How to take a screenshot on Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

That’s one more thing that you could do on your phone. This guide should help you take a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J4 Core through different methods. The Android OS is blessed with a multifold of abilities that stand out it from the rest of the operating system. Whether you’re working on an application or playing a game, or just navigating from one place to another, you can capture any screen that you see while using your phone. Also, we will learn how to take scrolling screenshots on the Samsung Galaxy J4 core smartphone.

Because this ability is part of this smartphone, you don’t have to use any sort of third-party app or service to capture screenshot on this phone. The Android phones have evolved so much over the time. There was a time when we had to root our phone to do such tasks on our phone. And now there is more than one method to take screenshots on Android smartphones, without rooting. Of course, you should aware of this feature and learn how to use it on this smartphone. That should surely help you, sooner or later.

This ability will help you capture almost any screen that you see while using this phone. It helps a lot when we face error/bug specific to an application or firmware. We take the screenshot of that bug/issue that’s popping out and share with appropriate team or person. Either you can use the hardware buttons or use the palm gesture to capture screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone. To speed up this process and gain more access/configuration, you can switch to third-party applications. There plenty of such applications.

The one we liked the most is —Screenshot Easy. This free application does this job seamlessly well. It gives different ways to screenshot the Android phones. There are more such applications that extend this ability and let users take full advantage. Since this smartphone doesn’t have the home button, the method is slightly different than what we usually follow. There’s a certain pattern that you gotta follow to press the hardware keys to take screenshots on your Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone.

Additionally, this phone supports scrolling screenshots. That means you can capture those screens where content lengths vertically. For example, you can capture the whole web pages, no matter how long they are. Similarly, you take a screenshot of any screen that scrolls down like ebooks, and similar apps. There’s nothing different that you gotta do to take such screenshots. The method remains the same, where at the end, you gotta select an option to take scrolling screenshots. Now, we should get familiar with different methods to capture screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone.

Take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4 using hardware buttons

  1. Open the app/page/location/game/screen that you want to capture.
  2. When you’re ready, press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons at the very same time.
  3. You should hear the shutter should after that.
  4. The screenshot has been taken successfully on your phone and a pop-up screen should appear like this: Take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4
  5. There you can choose to edit, share or delete this captured screenshot.

You’ve successfully captured a screenshot on your Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone. Most of the users rely on this method. Till the time hardware keys are working fine, this method is applicable and works fine. Whereas, if any of the mentioned hardware keys malfunctioned, you better move to the next method.

Must see:

No matter, whether its application or game or a web page, this method works. Even, when the screen is locked, it still works. You take screenshots of your locked smartphone. The Samsung smartphones are blessed with a few extra features that separate them from the rest. The palm gesture feature is one of them that allows users to take screenshots through swiping their palm over the display screen of the phone.

This feature comes enabled by default and if nothing happens when you swipe off your palm over your phone, you should enable this option first on your settings.

Use palm gesture to take screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4 Core

Once this option is enabled, you could capture screenshots just swiping your palm over the display screen of the phone. Most of the time, this option comes enabled by default. Therefore, you should try to swipe your palm over the display screen slightly touching it. Right after, you should hear the shutter sound.

That indicates that the screenshot has been taken. A pop-up screen will appear with some options. Either you can share, delete or edit this screenshot. If nothing happens when you swipe your hand, that means this feature is disabled. You just need to open the Settings menu and look for gesture panel. Under the gesture settings, locate Palm Gesture feature and enable.

Afterward, each time you swipe your palm over the display screen, a screenshot will be taken. There’s one thing that you should know. It is not like air gesture. While you swipe your palm, it should slightly touch the display screen (just like how swipe works). Otherwise, nothing will happen. That’s all about taking screenshots through palm gesture. Next, we are going to discuss scrolling screenshots.

How to take scrolling screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4 core

There’s nothing new gotta do to capture screens having a length vertically. What if you want to capture a whole web page or something that lengths vertically? The answer is — scrolling screenshots. This ability/feature lets users capture pages/screens.

The method is pretty simple and similar to the above ones. The following instructions should guide you to take these screenshots on your phone. Just follow them as exactly as we mention below.

  1. Open the app/page/game or anything that you want to capture.
  2. To take a screenshot, just press and hold Volume Down and Power buttons at the very same time.
  3. When the screenshot is captured, a pop-up screen will appear.
  4. Now, tap on ‘scroll capture’ or ‘capture more’ button to keep taking a screenshot while screen scrolls downward direction.
  5. Tap on the screen to finish the capturing process.

That’s how you can capture web pages, ebooks and similar content that lengths vertically. You can browse the captured screenshot through Gallery or file manager application.

That ends our tutorial here on how to take usual and scrolling screenshots on Samsung Galaxy J4 Core smartphone. We hope that users would find this tutorial helpful. Do share your feedback and thoughts about this tutorial the comment section below. We would use your feedback to improve our guides.

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