How to root Samsung Galaxy J8 [2018]

Post flashing the TWRP recovery, it becomes seamlessly easier to root the Samsung Galaxy J8. This year, Samsung has brought us different smartphones spread across varying price segments. These smartphones are powered by the latest Android software. That ensures you have the latest Android features, applications, and service. These can be enhanced further rooting the smartphone. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to root the Samsung Galaxy J8 with the simplest steps and fewer efforts. Once you acquire the root access, you tweak your phone smartly, make it more productive and customize it as you want it.

For root users, there are tons of powerful applications available that can elevate your experience. You can access the core-settings of your phone, control the hardware, and adjust it as per your requirement. Even, you can control the CPU profiles. However, rooting an Android phone is against the manufacturer’s term and condition. Thus, it voids the warranty of your phone. If you’re looking to root your Samsung Galaxy J8, then this guide shall help you with essential steps and resources. However, you should avoid rooting if you’re worried about the warranty and safety of your phone.

While we root our smartphone, sometimes we end up bricking our phone. And it can happen to you as well. That’s why we recommend you to create a complete backup of your phone. Though most of the time rooting won’t hurt your phone, but sometimes things don’t go the way we want. So, it is essential that you save all of your important stuff before moving any further. This guide shall help you to achieve the root access on your Galaxy J8. And before you do that, we suggest you to backup stuff like Messages, Contacts, Photos, and necessary documents.

In order to root your phone, you must have installed a custom recovery image like TWRP. The stock recovery, one that comes by default is not sufficient to flash the root package. Thus, we need a custom recovery for that purpose. Installing the TWRP recovery won’t take your much time. You can install this recovery on your phone in just a few minutes. Most importantly, using this recovery, you can backup your current ROM as well. Follow the below link to install the TWRP recovery on your Samsung Galaxy J8: How to install TWRP recovery on Samsung Galaxy J8

Use this recovery to backup your current firmware. If anything goes wrong, you can easily revert to previous software in no time. Going further, we should discuss the prerequisites and risks involved.


  • We dedicate this guide to Samsung Galaxy J8 users only. You shouldn’t use this on any other smartphone. That can lead to some uncertain problems.
  • Rooting voids the warranty of the phone. If you acquire the root access on your phone, you’ll become non-eligible to commence the warranty support. In order to regain it, you’ll need to flash the stock firmware on your phone.
  • While we proceed further, you might lose the data present on your phone. Therefore, we recommend you to create a general backup of your phone. That is good as per the future aspects.
  • Since you’re using the TWRP recovery, we also recommend creating a Nandroid Backup. That will keep your firmware. If anything goes wrong, use this backup to revert the changes.
  • Most importantly, charge your phone to a good extent. Anything below 50% is not recommended.

These are the preparations you need to have your smartphone rooted. Now, we will learn the exact procedure. We assume that you’ve already installed the TWRP recovery on your phone.

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How to root Samsung Galaxy J8

The below instructions should help you achieve root access on your phone. Just follow the exact steps we mention here:

  1. Firstly, download the Root package file from →here ( Transfer this package file to your phone. Remember the name and location of this file.
  2. Now, turn OFF your mobile using the power button.
  3. Then, boot into the recovery mode. Follow →these instructions to boot into the recovery mode on Galaxy J8.
  4. Under the TWRP recovery menu, tap on the Install button.
  5. Next, locate the downloaded root package file and install it by swiping below. This will install this root package on your phone.
  6. Once it flashed successfully, reboot your phone.
  7. Now, download the Root Checker application on your phone from →Google Play store.
  8. Run this application to confirm the Root access.

All done! You’ve successfully rooted your smartphone. Now, you’re open to download root specific applications. Customize your phone the way you want.

Use the root applications, you can optimize your phone to better performance. Also for better productivity. That ends our tutorial here on how to root the Samsung Galaxy J8 smartphone.  We hope that our readers would find it helpful. Also, we recommend trying the PSP games on your phone.

Since Samsung Galaxy J8 has some awesome hardware specifications, you can easily play games like God of War. Follow the below link to learn more about it:

If you get stuck anywhere within this process, let us know through your comments. We’ll try our best to help you with the relevant answers. Stay connected with for more helpful tutorials and lists.


  1. Does not allow installing twrp error is dev-unsupported.

    The j8 2018 is the sm-j810f model… good luck getting twrp on it, it this guide is it going to help you

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