How to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 [Unbrick]

It is quite frequent to observe people to face different problems related to firmware. Usually, they appear due to the wrong configuration, when system files become corrupt, or while we switch to other firmware. Sometimes, you could end up bricking your phone after indulging with some applications. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to flash the official stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 to unbrick and repair firmware-related problems. This process won’t take much time, you can easily flash stock firmware on your phone anytime you want.

There are multiple benefits of flashing stock firmware. Most importantly, it restores all the stock aspects including firmware, recovery, and modes. Thus, if you’re bored with a custom ROM and seeking to downgrade this device to its very native operating system, just reading this tutorial. We will downgrade your Samsung Galaxy S8 to its official native operating system. With will restore all official aspects of your phone including the warranty as well. However, if KNOX has been triggered, it won’t reset it. If you’re facing drastic problems with your phone like boot loops, low-performance lags, and sluggish Android UI, you can consider this solution.

While we flash the stock firmware on your Galaxy S8 phone, it goes through wiping the phone completely. That means, it will format the internal memory the phone thoroughly and then install the firmware files. So, you better safeguard your important files before proceeding further and have the stock firmware installed on the phone. Moreover, you should be aware that downgrading to official firmware will remove all custom aspects like custom ROM, recovery, mods, and configuration. And this process irreversible.

We recommend you to back up your stuff before you perform this action. For that purpose, you can follow our guide on how to backup Samsung Galaxy phones. You better start saving photos, images, contacts, messages, and applications. Most of the time, users brick their phone while flashing custom firmware. While we do such custom operations, some risks are always involved. In such cases, this tutorial should come helpful to you. During this tutorial, we’ll learn the exact way to flash the official stock firmware on this Galaxy S8. We include all the resources that you need while performing this operation.

Flashing the stock firmware also helps to calibrate performance and stability. If you’ve been using your phone for a long time, then you might be experiencing irritating problems related to the overall performance and stability of the phone. It generally happens due to cached data and clutter files that gathered over the time. And eventually, they start impacting the overall performance of the phone. This all clutter and junk files are wiped out completely during the installation process. That helps to fix all problems related to Android firmware. Thus, you can use this guide to troubleshoot your phone against the major problems that generally happens over time.

The most noteworthy thing is that this procedure is officially accepted by Samsung. Therefore, you shouldn’t worry about the warranty terms and conditions. We are about to flash the stock firmware build, officially released by Samsung for this mobile. In order to flash this firmware on your phone, you just need to follow the steps exactly as we mention in this guide. Or else, you might get into even bigger problems. Make sure to first thoroughly read the below prerequisites and proceed only then proceed further.


  • You should implement this guide on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and its variants only. If you try to apply these steps to any other phone, it could bring unnecessary bugs and issues. Or else, it can hard brick your phone. Therefore, you must verify the model number of your phone, visit Settings > About Phone > Model number.
  • Ensure that you back up all of your important data present within the phone. Otherwise, once this action performed, there’s no way to revert this process. You might face many problems to recover the deleted data.
  • You must know that flashing a stock firmware removes all custom aspects. Like if you’re using a custom ROM or recovery, both the things will be wiped out completely and replaced with the stock ones.
  • Moreover, the root access is revoked during the procedure. That you achieve again after performing this action. The installation process changes all the custom settings to default ones.
  • In order to execute this action, you need a Windows-based computer, a laptop or desktop along with the original USB cable to ensure that your device is properly connected to the computer.
  • You must install the USB Device Drivers of Samsung Galaxy S8 on your computer. Otherwise, your computer might be not able to recognize your phone. Get the official Samsung USB Drivers from →here and install them on your computer.
  • Charge your phone to a good extent. Especially if your phone has battery level anything below 40% is not advisable. Your phone should not turn off for any reason in the middle of this process. That could harm your phone.

There you go. That’s enough for preparation. Now, you’re ready to go further and install the official stock firmware on your phone.

Also, don’t forget to check our list of best Developer Options tips and tricks for Samsung Galaxy S8 phone. Now, follow the below instructions to flash stock firmware on your Samsung Galaxy S8 smartphone.

How to flash stock firmware on the Samsung Galaxy S8 and unbrick it

  1. The very first step is to download the official stock firmware of your phone using this link.
    1. Download the firmware based on the model number of your phone.
    2. After downloading the firmware file, extract the package to obtain the .md5 firmware file.
  2. Now, download the Odin flashing tool from →here. Extract the content of the package to obtain the Odin program and run it. That Odin program looks like this:Flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy A7 using Odin Program
  3. Now, turn OFF your phone using the power key.
  4. Then, boot into the Download Mode using the below steps:
    1. Press and hold Volume Down, Bixby and Power buttons at the same time.
    2. When Android Warning logo appears, release the buttons.
    3. Within a few seconds, you should boot into the Download mode.
  5. Now, use the USB cable and connect your phone to the computer. Check the Odin tool, it will auto detect your phone. The ID: COM section turns to blue. If nothing happens, just re-install the USB Drivers and reboot your computer. After that, try connecting your phone again.
  6. Tap on the ‘AP’ button on the Odin tool, then locate the firmware file (.md5).
  7. Now, tap on ‘Start’ button to begin with the installation process.
  8. Remove your phone as the process gets completed.

You’re done with the whole process. You’ve managed to flash stock firmware on your phone. For the very first boot up, it might take several minutes, which happens generally. Soon, it will take you to the setup screen. There, fill up your Google account details to get started with the fresh Android interface. Further, you might be interested in boot your Galaxy S8 into the recovery mode.

That ends our tutorial here on how to flash stock firmware on Samsung Galaxy S8 to deal with the bricked condition and fix performance related problems. If you find yourself stuck anywhere during this procedure, do let us know through the comment section below. We are happy to help you out with your problems and issue regarding this smartphone. Do share your thoughts and feedback below. We would love to hear from you and make our tutorial better.

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