10 Features You Must Master On Discord

Have you joined the Discord fever with a game like Among Us? See everything you have to know how to drive to be a Discord expert.

Have you joined the Discord fever with a game like Among Us? See everything you have to know how to drive to be a Discord expert.

Either because it is your second favorite application now that you use it to enjoy it together with Among Us, or because you have discovered the possibilities it has, Discord has become the perfect complement. And it is that these servers, or forums, or chat channels have countless tools to vitaminize your gaming experiences on mobile or computer. But if you are new to voice chat or the possibilities of Discord, stay for 10 functions that you should know about this application.


This function is basic in games like Among Us, and it allows you to access the conversations and controls of these while you play. So you can mute the microphone during the game and activate it to debate when a body is discovered or when it is time to accuse someone of being the imposter, for example.

It consists of a bubble that collects the active channels in order to display its options on other applications or games. You can activate it from the Voice and video menu, in your profile tab. Here you will have to activate Overlay and give the application permission to show itself on the rest of the games or applications. And ready.

10 Features You Must Master On Discord


Communicating in this way is comfortable and fun. But as soon as some limitations or rules of coexistence are exceeded, things can become tedious and overwhelming. That is why it is worth limiting the frequency of sending messages. In other words: calm the charlatans by putting a time limit between message and message.

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Enter the settings of a specific channel that you want to moderate, always with administrator powers, and look for the Paused Mode section. Here you can slide a bar to choose the mandatory time that must be met between messages so that conversations do not accelerate.


Sometimes getting together with your friends can result in situations or conversations that are not very inclusive for the whole family. If you want nobody to sneak in or get scared, you can activate the NSFW mode (not safe for work or not suitable for work, acronym associated with private content) so that all members confirm that they are of legal age.

For this you will have to go to the settings of a channel and look for the NSFW option. At that time the channel will be banned from the gazes of curious and minors. A way to protect them and protect yourself according to what is shared on that channel.


One of the virtues of Discord is the possibility of creating true communities around servers, groups or concepts. Of course, when they grow up they are difficult to manage. That is why it is advisable to have second on board or assistants with certain management powers over the channel. These are the roles, and you can define and customize them to taste.

Head over to the server settings and look for the roles section. Here you can create different shapes with the New Role button, choosing what they can and cannot do. The list of possibilities is long, but you should pay attention to give the key to the management to trusted users. You can also limit and customize the general role for all members of the server or channel.


As in other social networks and platforms, Discord also has a two-factor or step authentication system. In other words, double protection to carry out important functions in complete safety. Without anyone impersonating your identity. And, also important, the identity of the delegates and administrators of the servers that you have created. Well, you can force the use of this protection.

Go to the server settings and enter the Security section. Here you will come across the Enable A2F Requirement feature. This will force you to use double authentication as a user, but also server administrators. Thus, they will have to confirm their identity before carrying out any important procedure such as an expulsion. No one may impersonate or impersonate them and do so at their own risk or expense.


Discord’s customization options are quite powerful. Not only can you create a different experience on each server, but you can also customize even the Emoji emoticons. Or, if you have a selection of images or want to create stickers with the members, you can.

You just have to go to the settings of the server in question and look for the Emojis section. Here you are informed that you can upload up to 50 different designs to the server for everyone to use. They can only weigh 256 KB each and, if you want them to be animated or GIF, you will have to pay for the Nitro version.


One of the strengths of Discord is getting involved and creating knowledgeable and active communities. Or, at least, have fun with a good number of people. But what about the laggards? Should they be pursued as an administrator? Well no, a function automates the expulsion of those who do not participate or remain inactive. Ideal so that no one is left behind and gossiping.

Enter the server settings you want to manage and click on the General view section. Here you will see the Idle Settings section, where you can customize different details. For example, you can create an inactivity channel where all those participants who do not participate will end up, where they will be silenced so they do not disturb. Also, you can choose how much downtime is allowed before taking those users to the idle channel.


Although Discord is a great communication channel, it can also overwhelm you. Especially during the games and if you are participating in several servers at the same time. Well, in the mobile app there is a quick menu to access notifications and silence them.

Just enter the Discord application and slide your finger from right to left on the screen. This displays a window with quick options such as finding pinned messages or, most interestingly, managing notifications. So you can silence them for a variable interval of minutes and play quietly.


Beyond the NSFW channels, you may be interested in having a private channel within your server where you can debate, talk and plot Machiavellian plans with your trusted administrators. You can do it without the rest knowing.

Display the server channels and click the + button. In this way you can create new text or voice channels. Or, the option we are looking for: private channel. Here you can choose which roles can see it and participate in it, where no one else can know what is being talked about.


Discord is only missing one thing: a server finder. And it is that either you create your own or you are invited to one. But how to join a community that is already active? Well, you have to search the Internet.

The good news is that there are web pages that list many of these servers so you don’t despair looking for groups. You can use, or, among other websites designed for this purpose. Many have their own search engine to find servers for specific topics in which to participate.

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