10 Most Common Samsung Galaxy M20 Problems & Fixes

Samsung started this year with the launch of the Samsung Galaxy M20 and M10 and so far, they have managed to grab a huge share in the pocket-friendly smartphone market. While these two smartphones run on the Android 8.0 operating system with some good hardware specification, still you might issue bothering you. In this tutorial, we’ll help you fix some most common problems and issues that could happen to Samsung Galaxy M20.

We’ll help you troubleshoot problems through different solutions. You can consider this guide as a troubleshooting manual for this smartphone. If you don’t find an appropriate solution to the problems that you’re facing on your phone, ensure to leave a comment. While describing the issue, make sure that provide sufficient information about the problem. That would help us provide more accurate solutions. While troubleshooting, you might need to wipe your phone’s memory.

That action will delete everything that is being stored on your phone. Therefore, a general backup is highly recommended before proceeding to these solutions. In order to troubleshoot common problems on the Samsung Galaxy M20, we would use the inbuilt features and tools. Unless we need to flash the stock firmware, we wouldn’t require any third-party tool or utility.

During this guide, we’ll use the recovery mode and some inbuilt features to perform troubleshooting actions. Basically, recovery mode runs independently and it is like more maintenance mode. To access this mode, there’s is a certain pattern in which users need to press the hardware keys. Or there are more methods to get into this mode.

Troubleshoot common problems on Samsung Galaxy M20

1. What to do when WiFi won’t connect on Samsung Galaxy M20

No matter whether you have an iPhone or Samsung’s flagship smartphone, this problem can happen. You might be trying to connect your phone to a particular WiFi source, but that couldn’t happen so. There can be different reasons for this problem. Thus, you would need to apply different solutions to fix this problem.

Since WiFi offers extensive Internet speed and data transfer facilities, we can’t ignore this problem. Try the following solutions to fix this WiFi won’t connect issue on your Galaxy M20:

  1. If you were previously able to connect to this WiFi source successfully, you better reboot your phone first. Just a reboot fixes many problems including networks, performance, and stability.
  2. You must confirm whether other devices are able to connect with that WiFi source or not. The problem may be associated with the WiFi router. If other devices are connecting to that WiFi router, just follow the recommendations.
  3. If that’s your home WiFi or one that you can access, you can try to perform reboot that router. After that router turns ON, connect your phone.
  4. If that doesn’t work, probably, the problem is somewhat on your phone. There’s nothing to worry, just open the Settings -> WiFi & Internet-> WiFi->Saved Network and tap on the Network that you’re connecting. Then, tap on ‘Forget’ button. Form a completely new connection.

One of these should have fixed the WiFi-related problem on your phone. If you still find these solutions aren’t helpful, do let us know. We would try our best to help you further.

2. Mobile Bluetooth doesn’t pair with other devices

Almost similar to the WiFi problem, this usually happens when a user tries to pair Bluetooth headset or similar devices. For me, it happens when I try to connect to my speakers and headphones. To solve that, I usually reboot my phone and these Bluetooth devices and that work for me. Here are some recommendations that should help you fix this problem on your phone:

  1. A reboot worth your try. Most of the time, just rebooting fixes these problems. Try to restart both devices, your phone, and that Bluetooth device. Most probably, this should fix the problem.
  2. Next, you could try to forget the connection if you’ve previously paired that device successfully. Just open Bluetooth settings and tap on saved networks. Now, tap on that Bluetooth device and tap on ‘Forget’. Now, again pair that device.
  3. If you’re connecting the device for the first time, there are chances that your phone might have reached its limit to form connections. Again, open the Bluetooth settings and tap on save networks. Now, remove some connections. After that, try to pair that Bluetooth device.
  4. Additionally, ensure that your phone is discoverable. Otherwise, no matter how many time we try. Open the Bluetooth settings and ensure that it is set to visible.

These are enough solutions to fix Bluetooth device won’t pair issue on Samsung Galaxy M20. If none of them work, you can try to reset Network settings your phone as well. That helps to fix network and connectivity related problems on the Android phone.

3. Overheating problems, you can’t ignore these issues on Galaxy M20

These days, it is quite common to observer overheating problems. That usually happens due to that technology that is being used. Our current smartphones are tweaked to charge at faster rate and offer better battery life. Though, these changes are essential, however they might generate heating problem sometime.

If you observe that your phone is heating up while it charges, there’s nothing to worry a lot. That’s normal to happen and we recommend you not to use your phone while it charges. Here are some other recommendations that you should probably fix the overheating problem on your phone:

  1. You should not use your phone when it is plugged for charging. That’s normal to observe a temperature rise during the charging. There chances that this phone might have been optimized for faster charging and thus it becomes heated.
  2. If you observe that your phone becomes heated while playing games, then you shouldn’t worry that much. While playing games or using heavy apps, CPU and GPU units are continuously used and that heats up the device.
  3. If your phone becomes heated abnormally, there are chances that some apps running in the background and using power resources without a limit. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. That will restrict the apps from using the battery unknowingly.
  4. Next, you can clear clutter data from your phone. Over time, our phone tends to gather a lot of clutter and garbage data that affect many aspects negatively. To clean your phone, open the Settings menu and tap on Storage. Under this menu, you’ll find ‘Clean Storage’. Tap on this button to perform this action.
  5. Moreover, you can wipe the entire cache partition on your phone using the recovery mode. That will thoroughly clean your phone. Just follow this tutorial for that purpose.
  6. If nothing seemed to work on your phone, you must perform a factory reset on your phone. This action will remove all third-party apps, configuration, and files. That leaves stock performance and stability.

