15 Most Common Samsung Galaxy S10 Problems & Fixes

While the Samsung Galaxy S10 and other variants are buzzing around the world, same time, many users are reporting different problems and issues bothering them. These smartphones have been blessed with latest Android Pie operating system with a fully fledge OneUI interface. In this tutorial, we’ll help you fix some common problems and issues that can happen to your Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10+ smartphones. Through this tutorial, you should be able to troubleshoot most of the problems that usually occur on Android smartphones.

It is quite common to observe performance and stability related problems over time on Android phones. That happens usually because of cache data, expired and clutter data that gather throughout the time while we use it. Basically, cache files are generated by the applications that we have on our phone and after some time, they turn to trash. Thus, it becomes important to perform some cleaning actions to calibrate performance, stability and troubleshoot bugs that commonly occur on Android phones. You can consider this tutorial as a troubleshooting guide for Samsung Galaxy 10 smartphones.

Whether you’re looking to improve the performance or facing multiple problems on your Galaxy S10 or any other variant, that can be fixed easily. Using this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot your phone from most of the problems that could happen to it. Since these smartphones run on the Android operating system, they are relatively easier to troubleshoot. We’ll use the inbuilt facilities to fix these bugs and problems on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus smartphones. Until we need to flash the stock firmware, we would not require to use any kind of third-party tool or utility. Now, let’s get started with our troubleshooting guide:

Troubleshoot common problems on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

1. What to do when WiFi won’t connect on the Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

So, you just opened the packed box to pull out your new Galaxy S10 and tried to connect to the WiFi and nothing happened. There’s no need to worry a lot as it happens with many users. That issue might be related to a particular WiFi network that you’re trying to connect. Either the issue might be on your phone or the WiFi network you’re connecting to, therefore you would need to apply fixes to figure out working for one for yourself.

We are certain with that fact that WiFi network facilitates faster Internet speed and experience, thus, we must resolve this problem. Here are some recommendations that you can apply on your phone to fix WiFi-related problems.

  1. First of all, before taking any major action, we recommend you to reboot your phone. Just a reboot can help in fixing many problems, whether they are network related or something else. Just press and hold the Power button until your phone restarts.
  2. Now, if that doesn’t work, you must confirm whether other devices are able to connect with that WiFi network. That way, you would be able to know whether the defect is on your phone or the WiFi Network is causing problems.
  3. If the WiFi router is within your reach, try to reboot it. Either you can reboot using the button present on the WiFi router or just Power OFF and NO the main switch. Right after that, try connecting your phone to this WiFi, most probably, you should be able to connect to it successfully.
  4. Next, we recommend you to delete this saved network from your phone and re-establish this connection. Just open Settings -> WiFi & Internet-> WiFi->Saved Networks, and ‘Forget’ this network you’re connecting to it. Now, try re-connecting it with the WiFi router on your phone.

So, one of these solutions should probably fix the WiFi problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and other variants. Additionally, we recommend you to get in touch with the WiFi service provider if you none of the solutions work for you. Or let us know what problem you’re facing, we would try to help you with further suggestions.

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2. Mobile Bluetooth doesn’t pair with other devices

There’s no major difference in this problem and the one we have discussed above. The Bluetooth problems usually happen while we try to connect our Bluetooth headphones with our phone. Personally, we face this problem many times while pairing our Dodocool headphones to OnePlus 5.

Such problems are minor ones and can be rectified using the following solutions:

  1. First, you should try a force restart on your phone. Just press and hold the Power button until it switches off and turns On again. That will remove the temporary bugs causing connectivity problems. It works most of the time, and this is what we usually.
  2. Also, restart the Bluetooth device that you’re trying to connect. Thereby, try connecting both the devices, now they should connect successfully.
  3. If restarting both the devices doesn’t work, just remove that Bluetooth device from your Saved connection list. Just open the Bluetooth Settings on your phone, you can do it just pulling the Notification panel down and long press the Bluetooth Icon. That should open the Settings. Then, tap on the Forget button to remove that device. Now, reform that connection.
  4. Next, you must ensure that the device is not overwhelmed with existing paired connections. Many smartphones or devices have a certain connection limit. Thus, you must remove some unwanted or old connections.
  5. Most importantly, ensure that your phone discoverable by other devices. Otherwise, there’s nothing that you could do to connect to another device.

