Troubleshoot Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s stuck on boot screen/logo

This problem can happen at the very first time when you open the box and press the Power button. Right after that, you realize that something isn’t right and your brand new phone is stuck to the boot screen and doesn’t boot after that screen. In this guide, we’ll help you troubleshoot or fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s stuck on the boot screen/logo or suffering from random boot loops.

If that or something like that has happened on your phone, then this guide shall help you. Although we have already published a dedicated troubleshooting guide for this smartphone, we have still decided to write more solutions to this problem. If you’re facing any other problem on this phone, we recommend you to check this troubleshooting guide that we have created for Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones. Otherwise, this guide has sufficient solutions to cure the most problematic situations.

This Android smartphone runs on the Android Pie firmware and comes with essential utilities. There’s no need to indulge with any sort of third-party tool or application to troubleshoot problems on this phone. We’ll use the inbuilt tools and options to fix boot stuck, random boot loops and similar problems on these smartphones. In short, we’ll use the recovery mode to tackle these problems. Basically, this mode is like maintenance mode that doesn’t need Android firmware to work.

The recovery mode works independently of Android firmware. So, it becomes helpful when for some reasons, the Android firmware doesn’t work or malfunctions. Boot stuck and boot loops problems generally occur right after an update (official OTA or manual installation), flashing custom firmware (more often), or due corrupt cache files. Or there might be an application that’s stopping the Android firmware to work normally. Therefore, we have different solutions for each cause.

While we fix these booting issues on the Samsung Galaxy S10, you must know that we might need to hard reset this smartphone too. That simply means that you’ll lose each and every file that is stored on the phone. Thus, if you have any chance to backup, you should do it. For that purpose, you can follow this guide to create a general backup on your phone. That would be a safer way to proceed further with such actions.

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For those you’ve been using their phone for a long while, they might suffer from such problems like random boot loops, boot stuck, performance lags and similar ones. Through this guide, you should wipe these common issues on your Samsung Galaxy S10. If you don’t find any solution to your problem, then let us know through the comment section available at the very bottom.

While writing to us, ensure to provide sufficient information regarding the problem that you’re facing. Now, we shall discuss possible solutions to cure booting issues on Galaxy S10.

Fix Samsung Galaxy S10 that’s stuck on the boot screen / logo or boot loops

1. Get into the safe mode and remove specious apps or files

This is the most recommended actions if you’ve not indulged yourself with the update/upgrade process in recent time. However, there might have been an application or file that you’ve downloaded or received from your friends, that might be causing this problem. Nowadays, there are plenty of harmful apps and files (usually known as malware) that hurt the Android firmware and brick them.

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If you realize that recently you’ve installed some apps or downloaded files from the Internet, and right after that, your phone stuck to boot logo or facing random boot loops, then using the Safe Mode should help you. Basically, if your phone is able to boot into this mode, where all third-party apps and files remain unused, that confirms that an app or file is causing problems on your phone.

And using the safe mode, we can easily uninstall or remove files from our phone. Here’s how we can boot into the safe mode on Samsung Galaxy S10 and use it to troubleshoot booting problems:

  1. Ensure that your phone is turned OFF.
  2. Now, press and hold the Power button and keep it pressed.
  3. When your phone’s logo appears, release the power button and immediately press and hold the Volume Down button.
  4. Keep Volume Down button pressed until your phone gets into the Safe Mode.

The Safe mode looks identical to the regular Android interface. There’s a logo at the bottom that confirms that you’re in the Safe Mode. Within this mode, all third-party apps remain off. Thus, they do not interfere with the working of the smartphone.

If your Samsung Galaxy S10 is able to boot into mode successfully, that confirms that some applications or files preventing your phone to boot normally. And if it fails to boot up to this mode, this suggests that problem is something else. Within this mode, remove the recent apps and files that you’ve downloaded on your phone.