In addition to that, there’s one more thing that you could do. There are chances that one or more recent apps that you’ve installed causing your phone to overheat. You can use the Developer Options->Running Services to observe abnormal behavior of those apps. And once your figure those apps, either you can disable them or uninstall.

That doesn’t only fix the overheating problems, it also improves the overall battery life. You can learn how to enable Developer Options on this phone and how to use it here.

4. Fix App crashes on Galaxy M20

Right after my phone got updated to Android Pie firmware, I realized that many apps have become unstable. That happened due to old cache files. So, right after that, I wiped the entire cache partition and that worked for me. Here are some useful recommendations that should help you fix app crashes on your Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone.

  1. If you figure that a certain app is behaving abnormally, then you should clear its associated cache files. Before that, you should know this will remove data such as login details, user details, and app/game progress. Once performed, there’s no way to revert that action. Follow the below steps:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Tap on Apps -> Apps list.
    3. Tap on the Application.
    4. Then, tap on Storage
    5. And tap on CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA.
  2. Next, you must ensure that you have the latest version of that app or game installed on your phone. Just uninstall the application and install the updated version from the Google Play.
  3. If you’ve been facing this problem on multiple apps after an update, we recommend you to wipe its cache files. For that purpose, follow the below steps:
    1. Boot into the recovery mode on your phone.
    2. Under this mode, tap on ‘Wipe cache partition’.
    3. Exit this mode.
  4. If the problem happens even after this and it is limited a certain app, you better contact the app developer team. They would be able to help you further in this regards.

5. Fix Samsung Galaxy Stuck at boot logo after update

So, you’ve recently updated your phone with the available OTA and ended up stuck at the boot logo. If that has happened with you, then you’re not alone. Over many internet forums, users report this problem getting boot stuck or boot loops or different problems after an update.

We can understand how things become frustrating when something like this happens. There’s nothing to worry, you these problems can be fixed easily using the below solutions:

  1. Most of the time this issue happens due to corrupt files and cache data. During an update process, usually cache files become clutter and that might prevent the phone from working normally. Therefore, it becomes important for us to clear these junk files. Use the following steps:
    1. Boot your phone into the recovery mode.
    2. Now, select and perform ‘Wipe Cache Partition’.
    3. Exit this mode.
  2. The next thing you can perform is factory reset. This is the most recommended action that one can perform to troubleshoot boot stuck and boot loops problems. However, there’s one thing that you should know. This action will wipe your phone’s internal memory completely. Anything that is stored within the phone is deleted during this action. Follow the below steps to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone:
    1. Again, reboot into the recovery mode .
    2. Under this mode, tap on ‘Wipe data/factory reset’
    3. Perform this action.
    4. Exit this mode once this action is completed.
  3. The above two solutions should resolve the boot stuck and boot loops problems on your phone. In worst cases, if somehow the firmware has been bricked, then you must re-install the firmware to fix problems. For that purpose, we’ve already created a dedicated guide that you can use to restore the original firmware on your phone.

These are the available solutions that one can use to troubleshoot boot stuck and boot loops problems on most of the Android phones. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comment section about these solutions. If there’s any other solution that we can implement, then let us know. We would use your inputs to improve this tutorial.

6. Fix Slow performance and unstable Android interface

This is the most common problem that Android users suffer. Over time, our smartphone tends to become slower and there can be different reasons for that. Most of the time, through basic cleaning actions, these problems are resolved. Such problems happen due to cache and clutter files that have been gathered throughout time.

Basically, the cache files are induced by the applications installed on the phone. Over time, these cache files become so huge that it impacts the overall performance and stability. Apart from that, there might be some apps or programs that affecting performance on this phone.

Here are some quick recommendations to overcome performance and stability problems on Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone:

  1. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, then probably there have been a lot of clutter data that been gathered on your phone. And probably, that would be hurting the phone’s performance. So, it be would be better to remove that. Open the Setting -> Storage and then tap on Clear Now. This will remove clutter and cache data on your phone.
  2. If you want to deep clean your phone, you can wipe the entire cache partition on your phone. That will remove each and every single cache file present on your phone. For that, just boot into the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe cache partition’ action on your phone.
  3. There’s one more thing that you could to do restore original performance and stability on your phone. Using the recovery mode, you can perform a factory reset on your phone. Make sure to create a general backup of your phone. Otherwise, once deleted, you won’t be able to recover them. Just boot into the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.
  4. The above recommendations would help you restore the original performance. To make your phone faster, the following recommendations are helpful:
    1. Disable Unused apps. There would many apps that you must have not used so far and not intended to use in the future. So, remove these unwanted apps from your phone. This will boost overall performance on your phone.
    2. Switch to third-party launcher application. Although, Samsung has implanted many changes to their UI, still compare to third-party launcher apps, it is a little bit slow. We recommend you to use Nova Launcher or you can find alternatives.
    3. Customize the animations on your phone. Through Developer Options, we can easily customize animations and speed up this smartphone. For that purpose, must check our tutorial that explains to the Developer Options and how to use it to reduce animations.
    4. There’s a lot more that one can do using the Developer Options. You can reduce the DPI value to add some smoothness to your phone.