Also, check with the manufacturer of the headsets or headphones or Bluetooth device you’re connecting. There might some technical fault or technical knowledge you would require to use it properly. And don’t forget to share your problem with us in the comment section available at the bottom.

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3. Overheating problems, you can’t ignore these issues on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

You simply can’t overlook the heating problems. Due to overwhelming heating problems, the Galaxy Note 7 was a failure for Samsung and it is very risky. Always, observe your phone if it heats up intensively for no reasons.

Though it is quite common to observe heating problems on Android phones while playing games, using heaving applications or while it charges, however, if you’re doing nothing and it still heats up, you better concern that. Here are suggestions that you can implement right away on your phone to troubleshoot abnormal heating problems on your phone.

  1. If you observe overheating problems on your phone while it charges, then you don’t have to worry that much. Nowadays, these smartphones are packed with quick charging technology that heats up the device while it charges. So, don’t use your phone when it is charging.
  2. If you’re quite addicted to playing games, especially the heavy ones, you better adapt this heating issue. The smartphone heats up intensively while we play games, it happens because games use CPU and GPU aspects to execute and render visuals.
  3. For abnormal heating issues, means you do not indulge with gaming or any other thing on your phone and it still becomes heated, then you must enable the Battery Optimization on your phone. There could be apps or services that run in the background consuming power resources. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’.
  4. Next, overheating issues are a result of clutter data many times. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, then there are greater chances that clutter and expired files have been accumulated on your phone that causing overheating and other issues. To clean your phone, open the Settings menu and tap on Storage. Under this menu, you’ll find ‘Clean Storage’. Tap on this button to perform this action.
  5. Additionally, you can get rid of the entire cache stored in your phone using this tutorial. Through that action, you can improve performance and stability as well. Just follow this tutorial to wipe cache on your phone.
  6. Moreover, you can perform a factory reset on your phone. That removes every bit of file and cache present on your phone. That’s a sure solution to cure almost every problem that exists on your phone. To perform a factory reset on your phone, follow the guidelines give here.

One of these solutions must work for you. In case you don’t find any solution helpful or if you figure that problem is somewhat related to the hardware part, you better reach to the manufacturer for the help.

4. Fix App crashes on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

It is one of the most annoying errors we face on our phone. Irrespective of the fact that you’re having a powerful smartphone or an ordinary phone, it still happens. After an Android Pie update, there were many such problems on my OnePlus 5 smartphone. And to resolve them, ended up formatting it.

Thus, there can be different reasons that certain app (or apps) is crashing /freezing each time you open it. That app might have been affected during an update process or something is preventing it works normally. Here are some working tips that you can follow if you’re facing such problems on your Samsung Galaxy S10 or other variants.

  1. If you find that a particular app is behaving abnormally and end up crashing each time you open and use it, then you must start by clear it associated cache and user data. This problem happens most of the time due to corrupt cache files. The follow the below steps to perform this action on your phone:
    1. Open Settings.
    2. Tap on Apps -> Apps list.
    3. Tap on the Application.
    4. Then, tap on Storage
    5. And tap on CLEAR CACHE and CLEAR DATA.
  2. Further, if you’ve recently updated the firmware on your phone, then ensure that application is compatible with this firmware version. Make sure to install the latest version of this app from the Google Play store or its official website.
  3. Next, we recommend uninstalling the application from your phone completely. Then, open the Google Play store (or apps’ official website) and install a fresh copy of the application on your phone. We find this solution most helpful in maximum cases.
  4. If you’ve recently updated your phone, then we suggest you clear the cache data on your phone. During the update procedure, the cache files can expire and cause different problems, including app crashes on the Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus smartphones. The following steps should help you wipe cache partition on your phone:
    1. Power Off your phone.
    2. Use this tutorial to enter recovery mode on your phone.
    3. Under this mode, select ‘Wipe cache partition’ and perform this action.
    4. Exit this mode once it is completed.
  5. If that application still doesn’t work, you better reach out for some technical help from the App’s development team. They should help you with further resolution.

Since Samsung Galaxy S10 runs on the Android Pie operating system with OneUI interface, you must check properly whether that application supports this firmware or not. This incompatibility might be causing problems on this phone.

5. Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 Stuck at boot logo after update

Most of the time such a problem happen just after we update our phone. That update could an official one or you were trying to flash third-party firmware or custom firmware. We can totally understand your frustrations if you’re suffering from this problem. In such problems, our smartphone doesn’t boot up beyond the logo or boot screen.

