Tricks To Prevent Your iPhone From Getting Spammed

That’s no doubt that spam and pishing are becoming very common these days. Abusive and constant messages, as well as pishing, are really annoying and even dangerous in the latter case. That is why there are ways to prevent these types of communications from entering your iPhone. In this article, we tell you all the methods that you can use to prevent your iPhone from spam and pishing things.

What is considered Spam or Pishing?

Day by day you can receive numerous emails and text messages that have different purposes. One of them is advertising from different businesses that inform you of all the offers they have with the aim that you can consume and take advantage of them. These are usually valid because you yourself would have agreed to receive communications with commercial content when registering on a particular website.

The problem lies when these emails are abusive and are sent without your own explicit consent, which is already considered SPAM. In the end it is still quite annoying. And although we focus on emails, it can also reach you through text messages and even phone calls from companies that repeatedly call phone communications in order to achieve the sales target.

The problem comes when these messages are totally fraudulent. This means that they try to introduce different viruses in your mobile device or even that you provide personal information in order to carry out cybercrime. Typical cases are the receipt of emails with information that you have an unpaid traffic fine and you have to pay it to avoid problems, or even from courier companies that inform you of the impossibility of delivering a package without paying customs charges. It is here where there is a focus on cyber infection and that should be avoided at all times. Here is how you can prevent these messages from getting through.

Tricks To Prevent Your iPhone From Getting Spammed

Block fraudulent emails

One of the first things you should do when faced with these fraudulent emails is to block them completely. That is to say, the sender should automatically enter your blacklist to avoid receiving them. One thing is to send them to the Spam folder you have in your email manager and another is to block them completely.

This makes it impossible to receive an email from that recipient that you have already marked as fraudulent so that you can never fall for their tricks to make you click on links that you should not click on and that can end up costing you dearly.

To block a specific contact in the Mail application simply follow these steps:

Access the specific fraudulent email.

At the top you can click to view all the recipient data and the person who sent it.

When you click on the contact of the person who sent it to you, you will see the contact’s card, which at first will not be saved on your device.

Among the options that appear you will have to click on ‘block contact’.

From that moment on all the messages that person wants to send you will be completely blocked. You will not be able to read them at any time and in this way you will be much safer when surfing the net.

Avoid calls from strangers

As we have commented previously another of the entrances of the Spam to the iPhone is the telephone calls. Through these calls, you can pretend to be a company that wants to ask you for some personal information in order to sign fraudulent contracts. This can be very typical of calls from fake electricity companies that try to make changes by deceiving users.

We can also find cases of companies that are quite intense in the calls to achieve a specific purpose such as telephone companies that at certain times call at times that are not the most appropriate and that fall within what is considered Spam. That is why all those calls that you do not know their origin is better not to take them. You can also search for the phone in question that is calling you on Google to find out the information that exists about it in different forums.

All these calls can be blocked instantly by putting the specific phone number in a blacklist on the iPhone. At the moment all calls made to your number will pretend that it is turned off and therefore do not bother you at any time. To be able to perform this process you just have to follow the following steps:

  • Enter the phonebook of your device and access the section to the history of calls that have been made to you.
  • Choose the phone number that keeps bothering you with calls.
  • You will enter the card of the contact that in principle you will not have added.
  • Among the options that appear you will have to click on ‘Block contact’ which is with a red font.

Access the Robinson list

Despite all these blocking options, which are ideal for the case of Pishing, as you are not asked for permission to send an email or a call, the most advisable thing to do is to register on the Robinson list. As your data are present in this database, the selected companies will not have any right to contact you for commercial purposes. In this way, it is much easier to express your desire not to receive these communications than to go company by company going to each of the e-mails dedicated to the data protection services of each of the companies.

To do so, simply log on to the Robinson list website and register with your personal data. In each of the accounts, you will be able to register several cell phones as well as your email address. This information will be transferred to the companies you want from the list that will appear on your own page.

Spam in the iOS calendar

Although it may seem unbelievable, spam can also sneak through the calendar. It is done through different events that you have not accessed on your own account and that appear on random days. They do this by illicitly entering your email address. In order to remove all traces of these events you can remove your subscription from the calendar in a quite simple way. This is achieved in the following way:

  • Open the calendar and at the bottom click ‘Calendars’.
  • Find the calendar you don’t recognize and tap the ‘i’ button next to it.
  • Scroll down and tap on ‘Delete calendar’.

If none of this works, you can also go to the device settings in the ‘Calendar > Accounts’ section. This will remove the subscription forever. In addition to this, when blocking contacts you will be able to avoid being put in calendars you do not want.

Report all the messages that arrive at you of Pishing

In order to protect other users and warn companies to initiate legal action is to import all these messages. This should be done to the original company they are impersonating. Examples of this are, for example, banking institutions or telephone companies that are being impersonated in a rather dastardly manner. All of them have security emails to be able to investigate all these cases.

You can also resort to the notification through social networks where they can also provide you with the necessary information to make the notification of these facts. In addition, some email managers also allow you to be notified in order to warn you in the event that an email is suspicious to avoid interacting with it.

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