There are plenty of more tips and tricks to speed up this smartphone. If you want to learn more of them, we recommend you to visit our tutorial; how to speed up Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

7. Poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy M20

There’s no doubt that battery life is among the most important part of your smartphone. The longer it remains, it is better for users. If you’ve been experiencing poor battery life or quick battery drain problem on your phone, then there are chances that it might have been caused by the applications or recent updates. Here are some useful recommendations that you can apply on your phone:

  1. If you’ve recently updated your phone, then that might have been causing this problem on your phone. To reduce this problem, we recommend you to clear cache files on your phone. Just use the recovery mode to wipe its cache partition. That should enhance performance and battery life.
  2. Next, you can consider a factory reset. For those who’ve recently updated and facing this problem thereafter, must perform this action. This will calibrate all the aspects present on your phone. That should fix the quick battery drain problem on your phone.
  3. Further, you should optime your phone for better battery life. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. That will restrict the apps from using the battery carelessly.
  4. Next, I would recommend you to use the Developer Options to observe the background apps. There might be some apps that consuming battery life unknowingly and abnormally. Use the Developer Options, you would find the ‘Running Services’ tab, where you can find battery usage and other useful aspects. Thereby, you can disable or remove apps that consume a lot of battery life.
  5. Most importantly, you should disable unused (bloatware) apps on your phone. That will help you get better performance, stability and better battery life on your phone.
  6. For better battery life, I would recommend you to use lite versions of social apps like Facebook, and others. That would help you get more out of the battery life.

There are more troubleshooting solutions that you can do. Here are some more recommendations that one can follow to troubleshoot poor battery life on Samsung smartphones.

8. Unexpectedly shut down and reboot problems

Such problems are somewhat rare to observe. Either it happens after we update our phone or if a user has been using the smartphone for quite a long time. Whatever be the case, we have solutions to fix such problems. Here are some recommendations to troubleshoot unexpectedly shut down and reboot problems on Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone.

  1. If you’ve changed some settings recently on your phone, then perhaps your phone might be unable to catch up with that. Therefore, you should try resetting your phone’s settings. Go to Settings->Reset-> Reset Settings -> Perform this reset. That will turn all settings to the default configuration. Don’t worry, you won’t lose any of your data.
  2. There can be an app or apps that resisting your phone to run normally. Therefore, you should observe apps on your phone and if you suspect them, you better disable or remove them. Most probably the recent ones.
  3. Further, if you’ve recently updated your phone, then you must keep clutter and junk files out of your phone. To do that, just open the Storage settings on your phone and tap on Clear Now. This action will wipe junk and expired files out of your phone.
  4. We also recommend you to perform a factory reset on your phone. That will thoroughly clean your phone leaving no space for a bug or issue to persists on your phone. Just use recovery mode or open Backup and reset menu on your phone to perform a factory reset on your phone.

Though these solutions are plenty enough, if you still don’t find helpful, you can try re-installing the entire firmware on your phone.

9. Low Speaker Volume on Galaxy M20

When it comes to low speaker volume, most probably there could two things; either phone’s speaker doesn’t output enough sound or the media file isn’t good enough. Further, there can be a problem linked to the hardware part as well. We have some useful troubleshooting solutions to cure such problems on Android phones. Here the fixes that you can apply on your phone:

  1. First of all, thoroughly observe the phone’s speaker. There might some dust over that resisting the full volume. You must clear those holes, there might be small particles stock over them. You can use a pin to remove them. Be careful while doing this. Or else you might end up damaging your phone physically.
  2. Sometimes, such problems happen right after n update. Therefore, we recommend you to perform some cleaning actions like wiping its cache data and performing a factory reset. That should help you get the original speaker volume on your phone.
  3. Further, if the problem is linked to the media file that you’re playing, you can use third-party apps like Speaker Boost. This app will increase the output volume, so you can listen to your music files easily.

10. Network issues on calls on Samsung Galaxy M20

Most of the time, the network issues happen based on geographical location and network strengths. If you’re residing in an area where network problems are more often, then there’s nothing you could on your phone. That’s what something your SIM operator service or higher authorities could do.

Otherwise, the following recommendation should work in resolving most the networking related problems on your Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone. Just follow the below ones:

  1. Firstly, you should try to remove the SIM card tray, clean it thoroughly and re-insert your phone. That should fix problems caused by the disposition of the SIM card. That should bring some improvements to the network signals.
  2. Further, we would recommend you to reset the network settings on your phone. That will remove old settings and connections causing network issues on your phone. For that purpose, you can follow this guide.
  3. If that has happened after an update process, you better perform a hard reset on your phone. That should fix all the problems on your phone.
  4. If nothing works, better reach out to the SIM Card operator.