In order to troubleshoot boot stuck problem on Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s stuck on the boot screen and won’t boot further, we can use the recovery mode. Here are some recommended actions that you can apply on your phone make it boot further:

  1. The very first action, we would recommend you is to wipe its cache partition. This action will remove all old and expired cache data present in the phone. You can perform this action using the recovery mode. Just follow the below steps to perform this action on your phone:
    1. First, boot into the recovery mode on your phone.
    2. Under this menu, select ‘Wipe cache partition’ and perform this action.
    3. Exit the most one this action has been completed.
  2. Next, you can factory reset your phone. This is the most recommended action that helps to such problems. However, there’s no doubt that this action will wipe your phone completely. Everything that is stored within this phone is deleted during this action. Here’s how you can easily factory reset your phone:
    1. Again, boot into the recovery mode.
    2. Under this menu, select ‘Wipe data/factory reset’ and perform this action.
    3. Exit this mode once this action is completed.
  3. If above to solutions don’t work to rectify the problem that you’re facing, then you should restore the original firmware on your phone. That will replace each and every aspect of your phone and that leaves no space for bugs and problems. For that purpose, download the official stock firmware of your phone and flash the firmware file using this tutorial.

Most probably, one of the above solutions should work and make your phone work again. Until the problem is somewhat linked to the software part, you should be able to fix that problem on your own. Otherwise, you should seek technical help from the service center.

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6. Fix Slow performance and unstable Android interface

No matter whether you’re using a low budget mobile phone or something killer like Galaxy S10, you can’t say that its performance remains rock solid all the time. There are many factors that bring negative impacts on our phone throughout the time we use it. The possible issue that you would face over time with any phone is somewhat related to performance and stability.

And to sustain performance, there are some cleaning actions that we should perform oftentimes. Even we can implement some tips and tricks to enhance the overall performance and stability. Here are some recommendations that you can follow to improve performance on your Samsung Galaxy S10:

  1. We should start with cleaning action. The Samsung smartphones have been blessed with inbuilt cleaning option that is available within the ‘Storage’ menu. Performing this action will remove clutter and expire data. That will instantly bump up performance and stability on your phone. Just open the Setting -> Storage and then tap on ‘Clear Now’.
  2. To deep clean your phone, we suggest you use the recovery mode and perform ‘Wipe cache partition’ action. This will clean every bit of cached data, associated with both system and third-party apps. We have already mentioned steps above many times.
  3. Furthermore, if you’ve been using your phone for a long, your phone deserves a factory reset. That removes everything, whether it is app, download, or cache. To factory reset your phone, just follow the below steps:
    1. Open the Settings’ menu on your phone.
    2. Now, tap on the General Management tab.
    3. Now, tap on ‘Reset‘.
    4. Then, tap on ‘Factory data reset
    5. Then, scroll down to the bottom and tap on RESET->DELETE ALL.
  4. Remove unwanted apps from your phone. Samsung bloats their smartphones with plenty of apps; of course, many of them are useful, however a plethora of apps that remain unused throughout the time. And many of these unused apps, utilize processing power, and Internet in the background. Thus, removing or disabling unwanted apps should bring positive results. While working for Note 9, we found 120+ bloatware apps were there and after we disabled then, we find 1.5 GB (approx.) was released. Considering this amount, we should take care of the extra or ordinary apps present on our phone.
  5. Switching from Samsung’s native launcher to Nova Launcher or Google Launcher can help you achieve better performance. These third-party launchers have been specifically built for better performance and faster actions. We have a list of theme launchers that you can choose from. This way you can customize your phone beautifully while speeding up actions.
  6. Further, we suggest reducing the extent and duration of the animations on your phone. Yes, you heard it right and you can set then accordingly on your phone. Just follow this tutorial to learn about the Developer options and how to use it to customize animations for better performance.

For more useful tips and tricks to speed your phone, must follow this tutorial here. These tips should be enough to squeeze out some extra performance on this phone.

7. Poor battery life on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Being a high-end smartphone, it should last all day long when used normally. If you suspect that battery discharges quickly, there can be different reasons for that. There might an application (or more apps) sucking battery on your phone or the recent update has brought this instability on this phone. Whatever be the reason, you don’t have to worry much.

It won’t take your much time to troubleshoot quick battery drain problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. Just follow the below recommendations for that purpose.

