5 Best Android Cloud Storage Apps [Free] in 2019

Android and Cloud are not only two words but today’s whole market is depended over these two words, its increasing day by day with a rapid growth rate. Today everyone is familiar with these two words as every person has a Smartphone with Android Smartphones and there is also a new trend of cloud for data storage. These two areas are the future of our new generation with a lot of hopes in that. In this list, we have gathered some of the best cloud storage apps that you use right away.

Cloud storage apps with Android Smartphones are the best combination of two vast technologies. There are a lot of Android apps coming out every day. Android Cloud storage apps are one of them. Cloud storage apps are used for online storage data where it remains safe and shared among our groups.

There are a lot of cloud storage apps available on the web, some of the Best Free Android Cloud Storage Apps, I listed here according to their popularity-

1. Google Drive

Google Drive

Google drive is a Google Inc. product which is one of the leading incorporation among the leading companies around the world. It’s a combination of cloud storage and productivity platform. It’s one of the successful and popular cloud storage app among all as there are having a lot of features in it like editing your spreadsheets instead of just viewing them make it distinct from others. You can share your offline stuff, View your pdf’s, office documents and much more.

There is one tremendous feature in it i.e. you can print your worksheet from Google drive with the help of Google cloud print technology. It makes it a user friendly app to the business class persons, as anything we want from a tablet or laptop is inside our smartphone. It gives a total of 15 GB free data storage for online storage.


  • Print Files from your Google drive using Google cloud print.
  • Totally MS-Office work provided to it for managing your docs to creating them.
  • Scan all docs for safety issues and then just find content from them with easy searching.
  • View your files offline when you have no internet connection.

2. DropBox


A Dropbox is one of the well-known apps in the cloud storage area with its ease of working. It provides a user a total of 2 GB of free data storage which can be furthermore extended up to 48 GB and you also get a 250 MB bonus on every user referral link with a sign-up.

You can share your pics with your contacts, it continues to update your image collection on the startup. The User can attach email directly through their drop box account. Rating of this app is 4.6 out of 5 which really means a lot and tells the story of its success.


  • With the newer version login and sign up process is improved.
  • Share photo albums with your family and friends.

3. Microsoft OneDrive

Microsoft OneDrive

The Microsoft OneDrive is one of the cloud storage app that comes into the market, but within a few months it gains a foothold in the storage apps. It is also called personal cloud. It gives a total 5 GB of free storage data with the maximum security. If the user has a Linux operating system then it will surely get that how it works with transfer of files.

It works smoother with iOS, Android, Ubuntu and windows. The safety feature is very effective as compare to other storage apps.


  • Auto upload of photos from your device.
  • Easy Facebook, Twitter, and Google share links.

4. G Cloud Backup

G Cloud Backup

G cloud is newer in the market, but because of its features and services it gains the healthiest rating among all apps with 4.7, it provides an easy way of backup solutions. Although it comes with a total of 1 GB free storage you can earn up to 8 GB free data. It provides you of the backup of your contacts and sms’s really amazing. You can select the data to be backed up and then it will update it according to the schedule.

It will automatically start backing up your device when it connects to a Wi-Fi and your device having a healthy battery situation.


  • SD card backup.
  • SMS, call logs, contacts backup.
  • Backup every version of file.

5. Mega Cloud

MEGA could app

Mega cloud is a storage app which gives you the facilities of backup, storage, sharing, and sync. That means it works like an all-rounder. With this, you can manage your pics, videos, and docs on the go. You can easily share it with your friends.

It’s currently in version 1.4.1 with a furthermore user friendly performance. There is a grid view for photos in the newer version. You will get 3 GB of free data storage in it.


  • Add Facebook friends with one click.
  • Review your deleted files and folders.
  • Sync across different devices.


There are a list of storage apps which are providing facilities with great user experience, some of them are providing you multiple purpose work in a single theme. It’s very difficult for recommending a single app but from my point of view and user experiences I found that Drop Box is one of the best suitable app among all of these .Its simplicity attracting users towards it.

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