How to Backup Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on PC [+Restore]

From many perspectives, the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is way better than the previous launch. And this Korean company is expecting this phone to break the past sales records. If you’re one to purchase this all-powerful device, then you should keep this guide with you. In this tutorial, we will help you to backup and restore the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on your laptop or desktop. Certainly, creating backups is important and somewhat essential for us. For that purpose, Samsung’s smartphones come with an inbuilt application, namely known as Smart Switch. This app serves its purpose very well and amazingly reduces the efforts.

If you’re planning to perform some custom operations, you must save your important data. That process becomes mandatory for users. While we perform a custom operation, it can happen that we end up messing things around. And there are chances to lose the precious data. Thus, you must learn this way to backup stuff on your Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. For Samsung users, this process is much easier. Thanks to their native application, it easier to sync files across different devices. Especially, their PC client program is dedicated to making things even easier. We are not talking about Samsung Kies. We have something better.

With just a few taps, you can backup your stuff. That includes contacts, photos, videos, messages, documents and so on. You need a few things to proceed ahead. Just your laptop/desktop (Windows/Mac), a USB cable and of course your handset. Creating backup to external devices like a computer is much safer and feasible. That way you can keep your precious photos, videos, and conversations safe. Also, you can free up some space on your phone while keeping things safe on your computer. We will use the Samsung Switch application to create a backup and learn the restore process.

Mostly, all Samsung’s smartphones are bloated well with applications. One of them is Smart Switch application. This company has developed this application intentionally to make easier to switch from one handset to another. If you were using iPhone previously, no issues you can move to this Galaxy Note 9 and sync all of your files it no time. That makes this application really useful. If you’re curious to find more such applications for this smartphone, then you must see our collection of best apps for Galaxy Note 9 smartphone. Definitely, you’re going to like this list. We have gathered only those apps that improve the productivity and usefulness of an Android phone.

Samsung Smart Switch

The best alternative to the Samsung Kies. While this application syncs data across different devices, the users can update their firmware as well. It is no different than a PC suit (but not the same). Unlike the Samsung Kies and other PC suits, this application has a very simple interface with limited options.

So, it won’t take much time of yours. If you’re using it for the first time, you can understand and use it easily. From the launch date, Samsung has updated this application very well. Now it has multiple functionalities. While it helps you backup stuff on local devices, it also supports the cloud services. You back up your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 using this native app over the cloud storage services.

The restore process is much easier too. The user just needs to locate the backup and leave the rest of this application. So, there is no need to bother with any other application while using the Smart Switch application. By following this tutorial, you would be able to back up your phone’s data on your PC, laptop or desktop. And restore that backup anytime you want.


We don’t need to prepare a lot to back up stuff on your phone. We require some basic things to use this application. So, you must read the below prerequisites and prepare them accordingly.

  • Either you need a Windows or Mac powered laptop/desktop. This PC version is available for Windows and Mac operating systems. One of these should be at your disposal.
  • In order to connect your phone, you must have the original USB cable. We will use this cable to connect your computer.
  • Additionally, you must install the USB Drivers of your phone on your computer. Otherwise, it might possible that your computer won’t detect it. You can download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here and install them on your computer.

That’s all you need to use this backup application. You must read all the prerequisites thoroughly and make sure to follow them.

Now, you’re ready to go further and back up your phone.

How to backup Samsung Galaxy Note 9

Of course, the Smart Switch application is much mightier than many other applications developed by Samsung. It got a simple and intuitive user interface. With the limited options, you can customize some basics of backup process.

You can set the preference for the backup files. Means, either you backup all the present stuff or back up selectively. It has enough options to manage the backup and restore process. If you’ve already installed the Samsung Kies software, then there is no need to install the USB Drives.

Those should have installed already on your phone. Now, let’s get into the real action. The following steps provide guidance to use the Smart Switch app and backup the Galaxy Note 9 smartphone:

Step 1 — Firstly, download and install the Smart Switch application on your computer. You can download the client application from the official page →here.

Install this application like any other package on your computer.

Step 2 — Open the Smart Switch application on your computer. Now, connect your phone to your computer using the USB cable.

The Smart Switch application will connect to your phone.

Smart Switch Backup App for Galaxy Note 9

This program will display the model number of your phone.

If it doesn’t recognize your phone, try re-installing the USB Drivers of your phone and re-connect it.

Now, you can proceed further and start the backup process.

Step 3 — Before you rushed to tap on the Backup button, you should customize it based on your requirements.

This backup application serves a preferences option to customize and configure the backup process.

Customize backup on Samsung Galaxy Note 9

There you can select the types of files you’d like to back up. Once you make your selection, move further to the next step.

Step 4 — Once you’re finished with the customizing the backup, now proceed further to start the process. Just tap on the Backup button present the screen.

Smart Switch Backup App for Galaxy Note 9

Once you tap on the button, just follow the on-screen instructions.

This application takes several minutes to create a backup of your phone. It entirely depends up the size of the content you’re having on your phone.

Just let it saves your phone. Once the backup process is completed, this application will let you know.

Remember to choose an appropriate location to keep the backup file. That’s it, you’ve successfully created a backup of your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 phone. Now you’re free to do custom operations like:

Next, we’ll discuss the Restore process.

How to restore Samsung Galaxy Note 9

The restore process is much similar. Just you need to tap on the Restore button (instead of Backup) and select the backup file. And leave rest to this application.

Just follow the below steps to restore the backup:

  1. Open the Smart Switch app on your computer.
  2. Now, connect the phone using the USB Cable.
  3. Next, tap on the Restore button preset on this tool.
  4. Then, load the backup file and follow the online instructions.
  5. It will take several minutes to complete.
  6. Once the process is completed, take off your phone.

The restore process is now completed. That’s how you can easily restore the backups on your phone.

That ends our tutorial here. We hope that our readers will find this tutorial helpful. Share your thoughts and views about this tutorial in the comment section. We’d love to improve our tutorial and make it more user-friendly.

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