  1. First of all, we recommend you to disable or uninstall all unused and unwanted apps from your phone. That will free a good amount of RAM and storage space while impacting the battery life positively.
  2. You should observe your phone to figure out what consuming the battery power most. You can do so using the Developer Options. Within this menu, tap on the ‘Running services’ entity and get detailed information about running services. There you can easily locate the culprit ones. Simply, just disable them or remove them completely from your phone.
  3. If you’ve recently updated your phone and it resulted in this problem, then you should perform some cleaning actions. You can clear the entire cache files on your phone. Just get into the recovery mode on your phone (resource give above) and perform ‘Wipe cache partition’. This action improves both; performance and stability.
  4. For a dramatic drop in battery life, a factory reset is highly recommended. Over time or due to certain apps or after an update, the Android firmware might have been affected and that’s causing quick battery drain problem on this phone. In such cases, a factory reset is fruitful.
  5. Further, you should optime your phone for better battery life. Go to Settings > Battery > Battery Usage > More > Optimise battery usage, and tap ‘All Apps’. That will restrict the apps from using the battery carelessly.
  6. Further, we recommend using lite versions of the Facebook app and its messenger. These two apps consume a lot of battery life while the user is indulged with them or not, they work in the background as well.

These solutions should be enough to overcome quick drain problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10. Moreover, you can follow our dedicated guide for this purpose.

8. Unexpectedly shut down and reboot problems

Such problems usually happen due to clutter and expired data that gather after a while. The cache files are generated by the applications that we have on our phone. After a certain time, they become unnecessary and until we manually remove them, they keep stored within the phone.

They cause different problems related to performance and stability. Therefore, through some cleaning actions, these should be removed.

  1. You should observe your phone thoroughly. There might be an application stopping your phone to run normally. If you’ve recently installed applications (or more apps), you better try removing them to see if that resolves this problem on your phone.
  2. Check your downloads folder and remove the recent stuff that you’ve downloaded. Though Android OS is quite secure, still malware or similar thing could hurt performance and other aspects on your phone.
  3. If the above solutions don’t make any change, you can perform ‘wipe cache partition’ action to remove clutter and cache data on your phone. Most probably, this action should work to resolve random reboots problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus smartphones.
  4. Further, you can perform a factory reset to restore original aspects and settings on your phone. Before you do so, ensure that you create a general backup on your phone.
  5. If there’s something bad with the Android firmware, then you would need to restore the stock firmware on your phone.

Flashing the entire firmware removes all the third-party stuff and restores all stock aspects including apps and settings. If you don’t find the above solutions helpful, do let us know through the comment section. We would try to help you with the appropriate solutions.

9. Low Speaker Volume on Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

If you’re facing such a problem on your phone, then there can be two reasons: either the issue is with phone’s speaker or the media file that you’re playing has low output volume. Although, sometimes it could happen due to some issues on our phone. We have the following troubleshooting solutions to cure such problems:

  1. If you find that Speaker volume is unusually low, then have a good look around the speaker area. There are chances that some dust over that is resisting the full volume. Use a pointing pin carefully and clean that area. Do this very carefully, or else you might end up messing up things. **This action could physically damage the speaker. So, do it carefully.
  2. Few times, these problems occur right after we update our phone. During an update procedure, the cache and clutter files are corrupted that causes such problems. To resolve it, we recommend you to perform one of these solutions; either clear the entire cache partition or perform a factory reset. Performing a factory reset is more helpful in such issues.
  3. And if you figure that the problem is associated with the media file, then one can use third-party apps to boost the outcome volume. There’s an application named ‘Speaker Boost’, this app works amazingly. You can read out tutorial; how to boost volume on Samsung Galaxy smartphones.

These are the available solutions to fix such problem. If you suspect that this issue is related to hardware, you better reach out to the service center.

10. Network issues on calls on Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10 Plus

Most of the time, the network issues happen based on geographical location and network strengths. If you’re residing in an area where network problems are more often, then there’s nothing you could on your phone. That’s what something your SIM operator service or higher authorities could do.

Otherwise, the following recommendation should work in resolving most the networking related problems on your Samsung Galaxy M20 smartphone. Just follow the below ones:

  1. Firstly, you should try to remove the SIM card tray, clean it thoroughly and re-insert your phone. That should fix problems caused by the wrong placement of the SIM card. That should bring some improvements to the network signals.
  2. Further, we would recommend you to reset the network settings on your phone. That will remove old settings and connections causing network issues on your phone. For that purpose, you can follow this guide.
  3. If that has happened after an update process, you better perform a hard reset on your phone. That should fix all the problems on your phone.
  4. If nothing works, better reach out to the SIM Card operator.

