Navigating your way through Creative City Fujairah Business Setup

Initiating Creative City Fujairah business setup may appear an intimidating endeavor, given the multitude of steps involved. Depending on your company’s licensing requirements, the procedure can differ substantially, becoming overwhelming. Fortunately, this seemingly daunting task can be eased by engaging the support of Business Setup Consultants from ITA Business Consultants Their expertise eases your path towards your entrepreneurial adventure in the UAE.

Document Clearance: The Essential Paperwork

The second phase of your business establishment involves the vital task of document preparation. The list of necessary papers includes a filled license application form, colorful passport copies of the owners and the person responsible (showing residence page or UAE entry stamp), information about the Business Activity, and other paperwork upon request.

Early Approvals/Invoicing: A Foot in the Door

Post the document assessment and approval of the company name, you will receive an initial approval in your email along with an invoice. Certain nationalities may have to apply for a license pre-approval before setting up the business. In such a scenario, ITA Business Consultants will surely keep you on track.

License Formalities: Paying the Fees and Issuance

Upon payment of the license fees, the next phase involves the issuance of the business license, which usually requires a few days.

Receiving Original Documents

Following the licensing, you can collect the original documents, which include the Trade License, Certificate of Incorporation, Shares Certificate, Articles of Incorporation/MOA, and Office Lease Agreement. Remember, copies of the MOA would need signing in front of an officer and then transferred to the Creative City office.

Establishing a Bank Existence: Company Bank Account

With all the essential documents in place, you could open a company bank account as per your convenience. Collaborations with numerous UAE-located local and international banks facilitate ITA Business Consultants in assisting you tremendously in this endeavor.

Initiating Employment Formalities: Establishment Card and Visa

Upon receipt of the establishment card for your company, (which may take several days or perhaps slightly more than a week), company-sponsored visas can be applied for.

What Makes Fujairah Creative City Special?

Launched in 2007, Fujairah Creative City Free Zone enlists itself among UAE’s media hubs alongside the likes of Dubai Media City and twofour54. The Free Zone harbors an entrepreneurial environment specializing in a wide array of fields, including media, music, event organizing, marketing, and communication.

A Hub of Opportunities for Media Companies

Housed within the 40,000 sq.meters of land area, the Creative City’s infrastructure caters to freelancers as well as organizations. Whether you are eyeing expansion from a different country or a startup, this space nurtures the latent creativity in you.

Benefits of Fujairah Creative City

Like the perks offered by other free zones in UAE, Creative city too highlights numerous advantages like swift issuance of trade licenses, absence of restriction on office space, low startup cost, complete foreign ownership, no necessity of paid-up share capital or annual audit, tax-free economy of UAE, complete profit repatriation, prestige of a Dubai address, assistance in opening bank accounts, and privileged allocation of five UAE residency visas.

ITA Business Consultants is glad to guide you, with their team of qualified and seasoned business setup consultants to expedite your venture into Fujairah Creative City. Their extensive years of experience and timely updates from the government keep them ahead in the service. 

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