Whatsapp Emoji Meanings And How To Use Them

Ever since social media apps became popular among the general public, the use of emojis has grown exponentially. Emojis have now become a part of our day-to-day lives. An emoji is a great way to express the emotion behind our messages. Emojis have actually been used since the beginning of the internet, although the popularity of emoji Along with today’s smartphones, there has been a massive increase. There are 2,823 emojis available in the Unicode Standard. These are a lot of small images, and more are added every few years. Therefore, some emoji you see and use online and in-text may not mean what you think they do. Let’s check out the actual definition of 10 emoji symbols.

An emoji is a picture icon used in the online world to better express one’s feelings and emotions. The word emoji has been taken from the Japanese language, “E” means picture, and “Moji” means character in the Japanese language. Some misunderstandings are happening all over the place; Because emojis originated in Japan. Furthermore, all languages ​​evolve, and emojis are no exception. As a result, many of us do not know the basic meanings of the frequently used emoji.

WhatsApp Emoji Meanings And How To Use Them

#1 Information Desk Person

Information desk person emoji

How you use it: There’s no desk, and no sign of information, so it doesn’t appear as an information desk person at first glance. In fact, most people call it the “hair flip” emoji because of the position of the girl’s hand. It has become trendy to use in messages when one tries to be naughty or naughty.

It really means: The girl’s hand is positioned to express the helper as if she were asking, “How can I help you?” – Exactly as an information desk person.

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#2 Don’t look the evil – monkey.

See No Evil Monkey emoji on WhatsApp

How you use it: Most people think it suggests an odd “oops” expression. However, people usually amusingly use this emoji to express embarrassment or insist that they make a strange mistake.

What it really means: As its name suggests, this monkey is covering its eyes “seeing no evil”, as in “sees no evil, hears no evil, hears no evil” does not speak” proverb. That’s why there are these two other co-workers: one covers his ears, and the other covers his mouth.

#3 Bunny Ears Woman

Woman With Bunny Ears emoji on WhatsApp

How you use it: More often than not, you’ll see it’s like “We’re best friends!” and “Let’s have fun together!” In most cases, it is used to communicate fun and friendship.

What it really means: Women with bunny-ears emoji are actually the Japanese version of what Americans call Playboy buns: charming women with bunny ears. The Google and Microsoft versions of this emoji have bunny ears on a woman’s face.

#4 Shocked Face

Astonished Face emoji

How you use it: This emoji face has two X’s for eyes, and many people interpret it as if someone is dead or dying. On the other hand, the Daisy Face emoji is almost identical but with no upper teeth. 

What it really means: The astonishing face emoji doesn’t really have anything to do with death — but if you want to convey shock and astonishment, use it. On the other hand, if you’re feeling dizzy, use the almost identical dizzy face emoji. It may not be fully understood, but this is how they were intended to be used.

#5 Dizzy Symbol

Dizzy Symbol emoji

How you use it: It looks like a shooting star and is often used alongside other space-themed emoji such as the moon, earth, and sun. People also use it to express something magical or special.

What it really means: Believe it or not, this isn’t a shooting star. Instead, it means dizziness. Think back to the cartoons you used to see, in which a character’s head was spun around a star after it struck an anvil or heavyweight.

#6 Open Hand Symbol

Open Hands Symbol emoji

How You Use It: Two open hands can be interpreted in a lot of ways. Occasionally, you will see that the flapping hand is commonly used to express in a jazz dance performance (“jazz hands”). Also, when you want to show that you’re excited about something, you throw it on your group chats – apparently excited enough to have a hand.

What it really means: Jazzy as they look, these hands are meant to convey openness, as if someone is inviting you to a hug.

#7 Hand Connected Person

Person With Folded Hands emoji

How you use it: In the Western world, it is commonly seen as a person praying. People often use it to express their desire for something.

What it really means: In Japan, joining hands makes a gesture of “please” and “thank you,” so it’s not at all far from what most people think it means. Some speculate that this emoji was originally a high-five, and some people use it for that.

#8 Laughing Emoji

laughing emoji on WhatsApp

How you use it: To show that you’re laughing, or, if you’re a baby boomer who doesn’t understand emojis, to show that you’re crying.

What it means: This is the emoji specifically for “rolling on the floor laughing”. Use it when you want to show that you’re laughing so hard that you overheard something.

#9 Sad Face Emoji

Person sleeping emoji

How you use it: To show that you are exaggerating. For example, you’ve had a hard day at work, you just got some bad news, and your coworker asks you how you’re doing, you respond with a quick emoji and wonder if you’re ready for the meeting. You can take a nap in the middle. If you’re a little gross, you can also use it to indicate that you’re sneezing, as there’s some sort of fluid coming out of the nose area of ​​this emoji.

What it means: It’s called a “sleepy face,” so its common usage isn’t too far off, but “sleepy” is different from “exaggerated,” and we’re just really conservative with this list.

#10 Sleepy Face Emoji

Person crying emoji on WhatsApp

How you use it: It’s a sad face, and it seems to be crying, so it seems pretty straightforward. So you use it when you are unhappy. Right?

What it means: It’s a “sad but relieved face.” Look closely, and you will see no tears; It’s a drop of sweat. Use it when you’re sad, but you’re glad the situation wasn’t worse.

Hope you got to know a lot about emoji with the help of this article. Lets us know which of these emoji are wrongly predicted by you? Drop your feedback in the comment box.

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