11. Accidental screen touch from side

Being a bezel-less smartphone, it obvious to expect no space insides while holding this smartphone. That surely leads to accidental screen touch that could open app, settings or just wake up the screen. While there’s nothing you could do about if you’re using the edge panel, you would need to disable that to avoid this problem.

Thought edge panel looks good, however, you can get tried with an accidental touch problem on your Samsung Galaxy S10, S10E and S10 Plus. If you wish to solve this problem, either you can disable the Edge panel or at least enable ‘Accidental Touch Protection’ option to avoid accidental touches while the phone is in pocket or bag. Here’s how you can enable to fix accidental touches on Samsung Galaxy S10, while it is pocket or bag:

  1. Go to Settings and select Display
  2. Scroll down to Accidental Touch Protection
  3. Flip the switch to ON

This should avoid touches in pocket and bag. Further, if you’re tired of getting too much of side touches, we suggest you disable them. This will help you enjoy this smartphone even more.

12. Troubleshoot Apps that are not full screen or support split screen

Though Android OS has been developed so much, still there are many applications that do not support a full screen and split screen feature. While there’s nothing you can do directly to those applications, Samsung Galaxy S10 does offer several options to tackle such issues. We have separate options to fix these issues on Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones.

Basically, some applications/games are not capable of going full screen on smartphones having high screen resolution. Since Galaxy S10 and other variants have impressively dense screen resolution, there are more chances for you to face such problems. Thus, this guide shall help you fix these problems on your phone. Here’s how you can fix apps that are not full screen:

  • Open Settings on your phone.
  • There tap on Display.
  • Now, tap on Full-screen apps.
  • And then, select the full-screen option for apps that are not full screen.
  • Exit these settings.

After that, those applications should use the full screen to work. This option works most of the time. Rarely, you might find such problems.

Now, if you find that certain app or game isn’t working in the Split mode, there’s a cure for that. The Developer Options, a hidden menu on Android phones, offers an option to fix this problem. Here’s how you can fix apps that do not work in split mode:

  1. Enable Developer Options on your phone.
  2. Open Settings and tap on Developer Options menu.
  3. Under this menu, locate ‘Force activities to be re-sizable.
  4. Enable this option and exit this menu.

Now, going forward, all apps should support split mode on your phone. And there’s should be any further problem. If you don’t find above method working, make sure to reboot your phone.

13. How to Fix Ultrasonic fingerprint is not working on Samsung Galaxy S10

Do you find yourself struggled with an ultrasonic fingerprint on your phone? Many users have reported different issues related to this fingerprint feature on Reddit and many other boards. You might problems like fingerprint wouldn’t respond to your requests or it might get freezes and does nothing.

The most common problem reported is that, while fingerprint scanner works smoothly in a row, suddenly it doesn’t respond to 3-4 attempts and thereafter it becomes normal. It misses some attempts. If you’re facing such issues, here are some recommendations that you can follow:

  1. First, we suggest you reboot your phone. Just a reboot fixes many problems, if fingerprint scanner isn’t working due to minor bugs, this should probably fix it.
  2. Ensure that your phone has updated to the latest version. If there’s any pending update, you must install that. Updates, minor or major, bring fixes and improvements to many known bugs and problems.
  3. Next, we suggest you remove the existing Fingerprints on your phone. Just open Settings on your phone, and open Fingerprint settings. Remove the existing ones and reform it. That probably should fix fingerprint doesn’t work problem.
  4. While adding a new fingerprint, ensure that you put the finger properly on the scanner. That’s the correct way of storing fingerprints.

Lastly, if you don’t find any solution work, perhaps this problem is linked to firmware itself. Thus, you would need to wait till Samsung brings further updates.

14. Troubleshoot Proximity sensor doesn’t work during call on Samsung Galaxy S10

This problem is among most annoying ones. No matter if you’re having an iPhone or this flagship phone, Samsung Galaxy S10, this problem can happen due unknown reasons. This problem can be related to the hardware part or there’s something isn’t correct with the firmware. What so ever be the reason, we gotta troubleshoot this problem somehow.