Contact Us

That ends our troubleshooting guide that meant for Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone. These should help users to fix most of the problems that could happen on this phone. If these solutions were not helpful enough to fix problems that you’re facing, then use the comment section below to let us know. We would love to help you further. While writing us to us, make sure that you write your problem thoroughly, so we can figure out appropriate solutions.


  1. Sir,

    Just one day back i got the delivery of Samsung Galaxy M 20. the basic function which is saving the numbers which are not saved earlier ( on receive of the call).
    In that function i am unable to find the option for saving the received number , further i am unable to see or edit the data of the saved number. when i click on the photo icon one screen is flashing in fraction of second and hiding.

    Please tell me the solution for the same.

    1. Hi Anita,

      It is sad to hear that you’re facing such problems on your phone. In order to save or edit received number, just open the ‘call history’ (open the phone app and just swipe left to open ‘call history’), just tap and hold the number that you want to save or edit.

      I hope this information helps you. Let me know if you need further!

      1. My m20 screen touch is notwork properly I change my tempered more than 4-5 times … Touch make me in trouble

        1. Hi I am also facing same problem I have also changed tempered but problem is same

          And some time its keypad work automaticaly its is very big problem

          1. What a dare this phone so hanging and keybord hanging and no proper service and customer care

    2. Hi..It’d just been 15 days I bought Samsung M20…And it’s switched off completely during the call…I am not able to charge..No light is shown..

      1. That’s really sad to hear. Since this phone doesn’t charge, this issue seems to be related to the hardware part. Therefore, we suggest you reach the service center and ask for the replacement.

    3. Press the profile pic of the unknown no. and click details and then click edit and then place the name.

  2. I got delivery of M20 on 15th feb, its being 3 dwys i am ysing it. The phone restarts adruptly, sometimes i m in call it wll restart, i m browsing thru internet it wll restart, sometimes it is lying on the table it wll restart. And since today it has started getting switched off also. I cant undrstnd when it is switched off. I apoke qith samaung care they said to leave the phone with them for few days. So overall it has been a very bad exp with me.

    1. This problem seems to be linked with the firmware. Therefore, we would suggest you to perform a factory reset on your phone using this tutorial:

      This should help you fix unwanted reboots on this phone.

  3. While completion of phone charging at 100%, i realize there is no autocut system in the phone. The charging sign never disappears even after 5 minutes or complete 100% charging status.. phone havent shown any notification saying battery full unplug charger or like so.. is there auto cut system in this phone.?

    1. Hi Vinay, This is something done by the software. There’s nothing to worry since the same thing happens on different phones like OnePlus 5 and some other devices. You shouldn’t worry about it.

      1. It is a common issue in many phones. Although there is auto cut still the system lets the battery charge pickle by pickle so u shouldn’t mind if ur phone is still charging over an hour after full charged, but overnight will be deadly to ur battery life

  4. Hi bro.. i got a m20 just 10 days before and dont know why my phone sometimes get stuck in between for almost 30 to 40 seconds. Can u please suggest me the solution.

    1. Hi Mukesh, you better perform a factory reset. This will remove clutter that is causing problems on your phone.

      1. Hi,

        I already tried this but ut aint working. Is there anything else thst can be done …overall it is very poor experience.

      1. My m20 phone’s touch auto working and I am not able to work on this device. If you have any suggestion or solution please tell me.

  5. proximity sensor doesnot work while using handsfree.
    The screen should be locked while on call and the phone is kept in pocket, but this is not happening. Is there any settings to be changed for this. pls help

    1. Hi Suresh,

      That’s not that issue. The proximity sensor is made is to work only with the Phone’s mic. It doesn’t work with the headphones or any other media device.

  6. I brought m20 phones recently..while on a call the Pull down options are coming and is disturbing them call..flash, bluetooth gets switched on..any way to prevent the same

    1. Hi there,

      It seems that UI on your phone has somehow become unstable. In this regard, I would suggest you factory reset your phone.

  7. I am receiving mail ,WhatsApp messages ,etc after a long time.E mail is the most lagging one.plz find out a way for helping me

    1. Hi Jojo,

      If you’re using your email Id after a long time, the email app might be syncing things from your account. Either you could wait till it completes that process if that doesn’t work, you can wipe its app cache.

      That would help you.

  8. I have m20 phone. Suddenly it got hanged and closed down. When try to on it. It is not getting on. Tryed by recharging it but not working. What would be the problem. Pleas suggest

    1. That problem might be related to your network provider. First, confirm the same with other users in your area!

  9. Touch is really very very bad
    I have visited 5 times service center for the problem of auto touch and touch not responding they have changed software twice and evn changed the whole motherboard of Galaxy M20 still problem in not solving

    1. That’s really sad to hear. Just keep in touch with them, only they would be able to help you in this regards!

    2. I also hv the same problem in my phone. Suddenly display does not work and sometimes display works automatically without touch display panal.

      1. Yes me too…touch sometimes stop responding and then I have to lock and unlock screen again to make it work. I think few models are defective.

        1. I would suggest you perform a factory reset. This seems to be related with the firmware. Try this and see if that works!