After that, exit this mode and observe your phone. If the problem was related to a certain app or file, that should be fixed as of now. Otherwise, follow the next recommendation.

2. Wipe cache partition to troubleshoot boot stuck problems on Samsung Galaxy S10

This is another most recommended action that removes bugs and issues, it also improves the overall performance. Over time, we can expect our phone to fill with oodles of cache files and clutter data. This data might get corrupted during an update or upgrade procedure or over the time it becomes unneeded that cause such performance and stability related problems.

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The cache files are accumulated by the applications that we have installed on our phone. Especially, social media apps like Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc, they create heaps of such data. Therefore, to sustain performance and stability on Android phones like Samsung Galaxy S10, it is recommended that we perform certain cleaning actions and wiping cache partition is one of them.

Through this action, we remove cache files without hurting any other file or application. We do this using the recovery mode, we can easily boot into this mode and perform this action.

  1. Ensure that your phone is turned OFF.
  2. Now, follow this guide to boot recovery mode on Samsung Galaxy S10.
  3. Under this mode, select and perform ‘wipe cache partition’.
  4. Exit this mode once this action has been completed.

Remember, this action won’t delete any of the application or file stored within your phone. However, it removes app/game progress. It will reset all the application and put their settings to default.

Clearing cache resolves most of the bugs. Now, observe your phone and probably, this should turn ON this time. If you still find that Galaxy S10 doesn’t boot up and stuck to boot logo, then performing a factory reset is the most appropriate action that you can perform.

3. Factory reset Samsung Galaxy S10 to fix booting problems

This method is said to the most effective in such problems. This action is preferred right after we install third-party firmware or update our phone manually. If you were trying to update your phone with an official or custom firmware, but ended up with boot stuck or boot loops problems on this phone, then you must try this solution.

Again, we’ll use the recovery mode to perform this action. Since recovery mode doesn’t rely on the Android firmware to work, it really helps to troubleshoot such problems. You must know that this action will wipe your phone’s internal memory completely. And once this action is performed, we cannot undo this process. Performing a factory reset removes all third-party apps, files, and clutter that might be causing problems on your phone.

Since it deletes everything from the phone, that leaves no space for bugs and issue to persist after we perform this action. Now, follow the below instructions to perform this action on your phone:

  1. Turn OFF your phone using the Power button.
  2. Now, boot into the recovery mode on your phone.
  3. There, select and perform ‘Wipe data/factory reset’.
  4. Exit this mode once this action is completed.

This action will clean your phone thoroughly and there shouldn’t be any further problems. The above two actions are helpful to troubleshoot performance and stability related problems. If you ever observe that performance is sinking down for some reasons, you can perform any these two actions. That will calibrate these aspects on your phone.

Thereby, your phone should boot normally and bring the Android Pie interface soon. If that doesn’t help you then the last thing we can do before heading towards the service center, we can restore the entire phone. There’s a tool called Odin that helps to flash stock firmware on Samsung smartphones.

4. Flash stock firmware using Odin

Though we are pretty sure that the above solution will help you fix booting problems that you’re facing, still downgrading to stock firmware is another activity that you can take. We can easily restore the original firmware on these smartphones using Odin flashing tool. If anyhow the firmware on the phone has been affected, flashing the original stock firmware is the thing that you need to do.

This action removes everything including apps, files and the firmware itself. Thus, it fixes each and every issue on Android phones. In order to proceed with this process, you need to complete some preparations. You need a Windows-based computer, USB cable, USB Drives and download the Odin flashing tool. If you want flash stock firmware on your phone, then follow the below tutorial:

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That ends our troubleshooting guide for Samsung Galaxy S10 that explains different solutions to fix boot stuck and other booting problems. If you don’t find any solution appropriate to problems you’re facing, then do let us. Use the below comment section to write to us with the exact problem that you’re facing. We would do our best to help you with proper solutions. We hope that our readers would find this tutorial helpful. Share your thoughts and views in the comment section below.

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