The best apps to watch TV in Spain

If something was missing from our mobile devices it was the fact of being able to enjoy live TV on these mini-screens, and you will not believe it, it is already possible and there is a great variety of applications, some better than others, that allow it. Thus, we share the list of best apps to watch TV n Spain on your smartphone anytime and anywhere you want. Imagine leaving your house and still being able to tune in to your favorite program and watch it in real-time! Crazy, but even if it seems like it, it is totally possible

That is why our team has been in charge of compiling what it considers the best apps to watch TV on our mobile devices in Spain, despite the fact that some have more functions or better designs than others, they fulfill their purpose perfectly.

Without further ado, we will give you the list so that you can choose the one that interests you the most, below:

1. Mobdro

Mobdro is a well-known application if what we are looking for is to have a portable TV, and for obvious reasons, we could not leave it out of this list, despite the fact that it is not in Google Play libraries for infringing its conditions of use. The app offers us the possibility to see thousands of television channels classified and distributed in categories, from different countries, and in different languages.

In addition to having more complex search tools, a function that allows us to record the entire duration of a program or make a list of favorites to have quick access to the channels we watch the most. And of course, you will also be able to download content to entertain yourself at the time you choose without the need for an internet connection, which makes it one of the best apps to use without Wi-Fi.

Like all the applications that are part of this list, Mobdro does not have any type of cost and you can download it for free, although from time to time we will see an advertisement. There is also the possibility to support its developers through bitcoins.

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Although you will not be able to obtain the APK from the official store, we have left a button that will take you directly to its website so that you can download it quickly and easily, we hope you enjoy it.

You can download this app from here.

2. ATRESplayer

Atresplayer (from Atresmedia), is an application whose function is to turn your cell phone into a small TV, which in the same way as one of its biggest competitors (Mitele) gives us the possibility of viewing the channels belonging to the Antena 3 group, Nova, La Sexta, and others, live, in addition to being able to access programs on demand.

To use it, we will not need to complete any type of registration form, but the only thing we will have to endure is the advertising content that we will see before and after starting the stream, in addition, as a particular and interesting function, you can follow certain channels to not miss any news or any program.

This app, for our luck, if it is available in the official stores, and we can download it for free to use it when we please, so we have given you quick access so that you do not delay in looking for it and have it installed as soon as possible in your cellphone.

You can download this app from here.


RTVA, like the apps that we have already seen, offers its own group of functionalities to be able to watch television on our Android device, but with an addition, in addition to enjoying the best television content, we will also be able to tune into various radio channels. Its simple and intuitive interface makes the experience pleasant, and the design it has is very similar to other apps, although this does not mean that it ceases to be pleasant.

One of the characteristics of this application that has been interesting for us is the possibility of choosing which are our interests so that they show us the channels that best suit our tastes.

Obviously, we are also going to be able to watch live TV, although at certain times we will see that there is content that cannot be reproduced using the internet, and therefore, the application will restrict access to that content due to audiovisual rights issues.

The application is available in the official Google store, therefore through the access that we have given you can easily find it and install it on your cell phone.

You can download this app from here.

4. YouTvPlayer

Perhaps this is one of the most viable alternatives to Mobdro that are still working in 2020, it is nothing more and nothing less than YouTvPlayer, like the first application we have seen in this list, it gathers all the available sources of streaming to put them within reach of a tap so that we can see the different channels live and at no cost, organized into categories to facilitate the search.

In this case, it will be mandatory to register and log in to access the content. As something bad that we have found, perhaps we can mention its simple and poor design since this places it a few places below Mobdro in the pyramid of apps to watch TV, although, beyond this, it has curious functionalities such as notifying us when it starts a program that we are following.

This time, we will not find YouTv Player in the official Google stores, so we must go to its official website and download it in order to start enjoying the streams.

You can download this app from here.

5. Kodi

Although we are not facing an application that is specifically for watching live television, Kodi is one of the most popular apps in terms of multimedia content, since its development ended and was published in 2015, and among all the functions that it has, there is the one to add some network television channels.

Mainly, the application only gives us the option of integrating the audiovisual content that is on our phone, but according to what is said, through add-ons it is possible to activate some options that will allow us to add streaming media, and thus be able to enjoy some live channels.

You can download this app from here.

That ends our of the best applications to Watch Spanish TV channels on smartphones. If you have anything better or suggestion for us, we would be happy to hear from you and make this list even better.

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