If this problem caused because of hardware aspects, you must visit the service center, either ask for the repair or replacement as per your convenience. Before you do that, here are some recommendations that you could apply:

  1. Ensure that there’s no transparent film over the proximity sensor on your phone. This could happen if you’ve recently purchased this mobile phone. So, check properly that there’s no film over this sensor.
  2. Next, you must keep this sensor clean. Sometimes it happens that moisture and dust gather over it. That can restrict it from being functioning correctly. You can use a soft cloth to clean it thoroughly.
  3. If you’re using a case cover or something like that, make sure that you’re using a fully compatible one. It must have dedicated holes for buttons and sensors.
  4. Sometimes, such issues happen due to firmware bugs. So, you must update your phone to its latest firmware. You shouldn’t miss those updates. You can check for the latest updates here; Settings->About Phone-> Update. If there’s any pending update, you must install it.
  5. Further, if you don’t find any sign of improvement, you can perform wipe its cache memory. This action helps to fix most of the bugs and problems that usually happen on Android smartphones. Use the recovery mode to wipe its cache partition.
  6. If nothing works, you can go for a factory reset as well. Before you do so, you must back up all the important stuff on your phone. Otherwise, you may lose your precious data.

These are the troubleshooting actions that you can take to fix Proximity sensor on your phone that doesn’t work.

15. What to when Screen is black but phone is powered on Samsung Galaxy S10

Again, it is among the most annoying situations. If that happens to you, you won’t be able to use your phone until the screen wakes up. This could happen due to faulty applications, settings or the Android firmware itself might get crashed. This can happen randomly and that’s hard to figure out the exact reason caused this problem.

Here are some useful fixes that you apply if your Samsung Galaxy S10 isn’t working as expected:

  1. Force reboot, probably this action is going to help you a lot. Since the only display isn’t working, the rest of the features seem to work, there might be a real-time bug causing this problem. Just press and hold the Power Off button till it vibrates and reboots.
  2. Next, you should observe whether this problem persists in Safe Mode or not. Basically, when Safe Mode booted, all third-party apps and settings become invalid and they won’t work. Thus, if there’s any third-party app or service causing this problem, your phone should work normally within the Safe Mode. Here’s how you can boot into the Safe Mode:
    1. Turn OFF your phone using the Power key.
    2. Press and hold the Power button.
    3. Once, the Samsung logo appears, release the Power key and now quickly press and hold the Volume Down Key.
    4. Continue holding the Volume down Key until the phone finishes rebooting.
    5. After seeing the “Safe mode” at the bottom left corner of the screen you need to release the Volume Down Key.
  3. If that doesn’t solve the problem, you can go ahead and wipe its cache partition. This will remove all cache files on your phone. Again make use of the Recovery Mode.
  4. You can also consider performing a factory reset on your phone. Use the recovery mode to perform ‘wipe data/factory reset’ on your phone.

Reach us!

That ends our troubleshooting guide for Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones here. We know that there are many issues that could happen to your phone. So, if you don’t find a solution that you’re looking for, do let us know through the comment section below.

Thoroughly explain the problem that you’re facing so we can help you precisely. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and views about this troubleshooting guide for these smartphones! Stay connected with us for more useful tutorials and lists.


  1. I couldn’t find the solution to cure a black dot that appears when I turn ON my Galaxy S9. It is confirmed that the screen has a defect, somehow this has occurred on my phone. Now, i’m looking to purchase this Galaxy S10 smartphone!

    Thanks for this troubleshooting guide!

    1. I can understand your situations. You’re thinking to purchase this Galaxy S10, that’s surely a good choice.


  2. When I boot up my phone it has color then after 20 seconds or so it’s gone it’s just black and white everything how can I fix this

    1. Hi Willy,

      This seems to be a soft brick. Just need to reboot into the recovery mode and perform a factory reset. This should resolve the problem you’re facing!

  3. I just got a Samsung S10 and I’m having problems with the SD Card. I got a Samsung 128 GB SD Card but when I try to move Apps from the internal storage to the SD Card there is a message saying “no enough storage”. I have transfer around 5 to 6 apps, have pictures transfer and only used around 10 GB. Won’t let me use anymore storage in the SD Card.

  4. Hello! I’ve got very unusual issue with my samsung s10 in watsup app. I start conversation with somebody, put it on loud speaker mode and after 1-2 minutes after the screen went dark both my microphone and speaker shut down. To make it work again I need to switch on the screen. Very strange thing, never occurred on any previous devices, and I have no idea how to fix it. Very much appreciate any advise.
    Thank you!

