Dedicated Server: What It is, What Are the Advantages and What to Consider When Choosing One

The dedicated server is totally exclusive for the client and can be used by small, medium and large companies, or even by Web developers. Its greatest benefit is to guarantee freedom for installing applications, greater flexibility, security, stability, and autonomy for the user. There’s a useful guide by servers.com on dedicated servers that is worth a read if you’re considering one. Internal problems on the dedicated server are transformed into great solutions!

The dedicated server is certainly the best option for those who want to guarantee maximum performance for the website and, of course, to have total control of their hosting environment.

Before we talk about the concept of a dedicated server, it is important to understand what a server is. Well, in a nutshell, it is a computer with a centralized computing system, or software that provides services to a computer network, known as a client.

Well, now that we have explained to you what a hosting server is, we can talk about the dedicated server.

Well, it is a model that can be for systems (such as Business Intelligence or ERP ) as well as for websites, where the company ensures a totally exclusive server in the data center.

This means that the total customization of needs is guaranteed, from storage space to the size of RAM memory and processing speed.

Do you know what is the main difference between shared and dedicated server? While in the first, the hosting is exclusive to the client, in the second, the hosting is divided among several contractors, which, certainly, can impact the server’s performance, limiting access to the websites at certain times or the functioning of the systems.

How does a dedicated server work?

In practice, a dedicated server works as if it were a company’s own data center. After all, it allows you to configure the service the way you want, according to your needs.

As the name makes clear, this type of server is dedicated to the contracting organization, which means that space is not shared with other companies, undeniably guaranteeing a much better performance.

What are the advantages of a complete infrastructure?

There are many advantages to hiring a dedicated server. We will explain to you some of them!


The dedicated server favors the performance of applications and websites. As it is a totally exclusive solution, traffic tends to be much less when compared to the shared environment, for example. This undoubtedly contributes to navigation, in addition to reducing loading time.

Thus, the dedicated server is able to significantly reduce the slowdown of sites and systems, contributing to the reliability of visitors and users.


With this solution, there is total control over the hosting environment and total freedom to install scripts, modules, and plugins that you find necessary, which is not the case with shared hosting, since they do not allow so much flexibility to users.

The dedicated server also contributes to the scalability of projects that have very rapid growth or spikes in access.


Another benefit of this server is the autonomy it allows the IT (Information Technology) team or the developer, whether for access control or for database management. With it, it is possible to have access to the command line as root.


Stability is another relevant factor of the dedicated server, which tends to be superior because it is exclusive.

Dedicated servers are often found in top-tier data centers, with the best network and hardware resources. Therefore, the infrastructure guarantees more conditions of performance and stability to customers.


The security concern is much less for those who choose a dedicated server, especially because of the limited access that can be customized as needed. Not to mention that it is possible to block IPs, among other security measures.

The dedicated server is recommended for?

Well, we can say that this is a server recommended for people who count countless hits on their blog, e-commerce or website.

For you to understand better, we can mention large organizations that need an online system in order to keep all processes interconnected. Other examples are companies that operate in the business intelligence field, digital influencers and bloggers who receive very high traffic on their blogs and websites.

What to consider when choosing a dedicated server?

How to choose a dedicated server? Well, we are talking about a much more advanced service, so the choice is much more complex than that of shared hosting or VPS, for example.

There are more aspects and characteristics that must be observed. The initial step is to understand which type of dedicated server is of most interest to you.

Managed dedicated server or unmanaged dedicated server

As a VPS, the dedicated server is offered in more than one way in order to satisfy the needs and tastes of different types of users. See the characteristics of both:

Managed dedicated server: it is also offered as dedicated hosting. It is a way of offering dedicated resources without leaving aside the practicality of management, performed by the hosting provider;

Unmanaged dedicated server: you are responsible for all server management from access via the command-line interface (Linux) and the desktop (Windows).

More experienced users tend to opt for the unmanaged dedicated server, however, this alternative will require well-developed technical knowledge to administer the server.

On the other hand, those who want practicality end up choosing a dedicated managed server, to worry less about activities related to server administration.

Datacenter specifications

The data center is the environment where the dedicated server will be installed and stored. The hosting company has full responsibility for the infrastructure and must ensure proper functioning.

Hardware and software resources

Both the software and the hardware of the dedicated server need to be checked very carefully and attentively, to meet the needs of the application.

Thus, it is necessary to know each piece of equipment well, understand its function and what exactly it affects both the usability of the server and the performance of the website.

Network resources

There is no point in hiring a dedicated server if it becomes unavailable or has a weak connection. Without internet and network resources to keep the server accessible throughout the day, the entire function of the software and hardware is wasted.

Therefore, it is essential to analyze whether the internet and network specifications of the server meet the real needs of the application to be hosted.

Understand your needs

Before hiring a dedicated server, it is important to know what you expect from the service. To do so, you must analyze your needs and understand the expectations of using the server.

Service and support 

Many think that service and support are not relevant factors for the dedicated server user, which is a big illusion. The companies that offer the dedicated server have been working with clients, companies that invest a lot to have quality service, and of course, in real-time.

Don’t just choose the price

Something you cannot do is choose a dedicated server based only on the price of the service offered. It is important, but it is necessary to analyze the factors we have pointed out here to make the best choice. Nowadays, their plenty of pay models that you can choose. If you want to buy hours usage, you can select an hourly dedicated server for your business.

As you noticed, when we talk about a dedicated server, there are many variables, and for that reason, you have a responsibility to analyze well and choose a server that meets all your needs.

Remember that there is a dedicated server of various prices, in different data centers, with different resources and which are aimed at users of different types as well. So, make sure that the service is really meant for your type of business before you hire a server!

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