10+ Most Secure Messaging Apps 2021 [ WhatsApp Alternatives]

There is also fear among users regarding the new privacy policy of Whatsapp. As a result, pop-up messages were sent to users by WhatsApp recently. In this, users were told about the new privacy policy along with terms and conditions.WhatsApp has recently updated its privacy policy (WhatsApp Terms and Privacy Policy Update). In the latest update, WhatsApp will share the data of its users with its parent company Facebook. In this list, we have gathered some of the best secure messaging apps that top WhatsApp alternatives in 2021.

Data sharing simply means your phone number, transaction details, service information, how you communicate with other users or businesses on WhatsApp. On this device, you have WhatsApp installed Done, your IP address – this will share everything with WhatsApp, Facebook. And you can use WhatsApp only if you agree to this condition and update. So, here are some of the best alternatives to WhatsApp that maintain your privacy and keeps.

To use WhatsApp, you have to accept these terms and conditions. If you are not accepting the T&C, then your account may delete. After the new privacy policy from WhatsApp, users are looking for alternative options. Users want that there should be such an option like WhatsApp in which there is no threat to their privacy, and there is trouble operating it. Let’s know about some such messenger apps that can become an alternative to WhatsApp.


WhatsApp recently updated its service terms that force users to accept giving personal information to other Facebook-owned services that compromise your privacy. Since data is shared with other Facebook services, the company might “use the information.

That kind of makes sense since there are rumors of WhatsApp serving ads to its users within the app. Having said that, if you prefer to keep your data private and do not wish to see ads in the application, there are plenty of WhatsApp alternatives you can look at. 

#1 Signal

Signal - Best WhatsApp Alternatives

In the year 2021, the Signal Messaging app can be a better alternative to WhatsApp. After introducing the new privacy policy of WhatsApp, the number of people switching to Signal has increased. This app does not collect any kind of user information.

Also, It offers chat, group, video/audio calls, and end-to-end encryption like WhatsApp. You can create an account on Signal with the phone number. That number is also not linked with your profile. Recently, many people, including the world’s richest man Elon Musk, Edward Snowdon, are advocating for the Signal.

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#2 TrueConf

TrueConf, the secure corporate messenger, is an excellent alternative to WhatsApp — it offers the added advantage of enabling communication even without an Internet connection. At the same time, the solution offers the opportunity to not only interact in personal and group chats but also to organize video conferences with up to 1,500 participants.

The platform’s user data protection system is based on storing all information locally and utilizing various types of encryption, including end-to-end encryption. Securely share files, work on presentations, and even use a remote desktop — all this is possible with TrueConf!

#3 Telegram

Telegram has also become quite popular as a messaging app in recent times. It also offers end-to-end encryption on the lines of WhatsApp. In this, people’s private messages are protected from the application server.

The Telegram application is cloud-based and works on the same double-tick pattern as WhatsApp. It also has the facility to send in-app bots, audio, and video to messaging applications. Through this, the option of multimedia file sharing is also available. You can access it on mobile as well as desktop and tab.

#4 Session

Session - Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Sessions can be a better option for people who want privacy and freedom. However, The app does not store any information such as IP address or user agent. It operates without a phone number, e-mail ID, or any information that could reveal your true identity. So you will always be anonymous on this platform.

It is based on open source and also provides a dark mode facility to the users. In this, you can send group calls, voice notes, or attachments just like WhatsApp.

#5 Threema

Threema - Best WhatsApp Alternatives

Threema is a messaging app just like WhatsApp. It takes security quite seriously and encrypts all data. Also, This includes messages, shared files, and even status updates. In this too, a phone number or e-mail address is not required to open an account. An 8-digit unique user ID is created on Threema.

It is shared through a QR code. It is based on open source and does not store any kind of IP address or metadata. This allows the user not to be tracked. This is what makes it better than WhatsApp. The unique thing is that Threema is not a free app and neither does it offer a free trial.

#6 Element


Elementor is a secure messenger and a productivity team collaboration app. It is best for group chat while working remotely. However, This chat app uses end-to-end encryption for video conferencing, file sharing, and voice call facilities. Elementor is entirely different from other messaging and collaboration apps.

Its specialty is to use it through the browser if you do not want to download the app. When you sign up on it, it gives you the option to choose the host server. You do not even need to provide your phone number or e-mail id on this app. When you sign up to Elementor, you get a secret key. This key is required to log in to the new device (with your username and password).



If you like Snapchat but aren’t a big fan of its user interface, then Dust might be your go-to choice. Like end-to-end encryption, it also has the feature of deleting messages during a conversation. In addition, the message that you delete from your side will also be deleted from the other side.

So you’ll know if someone took a screenshot of your conversation. Also, the chat history will be deleted after 24 hours.

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#8 Viber


Viber is a messaging and VoIP app that comes with end-to-end encryption. In this, encryption is available for calls, messages, and shared media files. Furthermore, the app gives the option to run the same account on more than one device, which is not available in WhatsApp. Although WhatsApp is working fast on this feature and in the coming days, we can see this feature in WhatsApp.

Voice and video calling features are also available in the app. The unique thing is that thanks to the Viber Out feature, you can also make international calls to non-Viber users through the app at a meager cost. It also has a store for stickers, and you can play small games inside the app.

#9 Line


The Line is an App from Japan. It was initially built during the disaster so that people could interact. But, today, the line has become much more significant than this.

Many new and cool features are included in this app, that makes conversation fun. Also, this is an excellent app in terms of security as well.

#10 Discord


The Discord app has been popular in the gaming world for years. Gamers can use this app for chat. Although its DM feature makes it an excellent chatting option. You can send emojis, emotes, GIFs, photos, and even documents to your friends through this.

Like the Google Duo video-calling app, you can also share your screen in this app. Voice and video calling facility is also available. Discord gives you a choice of apps like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Twitch, Steam, and GitHub within the app. A group of up to 10 people can form in this app. Of course, you can build servers for more than that, as every gamer does.

#11 Kik


The most prominent feature of the Kik messaging app is that you do not have to register your mobile number to use it. Yes, you can run the Kik app through your e-mail id. When it comes to privacy, there can hardly be anything better than this. This app is an excellent option for those who want to avoid registering their number in the app or sharing it with anyone.

If you want to share your account with someone, you can share your username created in the app for them. It has all the chat options like WhatsApp. You can also share photos and videos in it as well as a group chat option is also available in it. A bot is available in this, through which you can extract news, tips, mini-games, etc., from the internet within the app itself.


These were the best WhatsApp alternative apps today, hope you like this article, if you have any question, then write your question in the comment box below. And if you know about some other apps apart from these, then tell us in the comment box. I will try my best to add them to this article.

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