How to Improve Battery Performance on Samsung Galaxy S10

The battery of an Android smartphone may be considered as its backbone. Whether you are a college going student, a businessman or anything else, you need good battery performance. You start your daily routine after charging your device. Here are the tips and tricks that will help you in improving the battery performance/life of your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus smartphones. These tips should help these smartphones last all day long.

High-end devices like Galaxy S10 and other variants consume lots of battery as they come with default battery settings. Although there are lots of applications for saving battery, but you can enhance the performance of battery without installing such applications. Check some simple and effective ways of saving the battery life of your phone.

Tips to Improve Battery Performance on Samsung Galaxy S10

1. Turn Airplane / Flight Mode “On” During Flight

Ever used this feature? This feature is useful when you are on an airplane flight. To activate this mode, just slide down from the top of your android phone and locate “Airplane mode“. Tap on it and it’ll turn off.

In some Android phones, this feature is available by pressing and holding the power button. Just press and hold the power button and tap on “Airplane mode”.

How does it work?

After enabling airplane mode on, all of your network signals will be blocked. This means your device will not be able to receive calls, messaging or other network services. It also turns off your “Wi-Fi” connection, but in most Android phones, you can use Wi-Fi during airplane mode.

Turn On Airplane mode to save battery

Turning on Airplane mode also disables Bluetooth service, but in some Android devices, you can use Bluetooth after turning on Airplane mode. In short, this mode disables connectivity features and saves battery.

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2. Adjust Brightness Of Your Android Phone

Almost every Android user may be familiar with this feature. The ultimate way of saving battery is adjusting brightness. Just swipe down from the top of your device, and tap on “Brightness“. You will see a brightness level with which you can change its level. Android 5.0 and above enables you to directly adjust after sliding down the top menu.

Adjust brightness to save battery life on Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones:

  1. Or you can follow these instructions
  2. Go to Settings application.
  3. Tap on the Display menu.
  4. Now tap on Brightness and adjust brightness by horizontal brightness level.

3. Turn “Off” Live Wallpapers

If you are using your phone with live wallpaper on your phone and wants to save battery, then you must turn it off. Just go to settings, touch on display and select wallpaper. Select any image stored in your device that will remove live wallpaper.

There’s on more way to achieve better battery life on Samsung Galaxy S10; use third-party launchers like Nova or Google Now. We recommend you to check our list of best theme launcher apps that enhance performance and stability.

4. Turning Off Notification Light Is Also Helpful

You may have noticed a notification light on your device when you missed a call or your phone received a message or any other notification. This light keeps on blinking until you see that notification and automatically consumes enough power. So turning off the notification light is quite a good idea. To activate it, just follow these simple instructions

  1. Go to the Settings menu application.
  2. Touch on Sound & Notification option.
  3. Scroll down and touch on “Pulse Notification Light“.

Note: This feature is only available to those devices which are equipped with the Notification light.

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5. Use 3G / 4G or Other Connection Only When Needed

Today’s Android smartphones are capable of using 2G, 3G, and 4G services. These high-speed internet services consume a huge amount of battery. The amount of battery consumption increases from 2G < 3G < 4G. So you should use only the required service. To have access to particular service, go to Settings >—> Wireless Controls >—> Mobile Networks >—> select desired service.

6. Turn Off Location, Bluetooth Options When Not Needed on Samsung Galaxy S10

For Location: It is one of the most helpful facilities while you are traveling to an unknown place. But it consumes good battery power. If you are not traveling or sitting somewhere, you can turn it off.

To turn off location, swipe down from the top and locate “Location” option. Touch on it to turn it off. Or you can go to Settings >—> Security & Location >—> Turn Off. It will disable all navigating functions

For Bluetooth: The most used connectivity feature is also responsible for consuming power. Users generally connect their device and forget to turn off Bluetooth. So turn off Bluetooth for good battery performance. Go Settings >—> Wireless controls >—> Bluetooth.