    3. I have same problem of hanging and touch stopped working or sometimes it starts opening apps automatically. I am going to service center next week. I am worried.

      1. I also have the same problem it opens apps automatically and somethimes types automatically. The screen freezes more often . The service centre claims that after replacing new display the device will work fine. Hope it works fine

    4. Its a common issue in m20, I too had the same problem and after the replacement also issue still persist, May be the can fix the issue in next patching. But now i am not facing any touch problems issue, after turning on the “Remove animation” option.

      Hope this will help..

      1. Thanks bro they will help to my touch problem thanks you once again
        There are also solve my freezing problems my samsung m20

    5. Same here in my device my m20 touch is not working properly sometimes it’s working automatic that’s trouble me…

  10. I brought m20 phone dated 05.03.2019 but problem in again & again write on screen “Inserted sim”

  11. HI ,
    I got the Samsung M20 last week. while speaking in the call ‘i got some eco sounds which frequently coming in 3 to 4 times daily and the speaker sounds also not up to the level’. Please suggest me any workarounds or fix.


    1. If you’re facing sound eco problem during calls, then you must figure whether this problem occurs on certain numbers. Most of the time, this problem happens with certain numbers. Otherwise, you better report a defect on the mic to the service center.

  12. Hi
    I have bought the Samsung M 20 at the first release that is on 5th feb, i have been using since than without any problem. But recently i have shifted my company where i wont have proper signals, from that day when ever i am using my phone in the company it getting heated up very quickly with even small apps like watsapp and the battery is getting drained very quickly. Can you please suggest some solution for this problem?

    1. Hi there,

      There’s nothing to worry. Since you’re in the area where signals are low, the phone keeps trying to find and connect to the available network. And that makes it hot and it actually consumes a lot of battery.

      Here’s a solution that you could try. If you’re using 4G services in that area, we recommend you to downgrade it to 3G or 2G. 4G technology consumes a lot of battery power. Just open the Settings’ on your phone and tap on Networks. Then, choose 3G or 2G Network.

      This should definitely work for you.

      I hope it helps you. You’re most welcome to share you thoughts further!

  13. I have bought m20 Samsung mobile but I face problem on call its automatically goes to aeroplanes mode , it’s frequent

    1. Hi Manish,

      There’s nothing to worry much. You just need to reset phone’s settings. Just open Settings->Reset -> Reset Phone’s settings.

      Thereafter, you probably shouldn’t face this problem.

      I hope it helps you!

      1. My m20 screen touch is notwork properly I change my tempered more than 4-5 times … Touch make me in trouble

  14. I am facing ghost touch issues on my phone and also phone gets unresponsive and works only after locking and unlocking the device many times both of these problemsoccur at same time and it so irritating when you cant use your phone properly when it not even 1 month old

    1. Hi Pranay,

      That’s really sad to hear. It happened to me after my OnePlus 5 updated to Android Pie. In this regard, you must perform these two actions:

      1. Must factory reset your phone.

      2. Update to latest firmware (if any avialble).

      This should help you fix unnresponsiness problem on your phone!

    2. Data/internet is not working while you are on the call over volte 4G.
      This is biggest problem of the device and need to fixed immediately else purpose of the phone will be defeated.

      1. Also one more pro lem is that call don’t get disconnected while you press the power button. Need to press/try thatmany times.
        Please correct this problem too.

  15. I am facing touch problem on my m20 often it responds self .
    After pressing lock button it will become normal

  16. While call my screen remains active and on. As it touches my ear it opens the top option tray and switch on or off the options like Bluetooth , wifi, mute call etc. Why the screen not disables while call. I have out a screen guard on glass.

    1. Hi there,

      There can be two things; either this issue is caused by hardware malfunction of the Senor or it is just due to the firmware. Therefore, I would suggest you try performing hard reset. This should probably solve the problem on your phone.

      Or else, you should visit the service enter.

    2. While call my screen remains active and on. As it touches my ear it opens the top option tray and switch on or off the options like airplam mode,Bluetooth , wifi, mute call etc. Why the screen not disables while call. I have out a screen guard glass from the display.Please anyone suggest for this issue.

  17. Hi,
    I bought M20 recently. I use wifi most of the time. But last night when i tried to use Mobile Data i noticed that it turns on and off automatically. Maximum of 2-4 seconds gap between turning on and off and it happens consecutively until i turn off the mobile data. How do i fix this? Any solution will be much appriciated.

    1. Hi Abishek,

      This problem seems to be related with third-party application (that might be a virus or malware). You just need to try removing third-party apps that you’ve downloaded on your phone. Most probably, this could be caused by VPN or similar app.

      Try this and let me know if that works!

  18. Call volume is very low I can’t listen from opposite site but ring volume is full .now what I do

    1. That problem could be related to network, SIM or software. First I would recommend you to check with the SIM operator. After that, you can perform a factory reset on your phone.

  19. I have got my samsung m20 pcs 2 days ago & from then I’m trying to download application from Play store however not a single attempt is been successful . Tried in Wifi networks mobile data .same result . released cached memory .With help of videos online did everything possible however i’m unable to fix this . Please help

    1. Hi Johnson,

      That’s really annoying!

