How Much Data WhatsApp Calls Consume

Do you want to call your friends but don’t know if you’ll use up your data? We give you all the information about how much data WhatsApp calls consume.

WhatsApp allows us to make phone calls with pretty decent quality. However, if you are not going to be connected to a WiFi network when you talk to your friends, it is advisable to calculate how much data WhatsApp calls consume. Otherwise, if you’re careless, you may end up running out of data sooner than you expected.

Although there is no exact figure, we could say that a one-minute call uses approximately 0.344MB. That doesn’t sound like much, so you can answer your calls without worrying. But a conversation lasting half an hour consumes about 10MB, which can be a considerable consumption if you don’t have a very high rate.

WhatsApp Calls Are Free Over WiFi

Many people wonder if WhatsApp calls are free over WiFi. And indeed, in principle, you will not have to pay anything if you decide to call a friend via the messaging application while you are connected to a wireless network. The only cost of such a call would be the cost of the WiFi itself. It should be noted that WhatsApp does not charge for calls, so if we don’t have to pay for a connection we won’t have to pay anything.

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How To Stop A WhatsApp Call From Coming In

WhatsApp does not have an option that allows us to directly avoid calls or video calls. But if you want to know how to stop a specific WhatsApp call from arriving, you always have the option of blocking the contact.

A blocked contact can’t make calls, so it’s the best way to get rid of someone who might be too annoying. The problem is that they won’t be able to send us messages either, but you might be able to compensate for that. But if you don’t want to block the person and what you don’t want is to receive calls when you don’t have WiFi so as not to spend data unnecessarily, the only option you have is to hang up when they call you.

How To Make A WhatsApp Call On Your Computer

If you prefer to use your PC to contact your friends, you may be wondering how to make a WhatsApp call on your computer. If you have the Windows version of the messaging app, the process is exactly the same as on your mobile.

So, you will have to enter the chat with the person you want to talk to. To make a voice call, click on the phone icon at the top of the screen. If you want to make a video call, press the camera button.

How To Make A WhatsApp Call Without Adding A Contact

If you need to call someone you don’t have in your phonebook, you may be wondering how to make a WhatsApp call without adding a contact. Although at first, it may seem that it is not possible if that person has ever written you a message you can do it without any problems.

By entering any chat that you have open, the call and video call icons will appear. It doesn’t matter whether or not you have the person saved in your address book. However, in order for the chat to appear, it will be necessary that there has been a previous contact.

Other Tricks For WhatsApp

In addition to the possibility of making calls, WhatsApp also has many other options that can be interesting. If you want to learn some more tricks for using the application, we recommend that you read some of our articles.

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