10 Best Tips To Secure Your Smartphone In 2021

In this current situation, technology keeps changing & it makes our phones vulnerable to various attacks. Today the smartphone is a computer, data storage device, camera, Navigation device. Also, it contains thousands of images, documents, and most importantly, all confidential data like banking history, social media, or email account password. A smartphone is an integral part of our life as we do use almost for everything with the help of this device. So, it is more important to Secure the Smartphone in order to doge any mishappening. Moreover, we need to take proper care of it by securing physically and internally.

According to a survey, 81% of the current population are using a smartphone, and reportedly the average user checks their smartphone more than 50 times across the globe. Instead of we relay on the smartphone but we do not use them safely. Today we discuss how we can keep our smartphone secure. It is not rocket science, or either I am not telling you to download some app or any method that you can do in your setting. Here are some basic tips that some of you know already, but it’s necessary to apply all of them to stay safe from malware, hacking, and viruses.

1# Third-Party App Downloads

Secure smartphone - third party apps

A third-party app is a software application for smartphone devices or computer OS that an unauthorized or unofficial developer makes. It is the most common factor by which your smartphone becomes vulnerable & you might face data loss is because of “Third Party App Downloads.” You have to avoid this. Always install apps from the official Google Play Store or App Store. Do not download third-party apps & do not install unknown apps on your phone. This is one of the main reason that smartphone getting hacked. The only way to stop the danger of third-party apps is to avoid them. This will help you to Secure your Smartphone from bad-minded activities.

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2# Unknown Source

Secure Smartphone - unknown_sources_Android

You need to be careful and avoid apps from unknown sources. We usually enable this option of unknown sources and forget to turn them off. Only turn it on when you really need an app on your phone that isn’t available on the Google Play Store Downloading apps from Google Play Store isn’t always secure so remember that. The Play Store removes many apps due to some issue or anything suspicious in their application.

3# Permissions

The latest OS in the smartphone has an important feature: the installed app will ask permission for what they use in your device. Also, if you download an app with some issues, you can take some precautions by managing that app’s permissions. If you’re using Android 10 & above, then you check all the permissions that an app is taking on your smartphone. The only way to remain safe is to take it upon yourself to not actively permit the app that you just installed without any inspection.

4# OS and App Updates

Always keep your apps & software up to date. These updates will fix the error, bugs present on your smartphone. If you’re running an older OS or apps, then it opens the door for hackers. So it’s imperative to keep your smartphone up to date with the latest OS and your apps.

5# Different Passwords

Strong and weak password on pieces of paper. Password security and protection.

Nowadays, everyone has so many different accounts across various platforms, so always keep different passwords for all your accounts. This sometimes becomes difficult to manage all your passwords, but you can always use a password manager app to manage your various passwords.

For example, if one of your accounts gets hacked & that password is linked to all other accounts, then your other accounts can easily be hacked. And always keep 2 Factor Authentication turned on will further improve your security. As per the news, Google will make the 2-way factor authenticate compulsory for every user.

6# Device Backup

backup smartphone

Always take your device back-ups from time to time of all your photos, files, messages, etc. Constantly keep on taking back-ups every 15 days, Because if your phone gets stolen or is misplaced, then all your phone data will be lost. The backup will save your data in any circumstances. If your smart device is lost, then check on Find my devices available for android and iOS. It may help you to find your lost phone.

7# Device Charging

charging smartphone

We charge our phones a lot in public places & if you’re used to charging at public stations, then please avoid this. There are strong chances of a phishing attack from the hacker on your smartphone. To prevent this type of situation, always carry a power bank to charge your gadgets but don’t use public charging stations.

8# No Need Of Antivirus App

no antivirus

And do not install antivirus apps. They’ve really become useless these days. Antivirus apps are generally not needed because the latest android versions work the same way to protect your phone. So do not download antivirus apps.

9# Use Passphrase


One more thing that is important, we usually use a pin or password but never use a passcode or passphrase & that is the safest.

Because pattern & pin can easily be hacked, it’s always safe to use a passphrase, which is a combination of numbers, letters, & special characters. Also, check our list of best password managers to keep your passwords safe on your phone.

10# Incognito Mode


We usually browse in incognito mode, thinking it is safe, but the normal incognito mode is not secure, and it’s not that way & your ISP has all the info about your browsing. So if you want to browse something private, use the TOR browser as it is a kind of a VPN That will enable safe & secure browsing for you.

11# Bonus Tip – Ad Personalization


We do get different ads & personalized ads on our smartphones. However, you can disable it from device settings. This feature will stop the user-based ad on the smartphone. As this technology is improved, hackers are also getting various ways & mediums to hack our smartphones. We can’t stop hackers if we don’t know about them, but we can secure our devices.

We hope you found this guide helpful. To secure your smartphone, you may try all the above parameters. If you want to ask about any features and you can share your feedback in the comment box.

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