10 Best Apps For Samsung Galaxy S20 FE

The Galaxy S20 FE is the newest member of the Samsung family. A mobile that seeks to break through with some of the features of the S20 but at a more affordable price. In this round-up, we gather the best apps for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE to use this smartphone more effectively and get more productivity and fun out of it.

If you already have its insights, it will seem like an eternity to wait until October 2, when it will be available. But you can save time by taking a look at this selection of apps that will become essential on your new Samsung Galaxy S20 FE.

List of best apps for Samsung Galaxy S20 FE


The Samsung Galaxy S20 Fe has a 6.5-inch screen. A considerable size can make it difficult to operate with one hand. And while Samsung has the option to adjust the screen size, it’s not always comfortable.

So you can try the dynamics that One Hand Operation + proposes. The idea is to bring the functions of the mobile that you consider relevant to one of the sides of the mobile. Yes, so you can interact using just your thumb.

To apply this dynamic, you just have to create the settings that are comfortable for you, taking into account the size of your hand or the options you use frequently on your mobile.

Download One Hand Operation + from here.

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Do you want to send pretty images to your friends on WhatsApp? Or create original images for your Instagram stories? Then you can’t do without Canva, an image editor with professional templates that cover almost any content on the web.

So if you don’t know how to combine colors or add cool letters to conquer with your images on social media, don’t worry, Canva has designs ready to go. And of course, you can customize them to give you your special touch or adapt it to your audience.

Download Canva here.


The mobile phone has become a work tool. There are always documents to review from your mobile, files to open from email, or academic projects to finish at the last minute. And a tool that can streamline performing all these tasks from your mobile is Microsoft Office.

In a single app, you will have the basic functions of Word, Excel, and PowerPoint to start any project or draft until you get to the computer.

In addition, it has a range of quick actions to convert almost any content into PDF, extract text from images, add digital signatures, among other options.

Download Microsoft Office here.

4. Files by Google

While the Galaxy S20 FE offers base storage of 128GB, these can be used up quickly if you fill your device with multimedia content, or forget to delete those huge files that you no longer use.

To solve this problem, Files by Google has different functions to help you manage files and delete unnecessary content from both internal storage and SD card. To do this, it will suggest some actions you can take to free up space.

On the other hand, it also has some extra functions, for example, it has a PDF reader and can play multimedia content with some interesting options.

Download Files by Google here.


If you want to enhance the photographs you take with your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE, you cannot miss Snapseed.

It has a series of filters and tools to edit, correct, and add effects to your photos. So you have from the basic options (such as crop, rotate, white balances) to editing tools that allow you to change the perspective, apply HDR, double exposure or correct imperfections in the skin.

Depending on the time you invest, you can create true works of art from your photographs, or simply get the best version of them.

Download Snapseed here.

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Looking for an app to track data related to your health? There are many applications that allow us to keep track of our physical activity and health. And one of the most simple and complete that you will find in Samsung Health.

It has a simple interface, but it has everything you need to record details such as blood glucose, blood pressure, water consumption, among other data. And it also allows us to keep a record of our sleeping or eating habits.

And if you’re planning to start a workout, you can use the step counter or use some of the app’s features to record any type of physical activity.

Download Samsung Health here.


If you are looking for a multipurpose app that will get you out of trouble more than once, you cannot forget Google Lens.

This Google app uses your mobile camera to perform a series of actions. For example,

It can give you information about a book: synopsis, reviews, where to buy it online, etc.

Information about animals and plants: just by pointing the camera, Lens will show you what class or race they belong to, as well as related information

Search for products online: if you see an item that interests you, you can point it with the camera and wait for Lens to show you all the businesses that offer that product

Translate text from any sign, physical book, etc.

Those are some of the many functions that Lens can offer you on your Samsung Galaxy, and that you can customize according to your needs.

Download Google Lens here.


Do you want to customize every detail of the sound? You can do it with a few simple clicks using the SoundAssistant app.

This app, which is divided into different sections, allows you to change the volume of each app independently. So you can adjust, for example, the sound of your music apps.

Another possibility that SoundAssistant offers is that you can play multimedia sound from any app to another device. Or you can create different scenarios, adjusting different aspects of the sound to automatically activate them at certain times or times.

Download Sound Assistant from here.


Do you want your data plan not to become a headache? So don’t forget to install an app like My Data Manager.

Not only will you be able to set limits and keep track of how much data you consumed during the day, but you will also be able to see how your data plan is being spent. The application shows a breakdown showing the consumption of each app you used, divided into data, roaming, and WiFi.

And to avoid accidents or oversights, the app allows you to set alarms that are activated, for example, when you reach the limit of your plan when you reach 90%, etc. And of course, you will have a consumption history to consult at any time.

Download My Data Manager from here.


Do you have any series for this weekend? If you don’t know what to watch or what’s new on streaming platforms, you can take a look at the catalog offered by JustWatch.

It has listed more than 20,000 movies and series from 14 streaming providers available in most countries. So you will not only find new content to watch, but you will also have all the information to know where to watch the premieres that interest you or those series that you still have pending.

You can search by the streaming platform, premieres, offers, genre, price, among other available filters and categories.

Download JustWatch from here.

That’s where our list ends. There are even more useful applications that you can install on your phone and get most out of your Samsung Galaxy S20 FE smartphone. Share your thoughts and comments below.

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