      In this case, I would suggest you share snapshots of the exact error you’re facing. That would help us provide more accurate solution rather than just guessing!

  20. i get my on 14 feb 2019 after 15 days its hanging firstly i neglect 4_5 days but now its hanging to much how is it possible on 15 dayd phone was hanging veey badly

    1. Hi Mohit,

      Ensure that you’ve not overloaded this smartphone with loads of social apps. We would recommend you follow these tips and tricks to speed up this smartphone:

      I hope this helps you!

  21. Hlo Deepak Gupta
    I am facing touch problem on my m20 often it responds self .
    After pressing lock button it will become normal

    1. It is firmware related problem. Either you could wait for new updates or factory reset this phone.

  22. Touch is working automatically ,maybe it is known as Ghost touch.
    Is there any solution for the same?

    1. Hi Jatin,

      This problem is somewhat linked to the firmware. I would recommend you to perform a factory reset and update it to the latest firmware!

  23. Touch screen working automatically. I already done the factory reset. Problem is as it was. What to do ??

    1. Hi Harish,

      This seems to be more problematic thing. Here are some suggestions:

      1. Remove the tempered or screen guard if you’re using.

      2. Try downgrading this device official firmware. You can follow this guide:

      3. Use sharp-thin blade and use it clean dirt or interaction between screen and the metal body. You must do this very carefully and on your risk only.

      4. If nothing works, take it to the service center.

      I hope one of these suggestions should help you!

  24. My m20 phone’s touch auto working and I am not able to work on this device. If you have any suggestion or solution please tell me.

    1. Please remove the animation and you will get rid of this problem. I did it and am fine now. Animation allows down the processor probably

  25. I bought m20 this month and just now i have started to notice there is a small dash like area on the top to the left of the front camera which shows a blue light like a flat dash is it default or it’s a problem in my phone.

  26. Hi,

    My mobile starts act weird at most of the times, for ex : while i am operating whatsapp it stuck in the middle and starts operating automatically opens wrong message window starts typing and being sent, also most of the times it will take me to the call log and calls random contacts fed up of this issue, its been only one month i have been using this mobile, also nit have installed any unsafe apps, constantly clearing the ram and cache too. Please let me know what is the permanent fix for the same.

    1. Hi there,

      This is somewhat similar to what I had faced on my OnePlus 5 after an Android Pie update. In my case, factory reset did resolve the problem. So, I suggest you the same.

    2. Please remove the animation and you will get rid of this problem. I did it and am fine now. Animation allows down the processor probably

    1. Hi Mathew, that seems to be hardware fault. So, you better reach out for the replacement from the manufacture. Before you do so, I would suggest you perform a factory reset and put it on charging again. Moreover, you can read our battery calibrate guide here:

      Let me know if that works for you!

  27. Hi,

    I have already tried facory reset but still my phone hangs for like 20 – 30 secs. Please help me solve this problem … it is very frustrating to know that such a good company to make such problamatic phones.

    1. Please remove the animation and you will get rid of this problem. I did it and am fine now. Animation allows down the processor probably.

      1. Bro i’m also suffering with this prblm can you suggest me step that i follow to remove the animation.

  28. Baught Samsung M 20 before one month but colour display on mobile screen is totally different than original. Shades are very much different than original. How to do settings to have real picture quality. Red and pink colours are seen as brown n maroon. Please help

  29. I have a j7 which lags a lot.So i was thinking to buy this phone,but i googled S m20 problem and after reading the comments in this site i think i should look for other devices

  30. I am using Jio simply in first slot but the Internet speed is worse. I am not able to work anything through Internet. First of all I thought it’s my sim problem but my other hand set that is MI note 4, works very well. What should I do?

  31. Bought Samsung M20 just one month ago and since 2 days the phone started hanging down. The screen gets freezed and it senses no movement. When I lock it with the power button and then again unlock it, it starts working. This happened at least 15-20 times today. I am very much irritated with its slow working and hang problem. Help out with this if anyone can.

    1. Hey, am also facing same issue. Getting irritate. I spoke with Samsung customer care, they suggested some actions, like factory reset, updating software, but not solved .. Still problem has not resolved.. pls suggest

      1. Hi Saran,

        This seems to more linked with the firmware. So, most probably, it should be wiped off in the next firmware update or you could ask service center to downgrade your device its very first native firmware.

  32. I just bought galaxy m20 about 20 days ago. The screen sometimes start working automatically and then it hangs. Oftenly i require to off the screen and then it become usable.

    1. Hi Girish, I see people are facing this problem a lot on this phone. There’s one that you could try, just enable the Developer Options on your phone and turn off the animations. This should probably solve the problem. For that you can follow this tutorial:

      I hope it helps you!

  33. I am using m20 for last one month … My problem is about charging … Usually the full charging requires 2.15 hour…But nowadays the fast changing didn’t working…It needs 4 hours to full charge …. What should I do ….

    1. Try calibrating the battery on your phone.

      Let your phone fully discharge. Once that happened, charge your to its full without turning it on. This should help.

