How to Enter Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy A6s

The recovery mode is an essential part of an Android operating system as it allows users to perform different maintenance related tasks. No matter if you’re a basic or an advanced user, probably you could use this mode to sustain performance, stability and smartly manage your phone. In this tutorial, we’ll help you to boot/enter Samsung Galaxy A6s into recovery mode through different methods. While we learn these methods, we would also cover some important features of this mode. So, if you’re totally new to this mode, this tutorial should help you get detailed insights about this mode.

This smartphone runs on the previous build, the Android Oreo operating system. And surely it is expected to receive Android 9 Pie update very soon. Irrespective of the Android versions, the method to access/boot into the recovery mode on Galaxy A6s remains the same. Since this smartphone doesn’t have the home button, the method is slightly different from the previous handsets. Although, you could apply the method to other Samsung smartphones that do not have the home button. The method remains the same for these devices.

In general, the recovery helps users to update firmware manually, install custom firmware, format their phone and some similar ones. That most noteworthy fact is that this mode runs independently. That means if anyhow the Android OS crashes or your phone stuck at boot screen, you would be able to access this mode. Through this mode, you should be able to troubleshoot most of the Android problems. Most of the time this is the mode used to flash custom ROMs, mods, apply a factory reset and wipe the cache partitions. That gives users some extra advantages of having an Android phone.

While this mode allows you to custom the Android, however, getting into this mode won’t hurt your phone. Neither it voids the warranty. But, if you use this mode to install third-party firmware and mods, that would lead to such circumstances. Also, we suggest you use this mode carefully. It has options that could wipe your in an instant and there’s no way to go back. Therefore, you shouldn’t use this mode until you really have a purpose. In order to boot Samsung Galaxy A6s into the recovery mode, we have different methods.

The most popular one includes the hardware buttons. The user needs to press the hardware buttons in a particular manner that boots the device into the recovery mode. Till the time all the hardware buttons are working, this method works. However, in case they don’t, there are some other methods that are helpful. So, during this tutorial, we learn different methods to access this mode anytime you want. Therefore, irrespective of the situations, you should be able to boot into this mode and use it effectively. Now, the following the instructions are set to help you access this mode.

Enter Recovery Mode Samsung Galaxy A6s

Method 1: Boot/Enter Samsung Galaxy A6s into recovery mode using the hardware buttons

  1. Power OFF your phone.
  2. Then, press and hold Power and Volume Up buttons for a few seconds.
  3. As the Samsung logo appears on the screen, release these buttons.
  4. Next, you should see a Warning screen, just press the Volume Up button to confirm.
  5. You should enter into the recovery mode.

That’s it. You’ve successfully entered into the recovery mode on your phone. That’s the way to use the hardware buttons to get into the recovery mode. This method works most of the time and it doesn’t require any setup.

Must see:

However, if anything bad happens to the hardware buttons, you might not able to use this method. In that case, you probably would seek alternatives. There are two methods that can be used in such a condition. You better have the root access or use the ADB commands to access different modes on your phone.

The ADB stands for an Android Debugging tool that is used for development purpose. Through this tool, we could switch to different modes on Android phones.

Method 2: Use ADB commands to boot into the recovery mode on Galaxy A6s

To use this mode, you gotta do some preparations. The most important point is that you don’t have to use the hardware buttons. This method doesn’t include the hardware buttons. Before we start, you must arrange the following requirements:

  • You need a Windows-based computer, laptop or desktop.
  • You must have the original USB cable of your phone. We need that cable to connect your phone to the computer.
  • The USB drivers should be installed on your computer. Otherwise, the computer might not be able to recognize the mobile. You can download the Samsung USB Drivers from →here.

That’s all you need to use this method to boot your Galaxy A6s into the recovery mode. We hope that you’ve managed to complete the above requirements. Now, the following instructions are set to use this method:

  1. First, download the Fastboot tool (minimal ADB tool) from →here. Extract the content of the package and launch the Run Me.bat file by tapping it twice. The ADB command tool should pop up now:Recovery Mode Galaxy A6s using ADB Commands
  2. Use the USB cable to connect your phone.
  3. Type the following command to verify that your phone is there:
    • adb devices
  4. Now, type the following command to enter into the recovery mode.
    • adb reboot recovery
  5. The phone will turn off and boot into the recovery mode.

Isn’t that easy?

That’s one more way to reach the recovery mode on Android phones. This method is applicable to most of the Android smartphones. Irrespective of the brand, you can apply these ADB commands to access the recovery mode.

Using the ADB commands, you can reach to different modes like Bootloader, Fastboot, Recovery, and similar ones. Further, if you’ve already rooted your phone then you don’t have to indulge with such hazels. There are tons of root applications that turn tasks simple and simple.

Method 3: Use the Quick Reboot application

Although Android has been evolving so big thus far, still root has its own advantages. If you ever wish to customize the phone extensively, you should start by rooting your phone. The root access gives you some extraordinary permissions.

There are loads of useful applications that are developed for rooted phones for enhancement purpose. The Quick Reboot is among them. This application lets users switch to different modes through a single click. You just need to open this application and select the mode that you want to boot up. That’s it, this app does the rest of the work.

This application comes at zero cost. And there are no restrictions either. Additionally, it has several more options to manage your rooted Android phone effectively. We highly suggest this application to root users. This could help you save the enormous amount of time switching from one Android mode to another. You can get this application at Google Play store. Just search by its name.

The conclusion

These are available options to boot Samsung Galaxy A6s smartphone into the recovery mode. Most of the time, the very first method is used. The rest of the two are rarely used. Now, you know the exact method to access this mode. Thus, you can use this mode to further customize your phone and manage it smartly.

That ends our tutorial here that explains the different methods to enter recovery mode. We hope that Galaxy A6s users would find this tutorial helpful. Do share your feedback and thoughts with us in the comment section below. We would feel glad to hear your thoughts and improve our tutorials.

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