5 Best Launcher Apps for Samsung Galaxy S10 [All Variants]

The Samsung UI has gone through a multifold of improvements that really make these smartphones very cool. To get more out of customization there are so many Android launchers listed in the Play Store but which one is the best for you? Confusing right? Thus, in this list, we have gathered some of the best theme launchers for Samsung Galaxy S10 and its variants for better customization and get more fun out of these smartphones.

There’s no doubt that Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphones look very beautiful from the outside and inside. Android is famous for its various customization features. However, a couple of months later we started to lose our interest in it. This thing happens to everyone, including you, isn’t it? Launchers are the best answer to this problem. There are plenty of launcher apps that could help you make your Galaxy S10 more beautiful and should help you use it more efficiently.

Because the best one should be stylish, extremely user-friendly and bug-free. That’s why today I’ve hand-picked top 5 Android launchers to solve your issue. Take a look at the below-given launchers and decide which one will fulfill your all expectations. But before jumping to the main part do you know what an Android launcher is?

If you ask tech geeks about how to modify your Android user experience, they will suggest you root your device then install custom ROMs. But this process is really risky and voids your device warranty. Besides, there is no such guarantee whether it will run smooth or not. Thus, the launcher is a useful substitute. It will fully alter your device design like app icons, user interface, gestures, slides, etc. with a few touches.

The best thing is that all of the launchers are lightweight so they wouldn’t affect Samsung Galaxy S10’s storage capacity. Another great thing is that Most of the Android launchers provide two different versions, one is free, and another one is paid. Although the free version packed with all the essential features, you need, and you can also unlock its full potential by spending some bucks.

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List of best theme launchers for Samsung Galaxy S10E, S10, and S10 Plus

1. Go Launcher Ex

Go Launcher Ex

No wonder why it has been placed the top of my list. The most downloaded launcher in the Play Store and I am personally using this for a long time! Simplicity is above everything for many; this is the reason Go Launcher packed with the clean-cut user interface and elegant design. You can browse and install 10,000 professional themes and also Go Store provides many more features to enhance your experience.

The exceptional 3D engine makes your device much quicker than before without hurting any hardware. Plus with this, you can kill background apps for maximizing the battery life. More transition effect, new gestures, the super fast performance makes it everyone’s choice. In Go Launcher sometimes you will see ads as you’re using free edition. You can upgrade to Go launcher prime anytime for removing ads moreover unlocking some extra aspects.

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2. Nova Launcher

The Best Launcher App

Are you looking for AOSP style android launcher? If yes, then pick Nova launcher, and I bet it won’t irritate you. Also, good news for its fan because Nova just came off a beta version a few days back. Herewith, you can change your interior device look as you want. Nova Launcher offers infinite customization, trendy icon packs, new layouts and much more will give your device a more enrich look.

Also, you can backup your layout and settings anytime so that you will never lose anything. Want to experience its full power? Just spend $4.99 to unleash Nova’s full potential. If you ever wish to make your phone faster, then this launcher should help you get better performance and stability. To get more such tips, must follow the below guide:

3. Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

Action Launcher Pixel Edition

Another most demanding Android launcher is here. Chris Lacy’s Action Launcher is ready to amaze you with its best. This launcher is not only close to custom ROM’s but also ahead of them. I think some of you don’t want to do the customization again, right? Don’t worry you can import your layout and design settings from your existing launcher in less than one minute.

With so many superior colorful themes, diversity of customization choices and smooth performance makes it worth trying for every Android user. So forget about your old boring device UI and get ready for a new exciting experience? Through recent updates, this launcher offers intensive customization options, so you can get completely unique looks on your phone.

4. Microsoft Launcher

Microsoft Launcher

Your smartphone is your best buddy, isn’t it? That’s why Microsoft introduced Microsoft launcher for every Android user. It is the simplest launcher I’ve seen so far. Now you don’t have to spend time finding an app, notes, and important contacts because this organizes your apps according to your daily usage and reminders won’t let you forget anything.

This launcher has been designed to improve productivity in most ways. Users can log in into their Microsoft account, thereafter they can access notes, calendar, documents, and recent activities in personalized feeds. Moreover, photos, docs and web pages can be synced across different devices to be more productive. There’s a lot you can do with Microsoft Launcher on your Samsung Galaxy S10 smartphone. We highly recommend you to try this launcher once.

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5. Launcher 10

Launcher 10 for Samsung Galaxy S10

Like you, their tons of users who want to give their device a Windows phone UI, but don’t know how? Launcher 10 is the reply (one of my favorite also). Just install this launcher and it will replace your Android device with a WP UI look. Super flat performance, easy to use and gorgeous Metro icons will make you fall in love with this.

Just like Windows 10 metro look, it brings tiles-based interface, that can be customized through available colors and icon packs. Just like Google Pixel launcher, it provides super faster performance, it loads tiles quickly and doesn’t use power resources that much.

If you’re looking to give a Windows 10 look to your Samsung Galaxy S10, then you must use this launcher app on your phone. We are pretty sure that you’re going to like this app to a greater extent.

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