5 Best Free VPN Apps for Samsung Galaxy S20

We gather some of the best VPN apps for Samsung Galaxy S20 users, to access blocked content like YouTube Videos, websites, and other content.

While Internet brings things closer to us, but sometimes, we just couldn’t get it some websites or content, just because of some country/region restrictions. These generally set by webmasters, website owners, content users, and sometimes by the govt. of state or country. And the simple solution to access these blocked sites or content is VPN. Thus, we gather some of the best VPN apps for Samsung Galaxy S20 users, so you access to blocked content like YouTube Videos, websites, and other content in your region.

Basically, The full name of the VPN is a virtual private network. This service is used for the work when you browse in your phone without any VPN service, which is the IP address it belongs to your country. When you visit service or a website, they come to know that this person is browsing from this country and whatever we give the content, we will give it according to our own accord. The Pirate Bay is one such proxy platform where there are plenty of options to choose from.

Sometimes, some services are only launched in the United States or the United Kingdom. So, the services which have not been launched in your country yet and you still want to use that service, then it is very important for you to have a VPN service on your phone. With this help best free VPN, you can use the IP address of that country in which all those services are launched and access the content on your Samsung Galaxy S20 smartphone.

5 Best Free VPN Apps for Samsung Galaxy S20

Betternet VPN app
Betternet VPN App


In the list of best free VPN apps, Betternet is standing for 1st. This app is available in both free and premium. Its free version is completely free. You will get a few advertisements in it, which is done in the free version for developers and server support. And this is the way you get the service of VPN in the free version. You can not select a particular country in the free version.

This app allocates the best server for you. In this, you get the United States or the United Kingdom server. But sometimes it gives you a server of another country too. So if you want the best server in the free version, then you have to disconnect this app and connect it again. After that again it will provide you the best server for you.

So this is the best case for you. And if you want to connect always any dedicated server then you can also use its premium version on your Galaxy S20 smartphone.

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This is also a free service. In this, you get 3 GB data every month. If you think that your work will be up to 3 GB or inside it, this can be the best option for that. You can also select your preferred server like the United States or the United Kingdom or Canada.

Finch VPN’s interface is very simple and it does not get the same amount of advertisement. Whatever your data usage will have in it, you only have to keep it down to 3 GB. So this app is also considered a very good on the list of best free VPN.



This app provides free and unlimited data to you. Now since SpeedVPN provides free and unlimited data, it is a good thing for you. In this, you get the option of the server that you want to connect to the server. In this, you are not given any limitations of data. But in this, you will find a lack of one thing and that is its speed. Speed is just fine, but not as good as the other apps you get.

Suppose if your home wifi plan is 10 Mbps then you can get the speed of only 2 or 3 Mbps. In this, you will find some advertisements on this. But I have told you earlier that such advertisements are necessary for the developer and the server for maintenance or support.



If you want to surf blocked content on your Samsung Galaxy S20 for free, then TunnerBear VPN is good choice.. This service was previously only available to computers. But now they have also launched their Android version. In this, you get 500 MB every month on any account. And if you tweet about this app, then you also get 1 GB extra. And in this way, you can use the data of a minimum of 1.5 GB every month from this app.

Now when it comes to security, privacy, and Ads-free service, it can’t be beaten by any app. This app is quite famous in terms of its privacy and security. Whenever you browse with this app, you will not get the lack of speed in comparison to another app.

Another important thing is that those who have their premium plans come only for Android and they are also cheap. So if you need more than 1.5 GB of data then you can also use their premium plan.

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Hotspot Sheild is the last but not least in the list of free VPN apps. The special thing about this app is that when you are using the VPN service, only that time the VPN service runs in your phone and when you don’t browse, then that time it stops the use of the VPN service. While in the other app when you don’t browse anything, this service is also running in your phone’s background.

But this does not happen in this app. At that time this app also closes its services in your background. As if you are just using Spotify, you will get a VPN service until you use this app. But when you stop using this app, it also closes to give up the VPN service.

The advantage of this is that there is no shortage of speed in it and by the time you use the VPN, its speed remains good. So this feature will be given in this app. In an advertisement, here you will also see some advertisements.


So these are the most popular free VPN apps that you can install on your Samsung Galaxy S20 and other smartphones. I want to also tell you something that if you want to use VPN services for the only short duration then use only free apps. But if you want More securities and privacy during using of VPN then that time, you should use a premium app.

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