Whatsapp Delta: How To Download, Features And Benefits

Find out what WhatsApp Delta is, what it’s for and how it works. Guide to download, install and configure this app on your device.

Modified versions of WhatsApp, such as WhatsApp Delta, are becoming increasingly common in the digital environment in which these types of applications are developed. Nowadays, many people choose to use them as an alternative to the official app, as they have a number of additional features that could be considered eye-catching. However, there are still users who wonder what this is or how it works.

Likewise, there are those who have doubts about the benefits or risks of using it as a substitute for WhatsApp. Well, this MOD, like many others, also has pros and cons when it comes to downloading and installing it on the mobile, as it is not an official version, much less a “safe” one in the eyes of Google Play. In this sense, the following article explains everything you need to know about WhatsApp Delta.

Whatsapp Delta: How To Download, Features And Benefits

What is WhatsApp Delta?

WhatsApp Delta is a modified version (MOD) of WhatsApp, which incorporates additional functions to the official app, among which we can highlight the sending of scheduled messages. It was developed, like other versions, with the intention of offering the public a more attractive interface of the world’s most popular instant messaging app.

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Features of WhatsApp Delta

In addition to offering a visually more aesthetically pleasing appearance, WhatsApp Delta also incorporates a number of other notable features, including the following:

  • Allows you to send scheduled messages.
  • Allows you to modify the original look and feel of WhatsApp, using themes, colours, fonts and menus in different styles.
  • It has a list of emojis in ASCII format, not available in the official version.
  • Allows up to 90 images to be shared at the same time.
  • It has a “Do not disturb” function and, in addition, an answering machine.
  • Includes a search bar.
  • Displays WhatsApp statuses in the form of a bubble, in the same way, that Instagram does with its Stories.
  • Supports a variety of file formats.
  • Enables read confirmation only when the message is replied to.
  • Does not allow deleting messages or statuses to contacts.

Download and install WhatsApp Delta on your device

Like many other WhatsApp modifications, WhatsApp Delta is also not available on Google Play, as they are apps that violate the shop’s policies. Therefore, to download and install this MOD, it is necessary to search in the browser and select from the list of results a website or external app shop reliable enough to download the APK.

This is a file format that will only be possible to install on Android devices, once the necessary permission is granted from the security settings menu of the device. To do this, follow the route Settings > Advanced settings > Security > Applications from unknown sources and activate the corresponding lever in that option.

After doing so, simply open the downloads folder (or any other folder designated for storing downloads) and proceed to install the app. After completing the installation, you will be able to activate WhatsApp Delta in the same way as you would with the official app.

Privacy and security

This application has an anti-ban system, i.e. a feature that prevents the official WhatsApp servers from detecting that it is a MOD. However, there is still a slight chance that this could happen and the account could be penalised temporarily or permanently, as the use of WhatsApp Delta is against the official app’s policies.

As for the privacy or security of information with the use of this app, this is something that is not fully proven. Since it is an app that is not verified by Google Play, there are many risks that can be run with its use, including the theft of personal information.

Whatsapp Delta: How To Download, Features And Benefits

Advantages and disadvantages of using WhatsApp Delta

Among the advantages of using WhatsApp Delta is the fact that the interface can be customised in many different ways. However, there are also other benefits, such as:

  • Sending a large number of multimedia files in each conversation.
  • Support for various types of formats.
  • Multiple tools available (do not disturb, automatic reply, etc.).
  • Keeps the reading of messages hidden until the user decides to reply.

However, this MOD also has a number of negative aspects or disadvantages, among which we can mention the following:

  • It is not an official app, which can lead to failures or the presence of malicious files on the mobile phone. WhatsApp is not responsible for this.
  • You run the risk of being discovered and losing your WhatsApp account temporarily or permanently.
  • The violation of privacy or theft of information is a latent possibility with the use of this app.

As we have seen throughout the text, WhatsApp Delta has benefits, but also great risks with its use, just like many other modified versions. Therefore, it is not recommended to use it as a substitute for the official app.

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