Video Combiner Joins Video Clips Easily without Losing Quality

Sometimes you may need to deal with video clips like recording notes, or some funny things. You may have to join two or more of your videos sometimes. Video Combiner is an easy-to-use freeware tool based on Windows and it joins video clips in a variety of formats to one single file with a few screen sizes and resolutions from which to choose.

Video Combiner Joins Video Clips Easily without Losing Quality

This handy video joining utility supports all video formats from phones and more smart devices like Apple and Android Phone, iPad, and Android Tablet. And Video Combiner also supports most of the major video formats people often use like MOV, MP4, FLV, AVI, 3GP, MPG, WMV, VOB and so on. This tool can mix-merge video files in more than one media format at once, so that means people can easily merge MP4, MOV with more files in other formats to one single video file.

We have tested Video Combiner on Windows 10 i7 running with 4-cores, and it works great on combining added videos. One video is 249 MB in MOV format, and the other one is 121 MB in MP4. The program took about 8 minutes and finished the task well with default settings. The CPU usage is less than 95% during the joining process.

The combined video file’s resolution matched the original aspect ratio. We have tested the program again after the first test, with the option “Full CPU Acceleration (for 64-bit)” checked. The combining time was reduced to 7.5 minutes and the CPU usage was up around 98% – 100%.

How to Use Video Combiner

After setting up the Video Combiner via the installer EXE file or download and unzip the portable version, simply click the Video Combiner icon to start the program, then you will see the large blue image covered the program. It allows you to drag and drop your video clips onto the window, or click on the blue splash picture to open the file dialog to choose your video files.

Now drag and drop video files you want to join onto the program, then use the green “Up” button and the “Down” button to change the video files’ order, modify the output options and you are ready to merge all video files into one single video.

Once you added video files you want to merge into the file list, they will be all listed with their full formats and locations. There are a few tool buttons allows you to quickly access to “Add Files”, “Delete Selected Videos” and “Clear the Whole List”. Up and down buttons allows you to reorder the video files in the file list, and the Help button will open the browser to visit the homepage.

To join video files, click on the output format drop list at the left of setting area to choose the output format (MP4, MOV, TS, RM, VOB, AVI, MPG, MKV), the output file bitrate, and the screen size resolution – you can check the ‘Scale Videos’ option if you want all of your video clips in output video to be full screen.

If you use a 64-bit CPU with 64-bit Windows, you can check the Full CPU Acceleration option to enable the high-speed acceleration to reduce the joining time.

Next, click the small “Browse” button to select the output path for the output combined video and click the ‘Combine Videos Now’ button to start the video merging. Video Combiner loads every video file you added to get the screen size and then start combining instantly.

The progress bar displays the joining progress for you. You will find the combined video located in the folder you have set after a few minutes.

Video Combiner Highlights and Features

  • Bulk Merging of multiple videos to a single video
  • Join videos of multiple formats
  • Join videos of different resolutions and screen sizes
  • Remain original video quality
  • Scaling video aspect ratio
  • Bit rate customization
  • Compatible with video formats from Android and Apple devices
  • Batch Combine Videos
  • Portable ZIP version available
  • Multi-language

That’s everything about this video editing tool. Overall, this tool is pretty handy to perform certain tasks related to video editing for both; personal and professional purposes. We hope that our readers would find this tool helpful, if you do or not, let us know by dropping your comments below.

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