10 BEST Discord Bot to Use in Your Server

Discord is a popular instant messaging service that allows members to chat, voice, and video call. Discord has more than 150 million active users monthly. It is widely used by gamers, developers, and other people. Moreover, you can discuss game strategies chat over the games. Server means community in Discord. Furthermore, anyone can make servers on this platform. If you want to grow, your servers check out our list of best Discord bot in 2024.

Discord Bots are the AI that can do a useful automated task on Discord, such as welcoming new members to your server, moderate content, and banning rule breakers. Maintaining a server by a member is time-consuming. However, you can take help from Bots to grow your server automatically. Many Discord bots are available on the internet. Hence, the members use the bot as per their requirements. Most of them are so advance that they have multiple functions like playing music, monitoring servers, tracking statistics, etc.

List of 10 BEST Discord Bots to Use in Your Server

Here is the list of multipurpose Discord Bot that can help to do multitasking on behalf of you. 

#1 MEE6 Discord Bot

Mee6 Discord Bot

To begin with, MEE6 is a popular bot that can perfectly organize your server. In addition, it has a lot of features that you can use to maintain your server. For example, mee6 protects your server from insults, bad links, excessive emojis, all-caps messages, and many more. It also tracks your server and provides notification whenever any member gets banned, kicked, etc.


  • Manage music on your server.
  • Change of voice (day and night).
  • Recognize user base and assign permission and role to them.
  • Easily create custom commands.
  • Identify and give rewards to the most active member.
  • Customizable moderation to protect your server from trolls and goblins.
  • Easy to apply announcement plugin.

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#2 DYNO 


DYNO is a fully customizable server moderation Discord bot for your Discord server. Basically, it has a simplistic and intuitive web dashboard. However, the Server management just got a whole lot smoother.


  • Rich, configurable web dashboard.
  • Moderation with mod logs and also timed mutes and bans.
  • Assign roles automatically.
  • Custom Command.

#3 CARL 


Carl bot allows you to manage logs, store chat, and many other custom commands in your server.


  • It makes a record of almost everything like deleted or edited messages, member updates, etc.
  • Reaction Roles -multiple roles in a single reaction, limit spammer and abuses, black and whitelist role.
  • Powerful Moderation.
  • Suggestion mode, create voting polls to entertain the user and know the need of a server.
  • User Engagement.
  • Carl also sends auto-messages like the welcome, farewell, and banned message.



YAGPDB stands for “Yet Another General Purpose Discord Bot,” an advanced customizable discord bot providing a load of valuable features for help with managing a server.


  • fast feed from Reddit and YouTube.
  • Self assignable role.
  • Automatic Moderator – break the rule, and you are out of the server.
  • Set custom Commands.
  • For general moderation like advance cleaning parameters, timed mute and banned warnings, etc.

#5 YUI 


A modern and straightforward Discord bot that provides a fun and searching features to any Discord server. Moreover, it has a large selection of moderation tools.



It is a multipurpose bot that has a variety of commands and a popular web-based dashboard.


  • High-quality music.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Role management.
  • Best web-based dashboard.

#7 LORITTA Discord Bot


Loritta has a great feature to entertain and engage your members, moderation features. Generally, it is used to keep your server always safe and enjoyable. It is an easy way to set up but with an unmatched power of customization.

#8 ARCANE Discord Bot


Arcane is a multipurpose bot that will increase server activity while keeping the server clean.


  • Provide unlimited role reward with more XP.
  • Voice Leveling.
  • YouTube Notification.
  • Advanced Logging.
  • Custom commands.

#9 PRO Discord Bot

Pro Bot

Pro discord bot is a customizable multipurpose bot for welcome images, In-depth logs, Social commands, Music, Moderation, and many more. It also has a standalone dashboard.


  • Best Welcomer
  • Anti raid protection.
  • Multi-lingual
  • 99.99% Uptime – the bot will always online.

#10 STRODL Discord Bot


Strodl is a multipurpose and multi-lingual bot with loads of fun and useful features that can help you grow your server as professionals.


  • HD Music Streaming.
  • Cards Against Humanity.
  • Text-based Adventures.
  • Multiple Languages.
  • Online 24/7.

Although, these are some popular discord Bots that one can use in our servers. We hope you like them and will use them to experience the features mentioned above. However, these all Bots are free of cost, and if you are looking for some specific bot, let us know in the comment section.

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