7. Close Battery Draining Applications

This should be done with care as it may cause your battery to drain faster. We recommend you to use it only when you are running lots of apps. To see what applications are using high power, just follow the instructions below

  • Go to Settings App.
  • Touch on Battery option.
  • Now you will see the list of applications in decreasing order of battery usage applications.
  • Select that application which is using a high amount of battery power and close it.

Beware in selecting applications as there are some important applications that you cannot close.

Note: Apps like Google Play services / Android system / Android OS are essential for your device and you cannot turn off these apps.

Close windows: Android phone is generally featured with three buttons. One that takes you to last step. Other takes you to desktop and the remaining shows you all running applications. Touch on the third button and close the unwanted running applications to save battery.

8. Remove Unwanted Users

Android 5.0 and above come with an additional feature of “Users”. It allows multiple users for a single Android phone. Just slide down the home screen menu and click on the image icon located just after settings gear. You will see the number of users associated with that device.

Just touch and hold the user and remove it from your device. Of follow these simple steps.

  1. Go to Settings.
  2. Touch on Users.
  3. Touch on the settings icon located next to the user.
  4. Touch Remove user.
  5. Try to maintain the temperature of your device

Have you ever noticed that your device consumes more battery in the summer season as compared to winter season? This is because more the temperature of your device, more power it will use. So try to keep your device cool.

9. Don’t Root / Unlock You Device Unnecessary

A rooted or an unlocked android phone uses more power than a non-rooted or locked the phone. This is because it makes our device an open source and it consumes high power. If you are a developer, then you may need to root it. Otherwise, there is no need to do such tasks.

10. Install A Battery Saver Application on Samsung Galaxy S10

These above steps are enough to save battery performance of any Android phone. However, if you enhance more battery life, then you can install some of the most popular applications. Here are some recommendations in this regard:

2. Battery Doctor [Battery Saver]

Offered by Cheetah Mobile, Battery doctor is a free battery application which can extend your device’s battery life up to 50%. It supports 29 languages. Optimized power consumption with handy widgets, kill apps when the screen is off, control on brightness, smart charging tips with 3 stage charging system and more.

2. DU Battery Saver

Du Battery SaverDU Battery saver & Phone Charger: An app with good reviews on Google play store is one of the best battery saver power applications. Its cooldown feature works by systematically monitoring, managing and disabling CPU intensive apps. Du Battery saver requires Android 2.3 or higher and is offered by DU Apps Studio.

3. Battery Life Repair Pro

Battery Life Repair Pro: This 3.8MB sized application is a great battery saver if you didn’t like the above two apps. Offered by Extended apps, it uses proprietary technology to revamp your battery duration and make it charge again to its full potential.

Wrap up

With these battery saving tips for Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus smartphones, we wrap up this article. Hope you liked it. If you have any other tip of saving Android phone battery performance, you can share it with us in the comment box below. Don’t forget to share your favorite tips that improve battery life on Samsung Galaxy S10 and other variants with us.


  1. How exactly does rooting a phone take more battery power. It’s possible for mismanaged or badly built ROMs to have a negative impact on the battery,but a blanket statement of rooting a phone drains battery is inaccurate. Also rooting a phone does not “make it open source” once the phone is rooted many ROMs can be chosen from, some being the AOSP (Android Open Source Project) branch, some being a port from other manufacturers custom overlays, and even hybrids of multiple types. Even if it were true that rooting your phone makes it run AOSP, I’ve had many AOSP ROMs that run beautifully and manage battery better than the stock options.

    I do agree that rooting phones is not for everyone, but blatantly false statements such as these are damaging to the Android development community as a whole, and they should not be touted as fact.

    I would reccomend doing some more research on the topics you write “tutorials” on.

    1. Hi Daniel,

      Thanks for your feedback on this tutorial. I do understand that rooting doesn’t damage battery life that much, still there are many root actions ad apps (lead by rooting) that can lower down the battery life.

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