    1. Hi Denis

      That’s really sad to hear. In this regard, I would suggest you uninstall this app from your phone and re-install the fresh version from the Google Play store.

      Most probably, this should fix the problem you’re facing!

  5. am facing an issue with my S10+ when connecting to my home wifi. for some reason some apps take way too long to startup and downloading pictures and videos take so long to download. I have two Samsung phones and they both have the same problems while the other 4 iPhones which are connected to the same network work fine with no issues and so all the other device e.g laptops and PCs. Having said that, the phone works quite well on other networks elsewhere or mobile data.
    i tried to reset my router, factory reset my phone and forgot the network but all in vain
    N.B. internet speed is 157mbps.
    grateful if anyone can advise please


  6. I have problem with my Samsung Galaxy S10 + always goes on when is in the pocket and takes photos
    How can I fix this problem

    1. Hi Bob,

      After looking out the information that you’ve provided, it seems that you’ve activated a dedicated camera button on your phone. I would suggest you deactivate if you’ve enabled such feature on your phone.

      That should help you.

    1. I’m having this same issue! It’s extremely frustrating. If someone else sends me an emoji I can see it but if I send one to them it just comes up at ???

  7. Dear sir

    My Samsung S 10 plus is doing problem in last 2 days whenever m using video call, my video calling screen itself minimizes after few seconds, and I have to maximize it manually again and again it’s very annoying for me to do so.. The error occurring in whatsapp video call, messenger video call, insta video call and google duo.. I have tried reset settings and also restarted my phone but my problems remains the same

    1. Hi Manjeet,

      Since this problem happens on different video calling apps, most probably, this problem is caused by a third-party applications. Try removing third-party apps on your phone. This should help you resolve this problem.

  8. Hello sir..
    My Samsung s10 plus gives me a problem wheal i turn on the Internet,
    It get hanged and m not able to do with my phone anything sir…so i need to turn it off back..

    1. The problem is somehow related to firmware. I would suggest you clear its cache files or perform a factory reset if that doesn’t work.

  9. When using mic to “talk to text” in messaging, I have to touch the mic 5 or 6 times before I can use it. It says “unexpected error, retry later”

    1. Hi Mo,

      Just open the Apps manager and locate this Talk to Text app, then tap on storage section. There, clear its cache memory. That should fix this problem on your phone.

  10. I’m having trouble getting my screen to open when tapping it. I can’t get to where I need to put in my pass-code. I do have a screen saver on but, even after removing it, it still doesn’t open. This is a new problem, only about 2 weeks now, as prior to this time it was fine. I’m concerned that I may not be able to call the emergency services should I have a problem when I am out walking in the early morning. It’s extremely frustrating! Do you have any suggestions/solutions?

    1. Hi Jane,

      I would suggest you boot this phone into the Safe Mode to see if this problem exists. There might a third-party app (or preinstalled app) causing this problem.

      If you find that everything works fine in the Safe Mode, you would need to figure out the culprite app on your own. That must from the recent ones that you’ve installed.

      To boot into the Safe Mode, just press and hold the Power button, that should bring Power Menu. Now press and hold Power Off option. This will bring a Safe Mode option in front. Just tap it to reboot your phone into this mode.

      There, observe your phone. Let us know if you further face any problem.

  11. I am having issues with “can’t screenshot due to security reasons.”

    How do I correct this? Never had this problem using galaxy s7edge.

  12. I have SAMSUNG S10+ smart phone. I have screen lock using a password. Last few days I have screen unlocking issue. Screen remains unstable and will not allow me to type my password to unlock.

    1. Hi Shasikant,

      This problem is related to OS itself. To resolve it, you would need to enter into the recovery mode and wipe the cache partition. This should help you get over this problem.

  13. SOLUTION TO SIGNAL PROBLEM (I have T-mobile 4g LTE): dial *#2263# and select CLEAR ALL BANDS .. then go to LTE Band Preference and [NEXT PAGE] then select LTE B71 .. go back and APPLY BAND CONFIGURATION … that is what personally worked for me and took me forever to figure out .. if that doesn’t work for you then clear all bands and only select 1 band at a time and literally go thru all of them to see which has the best signal .. if you want to go back to original settings then just select all bands and apply configuration .. good luck to you all <3

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