GCam for Poco M3: Download and Install the Google Camera APK

Do not look any further. We show you how to download and install the Google camera with Portrait, Night, HDR + and Astrophotography modes on the Poco M3.

The Poco M3 is the cheapest terminal of the Xiaomi sub-brand. It is also one of the most interesting options in the market for low-end phones. First, for its value for money. And second, for having a processor signed by Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 662. This gives us the possibility of installing the GCam in the Poco M3, also known as Google Camera or Google Camera. This time we will show you how to proceed to install the GCam APK on Poco M3 in a simple way.

There are many benefits to installing this camera application. Most importantly, Google’s own camera application brings a better and simple user interface that makes it easier to capture photos and videos. Just like most smartphones from Poco, M3 doesn’t come with the Google camera, so you need to sideload this app on your own. And for that, we have this tutorial.


Although the Poco M3 has only been on the market for a short time (a week, to be exact), the phone is already compatible with the most recent versions of Google Camera. The reason is that it incorporates a processor already established in other phones on the market, such as the Xiaomi Mi A3, for example.

Of all the versions of the application that currently exist, the two most stable and functional are those proposed by the website, which we can access through this download link.

The two versions proposed by the web are based on versions 7.2 and 7.3. Both have the astrophotography mode to take open-sky photographs of the stars. They also have HDR + and Night mode, as well as Portrait and Timelapse mode.

Once we have downloaded the application in question, the installation process differs from that of an application downloaded from the Play Store, since previously we will have to grant Google Chrome or the browser that we have used the installation permissions from unknown sources.

GCam for Poco M3: Download and Install the Google Camera APK

After installing it on the phone, we can use the application without major problems after having granted the Camera and Storage permissions. It should be noted that the Astrophotography mode is not functional unless we activate it manually through the application options.

To activate the Astrophotography mode we will have to navigate to the application settings, which we can access by clicking on the gear wheel. Once inside, click on Advanced and then on Use astrophotography mode, an option that we can find in the Nigh Sight section.


XML profiles allow us to change the capture parameters to improve the quality of the photos based on the characteristics of the camera and lens. On the Internet, there are many files of this type that allow us to play with the quality of the camera.

To apply a custom profile once we have downloaded the XML file, the first thing we will have to do is create a folder inside the root of the storage with the name ‘Gcam‘. Inside this folder, we will create another folder called ‘Configs’. It will be in the latter where we will have to move the XML file that we have just downloaded and that is in the Downloads folder.

With the file hosted in the Gcam / Configs path, the next step will be to open the camera application and click several times on an empty part of the interface, as indicated in the following image.

Finally, we will select the profile that we want to apply in the floating window that will appear below. If the profile generates some kind of conflict or forced closure in the application, we can delete it from the Configs folder or change the configuration to a more stable one.

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