  34. just bought M20. Had problem when put 2 simcard. There is no signal for both. But when i remove either one, the signal come out… Just dont understand why…

  35. Random folders from my files disappear from my internal storage after midnight. Last modified time of folder shows 00:01. That’s happening daily on regular basis. What should I do?

  36. Dear,

    A few days before I purchased Samsung M20, everything was perfect at beginning. But now I not getting incoming calls, caller receives the message, phone is switched off. Appreciate if you could advise how this problem can be solved. Awaiting your earliest revert.

    Thank you,

  37. Im having charging issue
    It is taking more than 3hrs to charge my samsung m20 though they are offering me with fast charger
    I don’t think so fast charger take 3 long hours to fully charge. Plz help me regarding this issue
    Thank you

    1. Try performing a factory reset, if you that it doesn’t work. You can ask technical help from you Service center.

  38. Sir my Samsung M20 not charged fast even after 1 hour it’s increase 10 to 15%battery so please help me.

    Also I want to know that for how much time required for full battery charged in Samsung m20

    1. That seems be a problematic thing. Try to calibrate batter of your phone; drain the battery until your phone turns off. Thereafter, charge your phone’s battery to it highest level. Then again drain it. Thereafter, it should charge and work normally. If calibration doesn’t work, I would recommend you to seek technical help from from the service center.

  39. Why the typing probem apper while typing msg for a long time the all letter start click by itself plz samsung fix this plz

    1. Solution is pretty simple, just don’t any sort of third-party keyboard app. Even you can remove Samsung Keyboard app. The native Gboard is the best solution. Just download Gboard app from Google Play and make it default typing app on your phone.

  40. Dear Sir,

    i have purchased a M20 phone recently and both Volte calls and internet is not working

    when checked with Jio Sim in 1 slot and netvelocity it shows only 0.05mb download and 0.02 mb
    upload and calls are not maturing even after several times.

    how to solve this issue.

    1. Hi Samuel,

      Use the recovery mode to perform a factory reset. That should help you in fixing bootloops.

      1. How to do this.. I m facing same reboot issue repeating since 11th april to till now without any break.

  41. My M20 which i bought about two months ago has developed serious fast-charging issues after a recent update. When i bought for the first few times it was taking less than three hours to fully charge. but now after the update of about 80 mb recently, it is taking a full 10 hours to charge, wven as it is showing fast-charging connected.TEN HOURS !!!!!! this is ridiculous and absolutely unacceptable. I chatted with customer care, and they told me to trty charging it in “saef mode”…i tried that also , but even that has not helped. Otherwise there is no problem with the phone — the battery backup is solid, no heating issues or any other problems. but taking 10 hours to fully charge makes me feel i made a bad purchase. Is there a solution to it? am i the only one facing this problem or others also are facing it?

  42. Sir, My Samsung Galaxy M20 is not giving me fast charging, I’m charging it for the first time. Please help me. Is it my phone’s problem??

  43. Hey helper,in my gallerry when I’m going for editing it’s showing ” photo editor has stopped ” i was really loving that please qs soon as possible.

  44. I bought a M20 and using jio.. I inserted my old sim to M20 I’m not getting network it’s showing only emergency calls…. And then I inserted back the sim to my old phone now I’m not getting the network on my old phone.

    Wat could the issue plz help me

  45. using two weeks time my phone M20 was heating while talking within 20-30 min time and while charging(display is getting hot and cant even hold near ear)
    so i informed to the saller and they send it to the service centre so they have changed phones display and some other elctronic parts.I have a doubt to accept the phone because i had bought a new phone with sealed box. can this be happend within two weeks time?

  46. Hi
    I hv bought m20 15 days back a lock screen is appearing over lock screen and not able to remove it so in order to open my phone I need to unlock phone twice on is sliding other is pin lock.
    Also after call getting ads
    How can i remove them

  47. I have been going mad over this problem.I am using the earphones provided along with Samsung.My problem is that I am able to hear music with my earphones but problem starts when I am in a call.During a call I am able to hear other persons voice through earphones but people on the other side are not able to hear me. Can some tell me what’s wrong in my settings

  48. i bought Samsung Galaxy m20 . there’s no option for comment in starmaker app.pls help….

  49. Sim card crash error

    Unable to detect one particular sim card on either of the slots.
    Same sim card is working absolutely fine on other mobile phones like HONOR, NOKIA, OPPO.

    this is exactly after using the same sim card for 2 months one fine day get sim card crash error

  50. In snapchat galley uption does not open in chat box neither bitmoji sticker tab opens in chat

    1. This seems to be related with the Keyboard application that you’re using. Try removing the third-party keyboard app and try again.

  51. Sir,
    I bought Samsung galaxy m20 , 2 days back..I have net connection issues. I can connect ma network to other mobiles via hotspot but I can’t cannot network to my laptop from this m20 via hotspot.
    Pls suggest me solution.

    1. Hi Manju,

      Since you’re connecting your Laptop using the Hotspot, there might be an issue with the laptop. I would suggest you try troubleshoot this problem on your laptop. That might help you in resolving this problem on your phone.

    2. You can connect it with cable and make it as usb tethering
      Then you can use internet
      Without trouble.

  52. My mobile network is too slow than the wifi network.Although 4G coverage is very strong internet speed in the phone is poor.But its problem in the wifi network.How fix it?

