How to Disable (And Why) DT Ignite App from your phone

Android smartphones usually load tons of bloatware apps. You might be wondering now, what is a bloatware app? In simple words, an application that has no meaning for you, and it is present on your phone, that is a bloatware app for you. The DT Ignite App is one of the common application that we find on most of the HTC and Samsung smartphones. This application has been developed for carrier-based smartphones. In this guide, we’ll help you disable this DT Ignite App from your phone and how that will help you.

This app might have been added to your phone after an update or come pre-installed. Whatever be the reason, you should about the apps present on your phone. Recently, Google derived through some cleanup actions and removed hundreds of thousands of apps from their play store. Most of these applications were outsourcing or collecting user information or virus/malware and nothing else. Therefore, it becomes important for you to learn about DT Ignite app and what it does exactly on your phone. And if you’re looking for the best resources related to IT certification exams, make sure to bookmark Exam-Labs.

Basically, DT Ignite application it used by multiple phone carriers like Verizon, etc., to advertise directly through different ways like pop-up notifications, emails, messages, and regular promotions. And if you don’t like that, perhaps you should disable this application. That’s just a bloatware application that is using the battery power, processing resources and of course you can remove it. Thus, you can save a small bite of these resources by disabling this application.

Since it is part of a firmware update, users cannot uninstall this application permanently from their smartphone. Fortunately, one can disable this application. Thereafter, this app won’t work. Verizon had officially recognized the Digital Turbine (DT Ignite) application and said that the purpose of this application to install necessary apps on a client phone. Other than that, it won’t do anything else. However, from different resources and forums, we find users report negative comments regarding this application.

No matter whether the comments are positive or not, the point of view always differs from one person to another. And if your question is whether to remove this DT Ignite app from your phone or not, our answer would be; yes you should. We have thoroughly analyzed this application and we didn’t any considerable significance. In simple words, we didn’t find this application helpful in many aspects. The only purpose of this app is to bring front carrier-based advertisements and apps installation.

With our thorough research about this app, we figure that there are many carriers that sell their phone with DT Ignite app. This list includes
Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, America Movi, Vodaphone,
US Cellular, Deutsche Telekom and a few more. If you don’t find this app on your phone right now, then their chances that it might be added an update that you will receive by one of the carriers.

However, not all smartphones are packed or bloated with this app. Seems that carriers target only high-end smartphones. That’s all about this application. Now, if you’re wondering how to get rid this application from your phone, the following instructions will get you through. This process is just similar to what we usually do to disable apps on our phone.

How to Disable DT Ignite app on Android phones

  1. Open the Settings menu on your phone. Either you can pull down the notification panel and tap on the Gear icon or tap on the Settings icon directly from the App Drawer.
  2. Now, scroll down and tap on ‘Apps’ and then open the ‘Apps Manager’ where you usually find the entire list of the applications.
  3. Now, tap on the three-dot option present at the top-right of the screen and select ‘Show system apps’.
  4. Then, check the list thoroughly and locate ‘DT Ignite app’ and tap on it.
  5. Thereby, you’ll find the ‘Disable’ button on the left side. Tap on it.
  6. Give your confirmation and disable this application.

That’s it. You’ve disabled one bloatware app from your phone. If you’re anything concerned about the performance of your phone, then you can consider disabling more of such application.

For example, while working with Samsung Galaxy Note 9 smartphone, we find that there are more than 100 of bloatware apps. And once we disable them, it helps to get us 1.5 GB RAM free along with a good amount of internal storage. You can find this tutorial here.

That ends our tutorial that helps disable this DT Ignite application from carrier-based Android smartphones. We hope that our readers would be now clear about whether to keep this app or not. If you still have any question regarding this app or problem on your phone that is bothering you, you can let us know through the comment section present below. We would love to hear from you. Stay connected with us.

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