it works.

6. Snapseed

In case you want to edit your photos, professionally and with high-quality filters, Snapseed is one of those apps that should not be missing from your phone. The EMUI editor is pretty bad in terms of options and with this app, you can leave your photos like a professional without hardly any knowledge. You like the idea, don’t you?

7. Google Play Games

Those who like to play will have to download the Google Play Games application. By itself, the application does not allow us to do too many things but it is one of the key bridges in Android to have the games of our games saved in the Google account. That is why you must install it, even to recover games that you already have saved on other mobiles.

8. Clash royale

And to take advantage of the above, what better than one of those games that never goes out of style and which both adults and children can play.

Clash Royale is still Supercell’s golden goose and despite having been in the market for so long, it is still one of the best options to play with our friends or with other people through their battles in the arena. It’s the game that will never go out of style (or at least it doesn’t seem like it).

9. Tik Tok

If your thing is to see memes, videos, and all kinds of bullshit, Tik Tok is the ideal social network for it. The insides of this platform are brutal and if you choose to take a walk on it you will see that there are people of all kinds in this world.

Tik Tok is something different from anything known so far, which is why even Instagram is copying it with its latest features.

10. Dropbox

And last but not least, we would like to recommend Dropbox. It is one of the best services to save files in the cloud, free with a limited capacity and in a comfortable way (easy to synchronize with other platforms). You can also use Google Drive or another alternative, but Dropbox is the most comfortable of all and one of the most powerful.

Do you think these apps will be enough? If you have any to recommend you can also do it through the comments.

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