  53. I have bought M20 2 days back,
    When i talk to a person on phone the other person’s voice suddenly gets a disturbed one
    Not clear (like breaking voice)
    Is there anything by which I can fix this issue
    If so please let me know

  54. I have set finger print and pattern security, but it asks for it only for first attempt.Lateron phone opens with swipe and no pattern is requested. Is there any more setting that I am missin

  55. How to get back to my original operating system of my Samsung galaxy M20? Plsss plsss help me..

  56. my device my m20 touch is not working properly sometimes it’s working automatic that’s trouble me totally screen freezing issues

    Pls don’t buy any Samsung mobile ,already I planned to spread across all my circles may be world wide….bloddy fucking cheating mobile company…

    1. Hi Suresh,

      This auto-touch issue seems to be common among these smartphones and this is somewhat related to firmware itself. Either you can installing this stock firmware again or switch to custom firmware.

  57. I have bought M20 three days back and had an issue in charging.After charging till 100% its draining to 25% within few hours without using atleast for 10 minutes. Plz say the solution to get out from it.

    1. Hi Mounika,

      The problem seems to be linked with usual work and stability. If you’ve been using this smartphone since 2-4 months, I would suggest you perform a factory reset and update to latest firmware (if any available).

  58. How to remove apps from homescreen in SamsungM30 ….my homescreen appsare not deleting what can I do ?

    1. Hi Bhaskar, which applications are they?

      If they are native apps, that come pre-installed, then probably can’t remove them.

    1. That option must be within the messaging application or else, you can use Truecaller application instead.

  59. Hello
    I am from Bangladesh. I bought it M20 from India at February. I am facing 2 problems.

    1) When ringing my phone but screen not flashing same time. I mean it take few more seconds to open to display screen for receive call.

    2) When I press power button to open the display it also take few more seconds to open the display.

    If you please can help me about this issue then it will be great.

  60. Dear Sir, I am using Samsung M20 I could not able to hear the songs when i put in my pocket, is there any option to make pocket mode, please confirm, If yes LET ME KNOW HOW TO DO POCKET MODE

  61. Hi
    I m preeti
    I brought M20 day before
    I m facing problems while downloading app from play store. It’s so slow taking much time. And also while sharing my network through hot spots the internet speed of the other side is working so slow can’t imagine.

    1. Hi there,

      To resolve these problems, apply following solutions:

      1. Open Apps manager and tap on Google play. Then, tap on Storage and perform both: CLEAR DATA and CLEAR CACHE.

      This will resolve your slow apps download from Google Play.

      2. Open Settings on your phone and tap on backup and reset menu. There you’ll find reset Network settings. Perform this action.

      This should solve the slow hotspot internet speed on your phone.

      I hope these solution help you. You’re free to share your thoughts and views on it.

  62. My Samsung galaxy m20 suddenly just stopped it’s not restarting also.while I was using messenger it just automatically stopped working and to mention it was full of any suggestions please.

    1. Boot into the safe Mode and remove that app. Or perform a factory reset using the recovery mode.

      1. Ì am having similar problem…bought my Samsung m20 12 June and 13th june wwhile I was on call I noticed horizontal lines coming down after few minutes the screen went blabk. I cant see anything. How do I fix this

  63. My mobile is not charging is showing that use proper charger for fast charging but iam using m20 charger and cable only.I went to service center they replaced usb cable but still its not working properly.Even the charger is removed still charging happens or cable got diconnected all the time.How to resolve this issue

    1. Hi Ashritha,

      The problem isn’t related to its charger or cable, problem is with the charging port. Seems that it has been damaged somehow. Again visit service center and report the same.

    1. Hi Ruchika,

      You better provide the exact error that you’re facing. If you’re unable to locate ringtone settings, then you can just open the Settings menu and use the search bar for that purpose.

  64. Bought Samsung m20 7 days back.
    Slow charge after charging to 70% and Charging sign won’t go even after switching of the switch unless unplugging the cable.

    1. That’s a hardware fault. The USB jack must’ve been damaged somehow. Visit the service center for better solution.

  65. Hi,

    I am using Samsung M20. During the calls there is an audio issue with sound being eaten up every 10 secs or so. So half the time, the conversations are not complete and have to be repeated. It is highly annoying since all the calls same problem. Updating software, restarting etc have been tried but didnt help. Otherwise there is no audio problem with videos, other audio clips or any other media.

    Can you help sort this out please

    1. Hi RJ,

      I remember I had encountered the somewhat same problem on Honor 8 and after I struggled a lot, the service center team reported that there’s a hardware fault. Phone’s (call) speaking isn’t working fine. So, I would recommend you to take advice from the service center.

    1. Hi there,

      This issue might be caused by the corrupt cache files. We recommend you to clear the cache on your phone.


  67. i have perches sumsung galaxy M20 dated-11july2019 , within every 4-5 mins hang,stuck on 4-6 second. please resolve my issue

  68. My Samsung m20 is hanging no longer collect any app I try to do factory reset same thing flash it is still the same thing what can I do please

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